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why learn another language what value does it have for us after all English is the international language and what are the personal benefits for you what are the personal benefit what are the benefits for everybody around us when we learn another language for one thing it can remove barriers it can remove prejudices it can remove and tear down ignorance and misunderstandings it builds community the Austrian philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein said the borders of my language are the borders of my world we could discuss the interrelated cognitive and social and health benefits of learning another language however let us look beyond the health benefits and examine the effects it has on other people's when we learn another language especially when you think about people from a predominantly english-speaking country first of all learning another language and ears you to other people an old Turkish prophet says one person who only one person who speaks in one language is one person one person who speaks two languages is two people a few a few months ago I was at a bank and that was at the teller and there's another lady done it the other teller dumb down the way and she spoke a few words in that lady's language from India and the lady was so delighted she said and she turned to me and also the her colleague and said she spoke to me not out of my language she spoke to me in my language second learning another language gives you a greater awareness of the world around you and confronts ignorance while I was at another bank I was standing in line behind a gentleman and he was on his cell phone talking in another language after he was done with his conversation I decided to ask him what language he was speaking and he said to me well I speak African I'm from the country of Africa actually it was a little bit startled by his response and I said well Africa is a continent and there are many countries in Africa and there are many different countries in Africa and there are different many different people groups and ethnic groups in each of these countries and he said oh you know about it I just said that because any Americans that I talked to think that Africa is a country and that we all speak African so by learning another language you gain knowledge about the people who speak the language its history and its geography third it confronts ethnocentrism and excuse for some people not to learn English or learn another language excuse me is that the it's the international language and then sometimes even here in the United States people say you when you come to this country you should speak only English I even have a a German immigrant uncle who had said that speak only English here in the United States we speak English therefore you should speak English what's right to know why do we have to only speak English what's wrong with speaking other languages another thing is how to bilingual and multilingual people around the world perceive English speakers who are reluctant to learn another language people pay when the people learn another language they pay a price and they struggle when they learn another language they humble themselves and become like a child having to relearn how to speak people laugh at them especially monolingual speakers will laugh at them and make fun of them and even sometimes get angry at them why don't you I can't understand you why do you speak in this funny accent now whether it's intentional or not English monal English speakers who refuse to learn another language come across as arrogant and they also present a almost an idea of our language is superior than yours but every language is beautiful every language is unique yes all languages have their weaknesses strengths there is no best language forth learning another language helps you to learn how to communicate that message in a different context when I was living in a village in the Philippines I was there was another lady an old lady approaching me going the other direction and so when I saw her I said mother in the ilokano language mother how are you and she said over there now she didn't hear what I said because I did not give the appropriate greeting within that context what I should have said is mother where are you going or mother where did you come from but I used the inappropriate language or context for that situation is it right for the rest of the world total have to learn another language and while English speakers can just settle with just speaking English fine v learning another language shows empathy if you learn another language you can better identify with people who have struggled learning another language if you learn another language you are more sympathetic and gracious when a non-native speaker communicates in the language not their own you value other languages and recognize beauty in other languages if you learn a language of a certain community you are more likely to be accepted into that community 6 learning another language shows commitment to learn another language requires that you build habits you build positive habits especially for adult learners to develop good language learning habit requires a learner to remove distractions prioritize and embrace failure not being afraid to fail because if you're going to learn a language you have to fail you have to fall down and then also to learn the language language you have to be passionate about it people who are passionate about learning another language are motivated to learn a language show me a person who's not passionate about learning language and they will not learn the language why learn another language because it benefits you it also benefits others you around us as we learn another language it improves understanding between communities people and even countries it builds bridges between communities and tear down tears down the walls of ignorance and Prejudice thank you

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