The Peace Education Program – An Introduction

Welcome to the Peace Education Program. The
purpose of this educational program is to help you discover your own inner resources,
and the possibility of personal peace. The program consists of ten videos, each focusing
on a different theme. Peace. Appreciation. Inner strength. Self-awareness.
Clarity. Understanding. Dignity. Choice. Hope. Contentment. The content of this educational program, is based
on excerpts from Prem Rawat’s international talks. Prem teaches us people live in two minutes
– the minute that just happened and the minute that’s on its way, you know, the
past and the future. He teaches us to live in the ‘third minute’, which is the here and
the now. If you can just stop and appreciate, just being alive it puts everything
else in perspective. What is so exciting, from an educator’s point
of view, about the Peace Education Program is that it focuses an individual, through
listening and reflecting, on innate tools already available to them. Peace also has been placed inside of you. And not only is it precious,
but there is abundance of it. True education is about providing tools that
set students up for life. My experience with facilitating the Peace Education Program, is
that the program presents a different kind of learning. The program is designed to promote
self-awareness and self-discovery. The measures of learning are gauged individually
by one’s own self. Prem Rawat’s videos and the concepts that
he uses are innately human concepts. You don’t need any special education to have an understanding
of those concepts. They are articulated in a way that is accessible to anybody. He says,
“Explore this, because it might be good for you.” Think about you – your life, your existence. This is the final presentation of our conference,
the Peace Education Program, which is being sponsored by the Prem Rawat Foundation. These men have all been students of the Peace Program. I can enjoy – just because I’m alive. And
we need to look at that more often. And you learn that from watching the DVDs. These videos here, they helped me…. So many ways, in so many situations, that
you can use these tools of peace and apply it to your life. I wish
I would have had it sooner. I could have probably mended a lot of things. My name is Birgitte Nielsen. I am a retired
teacher. We thought of offering the Peace Education Program in the AOF – a nationwide
educational system for adults. In this region, in the AOF, we called it ‘The Art of Knowing
Yourself.’ The students’ response to the workshop was very positive. What the program taught me was that I am responsible
for my own happiness. Peace is inside me, it’s not something that’s going to come around
the corner, but something that I have within, at all times. And now I know that I am the miracle.
I’m alive, and I’m very thankful. Around the world, the Peace Education Program
is being presented to a diverse range of people, in a diverse range of environments. Colleges,
universities, adult education programs, correctional facilities,
veterans’ organizations, hospitals, retirement communities. This is really exciting. One thing I’d like to share with other people
who are considering hosting a PEP, is that you can just feel confident in this material.
It is such a powerful presentation. People love it. I go to Cambridge University. I thought a very
poignant thing that Prem Rawat said was that, education, it’s not just about
heads full of equations, but of what it is to find peace within ourselves. I think that’s
very relevant to students. I’m also at Cambridge University. And we’re
always really busy, like, running from lectures to lab. What Prem Rawat spoke about, that
it’s not about creating something new, but it’s about discovering something
that you already have. Real peace is a feeling inside … every single
human being. The peace I am talking about is a peace that is not taught. But a peace
that people have a thirst for, innately, that transcends borders, countries, lifestyles.

22 thoughts on “The Peace Education Program – An Introduction”

  1. What an amazing chance for everyone to be able to get involve with the Peace Education Program what a time to be alive I thank you xx

  2. Thank you tprfyt for this most interesting/true/amazing video and letting us know that there is such a course called The Peace Education Program. My many thanks to Mr. Prem Rawat.

  3. One of these days I will be so professional in making videos of such inpeccable quality to be appreciated by a global peaceful 7 billion people

  4. this knowledge is not about mind.. just listen and accept from heart … then only u feel the true meaning of peace…

  5. Hello&Peace be upon you,sir.
    Please allow me to introduce myself
    My God name's "God"
    My name's Mr."Surakij" Vuthikornpant
    And please allow me to send blessesing
    Gospel ("Injeel") Mattai (Matthew) (Revision,Revised)
    5:3 Blessesness (upon those who) humble in Spirit beause (they will be called),theirs is,"Kingdom (of) Heavens"
    5:9 Blessesness (upon those who) make Peace ("Peace-Makers") because (beloved) sons (beloved daugthers,beloved children of "my)"God"",they will be called

  6. Un bon professeur encourage, accompagne, rassure, 
    ne pointe pas les défauts mais les potentiels,
    ne ravive pas les échecs mais invite au succès
    et, il est très émouvant de voir des personnes issues de milieux aussi contrastés, sinon opposés,
    s'entendre sur ce fait précis que ce programme est un cours merveilleux pour appréhender sa propre dimension
    avec plus de profondeur,
    et avec pour conséquences premières : un sentiment de soulagement, une confiance accrue en soi-même
    et un respect plus grand face à tout ce qui nous entoure. 

  7. Peace doesn't need to be taught or learnt. Peace is a state. One needs to learn to use ones senses as organs and not as collectors. Then one becomes TRANQUIL. That path has to be traveled ALONE.

  8. a great concept of peace education, its same as PEER mediation concept in the philippines. wherein it promotes anti- bullying .

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