The Pokemon MASTER Challenge in Smash

all right I got to get the Thunder Oh today I'm gonna be attempting to become a pokémon master I'm gonna try and win one match with every single pokemon in smash ultimate that's gonna be Pikachu Jigglypuff p2 Mewtwo squirtle Ivysaur Terra's under Carrillo greninja in Sonora and we're gonna be trying to win with every single one hopefully without losing a match in between so let's just go from top to bottom starting with Pikachu it's probably a good thing that I've started out with the Pikachu here I think he would be the worst one of my Pokemon still one of my best characters but yeah if I'm in the mood for an electrical rodent I'll usually find myself on the Pichu instead okay that seems like a pretty good way to start the match though can I get another one okay I should be able to edge guard snakes recovery beacon being against the snake I just got to channel my inner ECM here and then I'll be able to do it oh my god how do i how do I get through this it's got c4 on the ground he's got Pineda in the air and then he's just sitting behind it all oh if I can get some of these edge guards that's really where I got a shine against snake or I'll just hit the random forward smash that's another good one Oh yep he's started doing the splits that's how you know you're at about 80% against snake whoops how did he take them okay God like I'm gonna die too up to it in like any second now oh yeah stretches the legs up that's gonna be killing me so early okay he keeps air dodging in I got to punish him for that one time he's just he's literally like 2 meters to the left of me and he's still swinging trying to get some up tools here we go air dodging I knew it i zapping him right where it hurts or moving right along next up is gonna be Jigglypuff oh okay I thought this fox was not doing anything and then he surprised me with the – attack no mercy anymore okay at another one oh that's how your edge guard Fox and just poke out your legs and hope he runs into it oh okay any good look you couldn't get it back just from that one little potent Emma Fox hello Fox come offstage it was at this moment oh okay that pound was the stupidest thing I've ever done I've placed myself right in front of that down smash alright we did manage to get in my stage though this is what I'm talking about the middle is okay one there oh okay now he's really mixing it up using the shine as well but then he went off stage and let me tell you a little thing about Fox off stage all right my Picchu not looking too good in the old GSP department but hopefully we can build it back up and get a win here I did not realize that my Picchu GSP was just that low because Picchu is actually one of my best characters Oh peach nearly just died okay with that awful recovery she did just die a couple fair than a thunder that's all we need I'm so confused now that I've been playing Pikachu after that one match of paper to you it's put me in shambles but I still know a little thing or two about Pichu because I didn't do Pichu is okay oh my god enough to get that Thunder spike this might be a pretty quick PG match all right I got to get the Thunder oh pretty quick indeed you could say it was lightning fast I told you my Pichu was better than the Pikachu I need to get my pitcher into elite smash though so leave a comment down below if you want to see that happen who is going to be the next Pokemon it is gonna be Mewtwo for some reason I always get way more scared of opponents when they have those Japanese characters in their name because the average skill level of players in Japan is just so much better than in Australia in fact it's better than anywhere Oh nearly got an early stop there and I dragged him down with the net oh god my the tail hurt box I stuck out my tail with that back end and it did not do me any favours whatsoever Oh gonna get that disabled though yeah you are right out of here you get stunned for so long that's the stunner deal oh oh why don't why did I just add on your net but it worked out sort of in my favor oh okay didn't matter would have been cooler if I hit that down smash but at least the wolf didn't make it back I haven't even charged any shadow ball what kind of online Mewtwo am i oh oh okay he's not behind oh my god he's brought out the laser my biggest weakness how do you just get so much damage off that he's shining I'm so scared wait a minute but I ever reflected to oh I'd better just go straight through the laser we both press the B button that in this case mine won our first Pokemon in the pokémon trainer trio here squirtle [Applause] well we've actually matched into the same wolf which definitely scares me he was really good and the problem with playing just squirtle in this one is how am I gonna kill alright I'm coming back in with it I don't care it worked and it worked again let's go for a triple we got the triple let's go for a quadruple how did that work how did that actually work what communication error what is this you're damn right I'm including that first stock in the video and it lured my GSP as well dropped me out of an elite smash okay he's burning to fight well I mean what's the water equivalent of burning I'm watering to fire commuter boy and I'm gonna be putting out this sword no worries okay definitely some worries I'm at 73% some worries okay oh I did not mean to get a hit with Charizard please forgive me guys comment below if you absolutely unsubscribe because I got a hit with Charizard I said I was gonna put him out but I haven't even charged up the water yeah oh this is not going well this is not going well I'm so far behind alright if there's one way I'm getting back in this match its memeing Roy's recovery like three times please die Roy I'll say it again starting to get our way back in this come on let me hit Roy's recovery with this water gun he's going down too low I got to go out deep than the next one okay apparently not just need one water gun game just one oh no that was a bad get up attack no sweet spot again I'm so lucky oh no he finally got the sweet spot but it's not looking good with my pokémon training GSP here started off with a nice little combo on the cable oh speaking a nice little combo I did not get the upbeat what and i edgeguard this kink area although got one back here and another one oh he went up the high another back at what where's my final year I'm gonna push him right out far and again come on oh you've got to be kidding me surely the back row doesn't bode Oh nearly got the second withdraw all right I see you K rool I have to respect the king Carol spikes oh my god I have to put in so much work to kill this crocodile and if he inhaled if he sucked me in there I actually would have been dead he could have shot me backwards missed the tech please oh okay you got it I could also respect that all but he missed the second tech though honestly that was so hard I only hit one hitter back in but I'll take it now we can swap to the Ivysaur and see if we can do a little bit better oh why you – attacking my shield right there cloud you're just dead he had no choice but to go hi there oh no ho slice and throw us cloud the lawnmower there through the last little bit of – tak and then the upper that might have been a true combo is that one gonna do it oh and that little bit of extra weight gonna be saving my life there what there we go look how far the beside cloud was but it does not matter because I we saw up there is just the size of Jupiter I wonder what this is there are so samus thinks when she just sees me starting out Charizard here I wonder if they're like they respect me for it or they just think I'm an idiot come on give me this back here I know it'll even kill her right now if I can hit one off the ledge hi there we go that's the back err we want oh zero suit samus on zurk oh no nope oh god this is looking so bad now that might break shield that is not the right time to flare blitz though but she's gone too deep trying to edge guard me possessing zero suit just landing and any spot dodging oh I'm so surprised I'll leave that up here so I can get a back here here that'll kill I want it all but she's gonna roll in I only took that much damage to give myself rage just so the Charizard in front could kill okay it looks like that rage come back in the last match was just a warm-up for our Lucario yeah because now the real rage comebacks are gonna begin guys let me tell you what every single elite smash snake does they press B for a few minutes and then they think they have the most genius mixup which is where they just randomly dash attack there you go you see it just there they dash attack back and forth just when they get bored of pressing B oh no there's a c4 there I told you I'm a bad c4 spotter and he's got it on the Metal Gear stage so or excellent actually gonna be doing some damage now that I've got so much more 70% I swear I've hit him twice oh yeah mate Nikita oh yeah I tried to sneak in I honestly thought I could punish him for that one watch this one who talking about he's just decided to approach me now and he's only doing it with dash attacks I just need to read one of these random dash attacks as I say it I bloody well get it you just got to wait about 30 seconds until they're bored run back and read the dash attack oK we've only got a couple more Pokemon here greninja is gonna be the next one up you know I don't want to jinx it but I'm gonna be mad if the only match I lose is against that Roy using just the squirtle 51% off hitting one move yeah that's the greninja I chose such a cool looking skin and now look I'm just covered in yellow mustard snuck my way in behind the roller and the backyard would that do it yes the triple kick okay oh yeah I'm dead oh the mash of the century I need some bangers going with that mash come on yes they're using a lot of roller and what do you put mustard on a roll that was the worst joke oh no ink left inkling what are you gonna do you can't roll them II yeah you definitely can't roll on me if you're gonna do it that predictably when it inklings up there like 45 degrees in the air they're definitely gonna come down with the roller all right I just got a sneak behind yep I knew she was gonna do the roll-up why did I not teleport behind her that was not the nothing personal kid that was the something personal no oh God I was already mashing nope I'm not dead yet how do you kill inkling when you're so scared of rolling I just got to make a run out of ink you're kidding me Wow I love playing against inkling I jinxed it I actually jinxed myself okay here's a much more respectable match against another greninja no rollers just a nice fun and phibian did oh you can tell I'm definitely not salty at all about the last match all right next shadow snake you mark my words I'm gonna counter this cunning zipper doing it yes no missed it down tilt up smash myself but I'm gonna get it here show this good ninja what's up all right this greninja definitely wants the shadow sneak now connect aura I told you I was going to counter it did I or did I not say that I'm gonna shadow sneak hip what's the optimal punish to punish them sneaking back to stage the shadow sneak them of course all nearly got this shadow sneak punished on the shadow sneak again ah okay I really respect that cuz he was dead if he missed that down it the stage spikes just gonna do it instead gonna be hitting those tanks cloud is gonna be the finisher let's see if I can get some dumb in sinner I'll stop and we poke him that send people at the worst angle possible what I swear my revenge was out maybe me going for the counter like four times in a row meant that it was all just a little bit stale looks like these cloud keeps jumping up high I'm trying to teach him a lesson that he can't do that but I'm keep missing it that's the lesson we want to teach him oh I miss the timing oh okay I was gone for an affair after that what a trade for me all right let's get this boy off stage I knew he would go high again but this time he had the air dodge okay how do you punish clouds moves is it possible that one's possible come on please kill yes and that is gonna be a wrap for today's video so we managed to get a win with all 10 Pokemon squirtle and greninja gave us a little bit of trouble I'm sad that I couldn't win every match but there you have it are now a Pokemon master their ever to subscribe and hit that notification bell and I'll see you guys in the next video you

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  1. 1:19 Says hes going to die to u-tilt *ANY SECOND NOW*. Clock is at around 5:15

    Dies 20 seconds later.

    (this is just a joke, don't attack me!)

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