hello phone it's Boris that here and today we have a new video on my channel with a favorite from last year the only skill moves you need to know in FIFA 18 we have some old favorites but also some new fresh must know skill moves and the best this year is that the easiest skill moves or the most efficient let's get into it first I'll bet a forty five-degree fake shot as simply as it gets this is a one start skill move and with basic you'll move instead of losing momentum you will get a nice acceleration boost and set your opponent off balance before mate you need to know how to do a fake shot simply press your shooting or cross button followed by her passing button and the key here is to aim the left stick yes in a 45 degree angle of the direction that you're facing all other angles will make the player lose balance and momentum this move is great to use on the wing to get past your opponent to go for the tapping or cross but it can also be used with great success as a 1vs1 skill move all the thing you need is timing perform it just in front of the feet of your opponent and enjoy your free run with a 5 stars killer this will turn out to a scoop feint variation but don't be afraid it's equally efficient if not even better another great variation of the fake shot is a Cruyff turn a new addition to thief 18 this is a one star skill move as well very nice to perform and simply a great addition to your FIFA 18 repertoire Cruyff turn works just like the 45-degree fake shot you make a fake shot but here instead you aimed elastic in the opposite direction that you're facing more precisely 180 degrees and this makes perfect sense since you're also going to make a short 180-degree turn there are two ways to use the course turn either to try to get away from the chasing defender into a new space or as a direct skill move try to get through the defender in both cases is a great way to confuse the defense mix it up with a favorite from last year that still works absolutely amazing a 2-star skilled ball roll is a great gadget in your fifa 18 toolbox it's a great way to set the defending player out of position and fine angles four passes to do the ball is simply hold the right stick for one second in a 45-degree angle off the direction that your player is facing 45 degree to the left if you want to go left and 45 degree to the right if you want to roll the ball right practice and learn the ball from all directions ba roll is used by most pro players to find passing angles it's a great distraction move to use in order to wait for a perfectly timed wrong and pass in many situations it will set the opponent's defense out of position but it can also be used as a direct 1vs1 skill move to get past your defender in all cases it is brilliant close the feature in last year's best skill moves we have the heel to heel flick but this year it is even better since defending a thief 18 is a little bit more on eyes and this force or skill move will simply send your opponent out on a nice day of ice skating on the lake through the hill to flake you just need to flick the right stick twice first in exact direction that you're facing and then a second time in the opposite direction and this will also work with a three star player but with slightly less rapidity and accuracy what makes a heel to flake so great is that both beats humans and a eye the rapidity of the move is simply very hard to stop it's enough for the opponent to take one step wrong in order for you to get a totally open 1vs1 situation the key is to perform the move just in front of the legs of your opponent just like firecrackers time for the best skill in fee fighting then drive back this is a two star skill move that completely destroys AI defending and frankly it is very easy to perform as soon as you catch the concept to do the drive back you need to hold down or one or Orban Xbox and just dry the left stick in the opposite direction that you are facing and to do the drive back variations you need to change the direction in middle of the move just like you can see me doing in the gamepad camera so always thought to drag in opposite direction and then just let your creativity flow what makes it real I back so overpowered this year is that it is extremely fast and a better dribbling the player has the faster execution using this in the box and you will completely destroy the opponent's contain defending it is simply too fast to stop we could go on forever with in-game examples from four champions where the opponent is left with his pants down that's it for three guys and remember practice practice practice until you nail these skill moves and implement them naturally in your gameplay because when you do so you will become a very feared dribbler in FIFA 18 and if you enjoy this video make sure to drop a like and also subscribe if you haven't already thank you so much for watching as always you know until next time


  1. wow i thought i was the only one who piss his friends off with that drag back lol they hate me for that nice tot tho

  2. Thanks fifa god. You improved my game! Spent a couple hours practicing all these moves in arena. Jumped online and had a good run tnite!!

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