The Peter Casey Reports – Social Welfare

one of the things that is obviously apparent is yes there are people that need to be looked after in society yes there are people that need help but in order to do that the government has to be profitable people want a hand up not a hand out you know the more you give people ad and the more they expect all right one of the comments of Peter Casey major in the presidential campaign was that art of this becoming a social welfare state and that a lot of people in the country expected to get something for free you know 'days we were very outraged by it to be honest we were very upset because a lot of lone parents are locked out of the employment market because firstly they there's a lack of affordable childcare secondly employers do not provide flexible family-friendly jobs and thirdly many times even looked at scenarios where lone parents are actually better off in Social Welfare even though that's a life of poverty I have said all along that I'm totally in favor of supporting people who need help and in order to have an effective welfare state you have to be profitable of course we want a state that's profitable that can afford to support people but we also need to have the infrastructure put in place and then instead of vilifying those people who are locked out of the job market you know giving them ability to work and then allowing them to work and making the economy stronger for everybody you can't be generous if you are not being profitable the whole system is just not fit for purpose it needs to be re-examined at no stage have I ever said that we shouldn't have a welfare state of course we have to look after the people in society that need to be looked after most people want to work but the berries are there they are real and unless we get a functioning childcare system and an employment friendly system it's not going to change so social welfare is never a lifestyle choice social welfare if it's a lifestyle choice is a very poor lifestyle choice it is living poverty and while it can be OK for a short-term basis and a long-term basis the length of poverty the length of being on social welfare can be very depressing very hard to manage you've somewhat ruled back on your comments on Ireland being a social welfare state you're in the presidential election but do you believe it happened to something with those answer because I think some people are aware there is social welfare fraud that goes on and hardened in that case there are people who are abusing the system everybody thinks that they know somebody who's abusing the system and I'm noting that I'm not saying there aren't any but it would it's hard to see that that's a major problem the contrary is just like a business if you're profitable you can be generous if you're not profitable you can't be generous the economy has grown very very rapidly in the last five or six years we're at the threshold of full employment now so we're well able to afford their wealth I say I'm probably even a better welfare state the kind of wealth escape we've got and the extent of the run for state we've got is really a matter of policy choice this is maybe where Peter and I might disagree you later I don't I don't always see a clash between welfare type revisions on the one hand and economic African use that word on the other sometimes changes in policy benefit both sides of the equation both the welfare and the work equation can social well forever be avoid profitability though should it not be about health it's not it's not about profitability my point is that the state needs to be profitable in order to be able to provide the benefits that it has to provide you know in the state has a responsibility to to to provide benefits absolutely but in order to do it you have to be profitable and is it many people I think what percent these are people on the system are abusing the system would you say be very small if we knew the number we know who they were it is important that you have a social safety net you know it is important that you know we look after people as a stage I mean the role of economics is all about how you generate economic activity how you generate scarce resources and how you allocate those scarce resources and I think two areas are important there one is you need to try and stimulate economic activity to generate the tax revenues that fund everything else but on the other hand you do need a social safety net because if you are living in a society where people fall on hard times for whatever reason that they follow the system I think that would be a recipe for serious social as well as economic problems one of the things I did raise the presidential debate was we needed to change the rules for entrepreneurs when they go broke you know at when they because like 80% of businesses who start feel you know that's just unfortunate economic statistic yeah I have to say my toes would be this you know while the social welfare system here is very very definitely focused in one direction and it totally ignores entrepreneurs who start businesses who go out of business who fall on hard times they do not have a social safety net and I think that is a major flaw in the system I feel that any social welfare system which results in a person being better off out of work than in work there is something deeply flawed about that and you do hear lots of anecdotal stories about people will not take jobs because they will lose all of their allowances and financially they will be worse off so the time you pay for crash yeah and childminding and I think crash and childminding should be a hundred percent tax deductible that way then it would encourage people to you know to get the poor at the point you made there's very very very valid you know you if it if it's going to cost somebody money to take a job wait would they you know yeah and that that whole system needs to be looked at and people want to work you're generally speaking people with yes they have the opportunity the other aspect I think that does need to be looked at is the whole concept of universality so for example in child benefits regardless of how wealthy or poor I am if I have two or three children now we get the same amount of money politically taxing child benefits would be it's on your death sentence as a politician Peter you're looking to enter politics do you think child benefit should be means-tested should it be taxed I think it should be means-tested of course there is a bias against welfare there's this ethos that welfare for many people is synonymous with giving people money to do nothing to sit on a couch and watch television the reality is that the vast bulk of welfare payments go to old-age pensioners go to pay the pensions of our teachers and nurses and Guardi and politicians and judges who are paid by the state you're in there working lives a lot of it goes to people who are on disability or not in a position to to work and I think we need to change that image many of the people we work with you know they haven't got a hope of getting a job yeah they have left school early they have no skills they have no employment history I had a last child and myself basically I start taking drugs now I took drugs divet to blank outings issues that happened years ago yeah like people are tell you that they don't know white Hawk drugs I didn't say how I talk drugs to fit him with the lads I toppdogg's to forget about things take pain fertility how did you manage to be loved to be honest which I went into a ball mount hospital I had had a baby I had a baby girl and her name was Mary Kate and and there's this little blue fighting for a life here and I met a promise or I said I'm gonna go clean so eventi I've got playing talked to two and a half years but I got clean I mean daughter had cerebral palsy yeah but I'm the lawyer they got clean because I was there for you know what to say I mean they I was there in the room when when I was on the drugs I was in the room but it wasn't there and she gave me there the willpower that was to my time when I like Mary Kay it was the kick that I needed you know and I have to be honest with you it like she died there last year and she ten and that was very that was very hurtful you know but I haven't slipped back into a down downward fall if you understand you know hey that's been very close yeah it was very tough but a hug PR and it support team around us do you feel that you're one of those people here we talk about when the people were caught in the social welfare trap that they feel that they can't get out of yeah like to be honest AJ if it wasn't for the likes of the father not a very trust where would you be you will be honest every day every system is abused the biggest abuse is in the taxation system the abuse of the taxation system people invading their taxes is far far greater so every system there will be abuse and obviously the administrators the effort is to try and reduce that abuse to a minimum Peter when you hear stories like this should the government be doing more to help people in this possession people who are caught in the social welfare trap is that people haven't equal to charities to get help after all the government unless we talked about you have to be efficient as a government if you want to be compassionate as a society it's impossible if you waste one and a half billion dollars building a hospital you haven't got the money available to fund the people that really need to help you social welfare so you know the government has to be run like a business and it has to be held accountable when there's wastage we've seen and talked to people who have said that they can't afford to take a job because they can't afford the crash they can't afford crash payments should be tax-deductible and it should mean we should make it affordable for people to actually take and get jobs you

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