The Power of Games in Education – EHF Fellow, Dina Buchbinder Auron at New Frontiers

(music) (clapping) – Aye, my heart is beating so fast. (audience laughing) Whew, okay! Kia ora, kia ora te whanau, hola familia, My name is Dina. First, I would like to
acknowledge the UWI of this land. And also wholeheartedly,
thanks to the EHF family for envisioning this
and making it possible. (audience clapping)
Thank you! Now, I wonder if you have ever played something called ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’? Okay. So please I invite you to play and to turn to your neighbor and
play best out of three. (audience chatters and laughs) (Dina laughs) Yeah! Thank you! Okay. You were smiling and you were laughing and you were also
connecting with each other, and that’s just a taste
of the power of games. So, thank you for playing with us. A very, very short on my story, so I was born in Mexico City
and my great-grandparents and grandparents arrived to
Mexico from Poland and Ukraine. They were escaping from war. And so, a Jewish girl growing
up in a very Catholic Mexico, sometimes I felt like I didn’t fit in. Have you ever felt that? Well, we’re in this together, and also maybe this also happened, while I was growing up, going to school, I had a hard time
staying still and copying from the blackboard and
just receiving the dictation from the teacher. And so, at that time, I was determined to make it possible for children to always,
wherever they come from, wherever they are, to
have a sense of belonging. And also, I was determined
to change education systems to make them fun, inclusive,
meaningful and healthy. So, fast forward, when I
graduated from college, I started with a friend
this organization called Education for Sharing, with a mission of forming better citizens from young ages through the power of play. So what’s a better citizen? We believe a better citizen is someone that have a deep sense of
identity and they’re proud of who they are, where they come from. But they’re also super curious
to learn from who others are. And, also a better citizen is
someone that has a deep sense of responsibility, that understands
they have a tremendously important role to play
today, in your community. And so, how do we achieve this? We do this through the
magic and power of play. And, so our games include
the development goals, the sustainable development goals. Every game we play have the
contents and inter-connectedness of the sustainable development
goals because for sure, they’re not things apart. You can’t speak about environment without speaking about health. And you can’t speak about health without speaking about teamwork. And so, we really need
a global partnership for development to happen. And also, we mix these
sustainable development goals for great global challenges
with civic values. We can’t achieve these
objectives without a very strong sense of empathy, teamwork, fair play, gender equality responsibility,
and so we’ve done this throughout the past 11 years. We’ve been super privileged to work with over 900,000 people,
teachers, parents, children, in Mexico and other six countries in Latin America, including the US. And, so these children
that we’ve worked with, I’m very proud to say, these
are children from everywhere, from the mountains, from
the jungle, from the coast, from the city. This is a program for everyone. It’s not for a kind of
child, or a kind of person. It’s for children because they are. And it’s for all of us
because we’re humans and we like to play. So, here in New Zealand,
I live in Dunedin. I’m based in Dunedin, which is one of the cities in the mainland. (laughing) I’d like to acknowledge
the people from Ngāi Tahu, and I love, love, love New Zealand because I had the opportunity to live here as an exchange
student back in 2004, and that’s where I fell
in love with the land and with her people. So right now, we are super
excited from all the team of integration for sharing here, Gabi is here also with us. And we want to work east,
west, north and south of all this amazing land with all of you, and we want to co-create with you. We’re ready to bring on the
Māori wisdom and amazing games that Horo has been so
kind to share already. So please come to our session. Oh, yeah, I didn’t show all the photos! Whoa!
(audience laughs) Thank you so much! (audience laughs and claps)

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