The People Who Have To Remember 25,000 Streets | The Knowledge: The World's Toughest Taxi Test

thirty-three-year-old Everton is a bus driver from East London and father of four grown spent Everton started studying the knowledge of London 18 months ago attracted by a cabbies potential annual earnings of over 40,000 pounds I won't bring it in enough married I thought was enough they're gonna bring him forward in life now with his sights set on the cabbies exclusive green badge he's studying for at least 35 hours a week in the hope of achieving his dream job all time to juggle life and the knowledge in it it has been on getting that bad between done automatically the way we live will change way living change its massive definite long runs okay takes me from famous we came to set off ever free I think it's a good thing for my dad to do but you don't get to see your dad as much and I think when he passes I'll get my dad back and we can be happy yeah I can bring you this Jake you are handed everything and I want to try and install a solid upbringing I try and do everything I can and provide the kids in the wife Everton is on stage one the first of four sets of multiple exams if he accrues enough points today he can move on to stage 2 I've been a natural promolife in the photographer you name it fully double my hands in it that was my way I love you for the knowledge it's probably the only thing that I've kind of stuck to there's people depending on me mr. Thomas okay good afternoon say but your car that's right take a seat thank you you make your own luck on the knowledge if you put the work in then it will pay off all right Eve not seen me before mr. Thomas my name is channels okay very start this one okay let's give it a go right question one web app is ten things and village Korean village but not only if you've got a doodle knowledge and learned and and learn all the points you've also got a hold it together and try and keep calm sorry – here I assure okay we're going to London efficient Jota Everton needs to pinpoint two locations out of London's 100,000 landmarks this year yes I've heard another fantasy rate is here each house juniper Taiwan I love the addition hi pal to Battersea rage he must recite the most direct route naming every road correctly without hesitation ok ok I leave on me and even the right people to write Berner Street left into East cross the street left well street or Berwick Street right into North Street for great mobile Street lift into Regent Street please go wrong just like that you could just do the legal turn and your brilliance is gone for two espadrilles forward into battery square for decreased risen fall into the wrong bar drop right into your prod for forward and complier and York circus leave by your quote letter to channel time one night I am great thank you wow I could okay all right we started off a little bit one leg but we brought it back the welcome I will have to thank you you

44 thoughts on “The People Who Have To Remember 25,000 Streets | The Knowledge: The World's Toughest Taxi Test”

  1. Corrupt TFL destroying their business and hard word ! Uber driver dont have to know anything at all, they just jump in car and follow sat navs, just google “uber drivers accidents in London” and u will find out why knowledge of a city liKE london is so important !

  2. Let's not forget black cabs get to use all the bus lanes and private roads in London, so traffic doesn't occur as much for them compared to the average user. So a sat-nav route would be pointless for them as they can take quicker routes which makes It a different playing field.

  3. Satnavs, uber taxis, self driving cars….sorry black cabbies but your job will be extinct within 20 years!

  4. This is fucking insane!!! why they have to memorize the whole city included the small street, laneway in housing estate? They amount of effort they put in they should get 100k a year at least.

  5. I’d love to do this job this ridiculous in era of say nav no wonder you don’t see many black cab drivers (slavery disease dyslexia high in black community). Plus fees to get a new black cab must be crazy new electric one going for 55k 😐

  6. Holy fuck this is intense. I am going for an interview to be a taxi driver in a small town in Canada, and I still don't know the streets. MAD respect for the people who commit to this !

  7. wel done. and good luck rest your live and family. that.s what i am doing wright now. one day i wil take that certivecate.

  8. wel done. and good luck. rest of you and family live. that.s what i am doing wright now. i wil take that certivate one.

  9. thats just crazy, ive lived in my new place for a year now and have still entered the wrong address when ordering a dominos

  10. Why is everyone mentioning GPS or Google maps this is why huma ns are getting dumber we try to rely on tech to much sure tech can make our lives easier but there is a pride that is felt when learning your city to this much detail you will find most of these uber drivers stareing at the bloody sat nav most of the time rather than keeping there eyes on the road

  11. How much a black cab driver in London can make daily or weekly after that much hard exam of The Knowledge?

  12. The"Knowledge"Exam which has been around for ages,has been Scientifically Analysed and is regarded as one of the best memory tests in the World..Not a intellectual Test but a Memory Test..So after 3 yrs you are getting a Professional Driver who is not reliant upon a GPS Sat Nav System,which may I inform you are designed and set up for GRID Systems..Any that is inappropriate for London,because guess what it is a Very old City,with one very Long River,which Snakes around and cuts right through it,and Roads which have origins in Roman times,running in all directions..So that's why the London Taxi System is so unique and solves some of the Major problems in this City..To some people it may seem archaic and Antiquated but as I mentioned earlier, when you jump into a London Taxi you are being Driven by a Professional Driver,fully Licensed,who will speak English(and maybe another Language)who has had a thorough& extensive background check and will be able to take you from A to Z by using the most direct route,without having to keep on staring and consulting a Sat Vav System..And while this is happening you can see the meter Ticking over(A meter whose Tariff has been set by the TSL Authority.).And I would be remiss in not mentioning that London Taxis can accomdate 5 people easily+Luggage And have Wheelchair Accessibility..So with all that said..These are some of the reasons why the Taxi industry objects vehemently to Uber and it's like…In life u get what u pay for..(not always admittedly)but for those people who wish to use and encourage a system like Uber,which really is all about advocating for cheap Labour and not abou sustaining a quality service,where the Driver is being paid his worth for providing a convenient and necessary service..not Peanuts..

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