33 thoughts on “The Pattern Machine – Part 1: What is Deep Learning?”

  1. Great video as usual! They go by so fast, because I'm always
    sucked in, I swear.

    It's scary to think that one day you'll be able to manipulate
    a video to make it look like someone was at a crime scene just
    to frame someone. Like I wonder if we'll have to start throwing
    away security surveillance for something else. Nonetheless
    the next decade will be very intriguing.

    Thanks for this awesome video!

  2. Just fantastic. Brit, you are like the Bob Dylan of deep YouTube videos: eerie, poetic, weird, revelatory and much too underappreciated. A new sound, unfamiliar, and yet somehow ageless.

  3. Yes! Great video man you never cease to amaze 🙌 I like how you incorporated the symbols from the information theory episodes too it makes the whole art of the problem computer science universe feel like a long narrative. Looking forward to the next ones!

  4. Glad you're back making these. Really enjoy your narrative style. You choose your words carefully and your story development is fantastic. Thank you for making these!

  5. This channel is a treasure. I think with a little bit of marketing you can far exceed the 55k subscriber mark. Its potential is far beyond this.

  6. Interesting to think of this as a way to spot ‘fixed points’, which are islands of stability or local optima. For all sorts of things: languages, images, behaviors, etc.

  7. AMAZING!!! Words can't describe how good this video and information is. Can't wait for the next parts.

  8. Hey Brit, you just made an excellent video! Deep Learning very well explained. Looking forward to your next creation.

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