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  1. Hey, that was awesome!
    I'm just an enterprener in Kazakhstan who played computer or active games all my childhood
    Now I often think how can I interpretise my exprience in business reality
    I'm going to make a difference with you by changing corporative culture just in my company in the way that I think will be interesting to the workers and ask them to change also. Who knows? Maybe after some time we will be accustomed to a new system and have more fun than ever humanity does. Sounds a liitle bit scary)

  2. I need examples of gamification that are not loaded with too many incentives, rewards, badges. I want to know that there is intrinsic motivation and interest on the student's part. You mentioned Daniel Pink. He talks about the importance of the activity itself being the reward, v the extrinsic rewards for doing it.

  3. I had to make an essay about this for my IT college, and I actually like the subject; not some random bs, but a nice presentation about education

    respect to Scott Hebert, a teacher that's trying his best for a decade yet to change the future for students, keep it up

  4. Completely agreed. It almost seems like a process of sorting out good and bad apples. If the purpose of education is to make students learn, it should give them any chance to feedback themselves. Meaning failing guaranteed! Not just fixate their grade permanently and make them stigmatized by it.
    I'm currently studying game design and game narrative, and so eager to apply all these to education by gamification. I'm with you, Scott.

  5. Oh man, I'm working on a Gamification workshop right now, and I'm so glad you used that quote at the end of your talk, because I was thinking of using it to close my workshop too. You've emboldened me, sir! Thank you!

  6. Mr. Hebert has some things right, that's why I'm here. Why do teachers have to cater to the kids; why do they have to cater to the Administrators that 'know' what needs to be done to fix education? Only in the last few years, have school standards in my District demanded that we teach a particular (often meaningless lesson). Gamification – you mean distraction, commercialization, and psychological addiction?

  7. 1:25 Can you change education at the core
    2:10 should be … playing with friends, digging in sandboxes
    4:08 Película "Día de la Marmota" (Groundhog Day)
    4:41 Como educador…
    6:46 Brene Brown
    6:50 "if we want to reignite innovation and passion, we have to humanize work". (BB)
    8:40 Un problema grande en educación
    9:02 "Anything that is routine or repetitive will be automated" – Minouche Shafik
    9:20 Pensamiento crítico
    9:37 El juego es muy fundamental para mi

  8. … Of course, many, many people aren't particularly 'creative' by temperment OR interest… so the conceptual predicated offered here, well, alienates 'some' considerable portion of kids at a core level… a LOT of people/kids merely want functionality, an offspring of rote learning methodologies… 🙂

  9. Very good presentation. He might not be the so called expert in pedagogy research or game design but he definitely understands the importance of gaming principles in education. Kudos!

  10. I think this video deserves over 1B views.
    This is what we all are suffering from as a students and teachers as well.
    The process of designing the game for an educational purposes is what we need to be acknowledge with.

  11. Thanks for sharing how you are using gamification in your classroom to transform the experience for your students.

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