The Online Revolution: Education for Everyone

so, I guess as peter said , I’m a Stanford
professor and co-founder of Coursera most people today would never have
access to a Stanford class. but we’re changing that working with such great schools as Stanford
Princeton, Caltech, Columbia, Penn and many others we are taking courses from all of these
great schools and putting them online free for anyone to take. we’re using technology to offer high
quality education at scale then we showed you my story as a stanford professor idoney teaching four hundred students
that the costs again a half ago i’d put my calls online
animation audience of a hundred thousand students to put that number in context in order
for me to beach a comparable size tortillas i what otherwise have had to teach my
normal staffing costs two hundred fifty years whoever students it was to dislike our
college who wrote to say it that coming from a
small middle class family in india you with otherwise never have had access to
santa claus answers like any eight thirty nine euro
single mother of two who had been wanting to return to
college and for whom the convenience of an online class
allowed her to take a first step since announcing the first few houses
all this time for the year and a half ago will grow significantly and now we have a broad range of courses uh… from many universities and across many disciplines let me show you some of our policies v welcome to calculus fifty million people are articulate
models abides organize information pickup with make better prediction to
help us to find more effective and efficient involvement mommy to get unbelievable syndication bush
imagine each healing him winston love poem home by another person no
wants student of sociology develop paint cable takes on the forum holland’s more usually in the stepped in looks without vaccine allowed us to eliminate
poliovirus as we’ve heard that serve breakfast incident was a without some
fun connecting while you him being passive he him my since launching the first few causes
home what groom significantly and today with uh… sixty-two
university partners over three hundred causes hands on large number of students we are today by far the largest mu or massive
open online courses up on the planet we actually be suffers one million users
passivity spoke telcos and other four months after that to
double from one to two million and weight two point eight million uses
today i’d just say that i think this rapid
growth isn’t because we’re anything special brother i think it just speaks
to a societal need for portable high quality education and uh… working with succeeded sixty
two universities really allows us i think to be a public
innovation where we end up on this are together collecting the best ideas on pedagogy of
how to teach mmc and that’ll be sharing these ideas in
each other watches so missus logistical crosses i
think it is that first and foremost they are real classes because begins on the set a date advice for a fixed p with of time so ten
weeks in the case of my costs this is a plus out their web traffic in
my car says the progress and they’ll speaks those very low heartbeats our homework lines predictably the twenty four hours before
homework is due you web traffic spikes that’s proving that procrastination is a
global phenomenon and finally if the student completes the
whole works and he saw a high creating bar they also receive a certificate or
similar that they can put in the resume and used to find a better job let me show you what of course is the
flight like many others who use video peace instruction hands on this is what it’s like a collection of
video in a crisis when right game and then we went with and set the prices
are high tides one twenty five x accelerating to decide
what kind of citizens of the population of being destruction which is useful
thing on the disputed a graduate of distinction who has blessed households
on it was one hundred degree relationship the well part of our
distractions for two questions volunteers and has been under its own you know in a normal costume him i sent the classroom i’d use it just so things down and just lap-band make space in the classroom to
make sure that everyone has enough time to the following because if this is the
different time at different points in the cost and so if you use a student hop waiting
might be lost untill excess all the best interest or things down and that makes
things all mine on we found that many students prefer to
playback of videos at at one point five x needs on and if you missed something you just
you and instead be paid disallow students to control the pacing allows
them to make much more efficient use of the time on what the video format but also pools
online videos in the box for about two formats ranging from instructor three notes and if you to
dispute work uh… interviews to google handles three
groups of students to dedicate to formats in arm upenn
kevin where back do pens game if you can’t keep costs the professor kevin we’re back perhaps appropriately decided to teach this lecture one in uh… espresso in all of his world of
more profits computer game character so when you log in to that cost
indifference video you see this weird monster so often and that we had once the staff
teaching you about computer games on young having long are long videos of
professes talking we also encourage instructors to take concepts and create
them down into tentative bite size pieces this allows instructors to also pose
optional prerequisites and also advance that you know and allow students to navigate through
the content in dental order an act that old pace will be nice away anything from the one
size fits all model education and finally that the other reason we use video is it
turns out to be easy to create thought this is picture of me india my little
recording studio shooting one of my machine learning cost as much of a deals so give you an instructor and if you
like treating one of these things union wake up maybe on a sunday morning u_s_ shooting
election video uh… what i would just wait for the
sunday morning you a question here walk-in selection video and to shoot a
ten minute video at that because this is a very balanced process so um tough local collections for the cost us
much more than lectures as educators we often talk about
assistance and we sometimes update that we know that the far more
important purpose of assessments uh… isn’t just to assess ought to be valid student
performance often it is the assessments of the whole
works that that’s what causes no need to take
place on who we know the students learn best
not by passively listening but by practicing with the mix you know
and that many pedagogical study such as this which show that it is retrieval practice their p tests
on the material catholic business long-term intention to
take place because of this week bill pervasive
leading to all causes many opportunities for students to
practice with the materiel this goes all the way down to back in
the middle of the lecture let me show you an example of what we call in in
video quiz before then prospect you’re not discounting status
for wind speeds requires all to although deviations from he’d so great in that the other lecture the
video pauses question pops up and student gets attention as their not quite right the first time so they
get to uh… go back and at the address and try again they get it right now and see an
explanation optional explanation before the calls were gone and so all the contrast what you just
roll with my experiance perhaps kind of many of you as well on teaching a large
lecture clocks it myself across one on ask the question
costs usually half the students are still
madly stripping away trying to break down the loss of innocence in my classroom i find it about ten
percent of the students are usually zones out on face book and um… invariably those that you know
once moncada once thought kid sitting in the first row that just shots out the
answer then i feel great that someone answered
my question and the costumes on with only one
students haven’t gotten to engage in the question in contrast on the website debate he opposes and question pops up and every student guests to attend to answer every student skits instant feedback on
whether or not to understand the funeral so i think it’s ironic that some awash
lecture cost can actually be more internet he’s
beaten up online well website i think it’s ironic that the on my
website can actually be more attractive largely took lots bianchi invaded quizzes uh… all of our whole worms season was about
forces also have pee on the week the only in the duke was
is less about the cause is also have more serious weekly homeworks are the
changes from the because multiple-choice tricia lots of questions ten that expression questions way here we also student to take the mathematical
diverted to the findings of rectangle software on the fans all over mathematically correct and could learn
ways of great help them the derivative of signing subtract encourage that i think in this country
were printed all king’s park where it’s also do automatic uh… theorem proving automatic
derogation checking so does it have created math problems of
for on behalf of the same experience that you wear you’re off the air you diaz is a to
prove i have students for about one step make
another stab dot knows that and then there’s this magical and
therefore step and some of the at the right answer
appears uh… but on the website we can all
students to answer every single step of the
derivation had kept the every step is justified and that in the right away that there
are tackle that in the right away if they’re breaking down something isn’t
quite justified and degree holders graphically we will seek a structured data so a
spreadsheet as an example of structured data some kind of students build say
financial model uh… in the spreadsheet and up though
the stray she didn’t have that the old who graded on wall pills so could malval’s chemical
the countries you malval’s adults agree all that and uh… finally we can also ought to
be computer programs by running unit test the king’s compute programs distance of it let me show you an example of the loss
of these how we or to agree computer programs his example the student is also do a
color correction exercise so they’re breaking the codes becky program right into the
web browser syndicates run andy output of the program isn’t quite
correct section of the peace look in the green so the student goes back together said
hispanic in the cesspool at the bottom so that’s the level of interactivity
some of our classes so far uh… wonders topple many options for altered
reading and one of the united states we could do
with uh… also drinking is confirming something
called nasty there here’s what i mean by that on in the normal sat across a normal
utilising cost innocence in this a piece of work and dave got sixty all of a hundred you know what can you do write the
student is that they did it work they put it in the folder and the costumes on we have and and we sort of have to do
this way because we usually have to resources to create a student’s piece of work only
once on a and and what this means is that i
think far too much of education today do you think we’re going to students in
total sit-ins you know you’re a p student s_e_c_
student that kid over there isn’t a student but i think the education should be
about timing people whose abun who is a series of the
students i think that you pictures should be able became hoping every single since seats so familiar because as we implement what’s called mass meeting there which
we invite students to come back an attempt a piece of work over and over
until they get its so they’re every student has a firm foundation to build on before
moving on to the next piece of material now we don’t want students attend
exactly the same poor over and over so what we do is instead dumped provide
truth instructors help them create randomized questions uh… indus example instructor has written question admitted four correct and for incorrect
answers the first time your student comes to
attend this quiz them the students but the show those to correct it does to
incorrect answers uh… if they don’t get it by right they
can go home study some more comeback in these day and it makes a
p_c_r_ different random set of options they still don’t get it right they can studies someone come back the next day
and see yet another different set of options and does allow students to uh… attempt you a piece of uh… tend to
self-concept over and over until beacon right so i think was on telcon that one says something very profound which is that in today’s education
system weathers held constant is the amount of
time you spend on a piece of material using techniques fifteen and what is the rebel is the amount is
the degree to which is student gets at some students get their incident in some
cities don’t get it did feel c student but i think you should begin away around
i’d think what should be held constant is that every student she’d get a every
student should succeed and what can be fearful is the amount of time or the number of attends a sudanese to me before they get it uh… and web online during the last few
days of the actually that was soap opera talking about uh… auto
agreed it work but not everything can be able to agree
that i guess how do you see spirit is um
slightly more than a year ago is a very good uh… if you walk into a plate
repercussions office uh… and he showed up like you
professor your you know shiny new multiple choice or competing technology and you try to convince the pushy
professor to teach a poor she calls using multiple choice he would invite you to think that this
office the university cases they reportedly
committed from the lsat to developing technology so lol afford each of causes the often
including crosses that poetry where you might need to want to have
students bright open-ended rebellious teenager when i see critiquing peace
accord his field uh… now one professor concrete hunt
two thousand essays but what we can do is get the students
agreed each other’s work so this an idea in d execution the future cult puri creating which has been well studied in small
classrooms of say of fifty students hasn’t shown that pure creating heidi after grades entity setup
incentives right celebrating twisted is critical work is uh… even more accurate and is also
pretty large pea useful so what we did was we talked the idea of
puri creating previously cambodian small causes of say fifty students and combined them what their computer
signs idea of trial sourcing to take because i care to running costs as with tens of
thousands of students and today withdrawn by fought the lodges puede created exercises did uh… a history of
education so uh… delay works is as a student in
one of these courses gprs too first do the work so read an essay on
something or maybe on hand drawn a design on a piece of paper and use a cell phone to take a picture
of your hand drawn design w hand-drawn designed to be uh… to be treated uh… will play a piece of music antiquities
helping piece of music kind of a piece of music to the website t_v_ off the first do the work having done the work identi shown an instructor supply
creating group reconstruct the supply creating timeline the teaches you how to create other
students work uh… you again p asta demonstrate
proficiency in creating so we all seem to create the feel of
pieces of work that the instructor has also created and show that you can assigned to a
similar to what the instructor had assigned and finally uh… you be osti creates a five of the
students work an exchange you get feedback from five of the students about the quality of your work so here’s a screenshot of option
creating uh… approach interface hill for a design conflicts toothbrush
ability headquarters on to get if you go private students with the school as well
as the two comments and today with brian k breaking and me
both the thirty-five uh… forty carson’s and on uh… lookin able to show that uh… it
gives reasonably accurate greens and uh… since the very useful feedback to uh… students this never showed up from this list of
the finest rescue worker michigan character princy university where he had
the students did an analysis of the kid reading and they show that this is giving reasonably accurate please and uh… but uh… we’ve done this week
on the sort of analysis across many about horses on is uh… uh… and attitude it works
well on repudiating was one of the
innovations i think we would particularly proud uh… auto frankly i think he invented contractually time weeks expedia
canceled one innovation but i was very proud of it because it
was key to neighboring aus to home offer a broad range of courses and so
using this and and always competing
technologies we’ve been able to offer a broad range
of courses to spend a humanities social sciences the basic sciences
engineering business more time on and other things so i’ll talk with the lectures talks about the homeworks from the student perspective to thirty
and uh… final major component of the city experienced is the community students learn best not by studying
isolation but by having but often by having costliest were on we serve a very diverse
non-traditional population thirty five percent of ice students out of the u_s_ sixty five percent a national with students from all walks of life is amazing when you bring together it is
diverse population to talk about metaphysics of topics that we talked
teach hearing u_s_ universities this is a map of the students seeking
their princeton university sociology one oh one cost one of the nice things about having a
cost with a hundred thousand students is that that means no matter what time of
day you are awake thinking about something there will be someone is sometimes of
the wake of the same time as you of thinking about the same thing and that can discuss it with you so we developed a uh… discussion
forums in which students can pose questions as to his cancer each other’s
questions because you gave as one instructor yukon concert in two thousand
since questions charlotte offices to the question and
shown below are answers written by students we also allow students to both
up-and-down each other’s questions in each of the census discourse is a good
question that sister bubble to the top and uh… i guess in my machine learning cause we
had a brief spam attacked or someone china sell shoes like stand and with the
down voting if that happened took care of yourself
with community to squash bills because they are happening atticus because of the number of cities
we have teaching these classes uh… at the last time we measured it when a student tulsa question the median response time that is how long you have
to wait before someone else is a question was twenty three minutes and food no for student getting response and
twenty two minutes is yes pretty good and frankly a twenty-two million response time was a fault that’s a level of service
and i was ever see people to offer to my sentences but i just don’t have some
might you know between tunes on beyond the online discussion forum of
also built up a community ta committee teaching assistant program it which we invite students to have done
well in one often at the cost to come back to the next offering of the
cost so that’s uh… i think of hope consequences manage the discussion so the sausage bill the community this past north costings uh… cassie cost uh… more recently one of the nice things about having
hunters of thought hundreds of students watching a video at the same time is that’s how you can also have life discussions so in some of our horses
just in time the stage for other than rolled up will be with pilots about life life tax checks
as well as life on video chat in which you’ve you’ve all been and used
to see that they’re two and two fifty seven other students watching the video at the same time as
you watch you seen that resume then that means you can have a live text
chat discussion with them or like google hang out your video chat
discussion so what i did to these days community features out in a in a few
courses and will be rolling the moment gordon ones beyond the high on my communities were
found at least it is also form in person communities uh… this is a picture that he took me
city of december cisco xy icon study group westerns weekend together in
person uh… to uh… went through to me to the
child right so when uh… i wasn’t uh… and then when i traveled to
different kind you just for fun i often go to meet up a
column in final cost thompson destroy needs to be tough for a few hours so there’s all over the world let me
tell organized by geography body language by mike foale
acting goes up there was a meet up uh… organized by
modestly two programs with them on and so with the community i think that
you see this much twenties hearings so uh… guesses as peter mentioned my my
professional background is in machine learning to decide computer science
professor turns out one of the nice things about
teaching a class with and two thousand sins is the data that you can get so you think about it in a typical
education study if you have an idea on pedagogy if you run experiments you might have
been experiments group of state twenty students and the control group of twenty
students is abt launch education is that you
might have an extremist group of two hundred students in the control
group of two hundred students abt jean luc impassable put on costs weakened easily deliver an experiments
group of twenty thousand students for the control group of twenty thousand
student and some being in silicon valley and and prayed
many of you have also seen that sometimes just having more detail
as you can see trends that otherwise would not but it isn’t just a number of students
it’s it is also the detail with them out to deter per student we lost thirty miles click we’ll authentic or submission correct or
incorrect we know which possibly video listed in didn’t instead be playoff which passed
the foster boarded over at two exp uh… we know when it’s sad that this is
the discussion forum which post event this detail and magnitude of gator is unprecedented has given to change i would love to do tip for education why companies like google casebook
microsoft have done for electronic commerce on the
i think that you know education isn’t even far better
course then thing so let me show you on scuffle examples
of the things we’ve done supposes in my machine learning cost we assigned a number of uh… protocol works and sometimes has to do with seven in incorrect solution effect
solution and after a while weekend right now as an educator what i would really
like to know is what happened but became their final incorrect
submission and their correct emission so what is it
that enable a student at corrected misconception john paul the post office tempted decided to look at visits to the discussion ballroom and uh… what he did was to a little
calculation kanika mutual information calculations
with call so that the east discussion for imposed human nature how much does the discussion forum post
bruce as students of um correctly the misconception so during the competition on all the
discussion for imposing my costs he found that the single discussion for employees which date the marches boost to the
students arts of correcting the misconception i was this one to give a
thirty percent boosted since tons of correcting a misconception when i receive structure looked at this
discussion for imposed i found a monty hall just gave it a perfect with the
explanation for what turned out to be a common
misconception the common uh… com misconception and cost there was a definition of the matrix xd
it turned out to be a bit ambiguous and this is like a perfect you post at that too stupid perfect i’ll clarify uh… as an instructor it was really
useful for there to be software automatically
surfaces to be because this actually caused me to go back and at the port to
clarify this point the confusion but you can also imagine if i had to come back to edit this than the software can automatically
recommend this discussion forum post other
students that yet that may be confused or something uh… interview just one more example when i told my machine learning calls
uh… a funny thing happened to me i decided company homework two thousand students submitted the same wrong answer this has never happened before the students were also a write a program that we can make a pair
of numbers and this is a part of all this informations uh… and a big red cross on the upper
left-hand corner lasted two thousand nearly identical
submissions so we went and looked at a small sample
built it uh… fifteen corrective actions and found that everyone of them exchanged two steps and a mathematical our government has
done them in the wrong order thus allowed us to generate a casa merah
message so that when the two thousand for students in the to the same wrong
answer we showed them the customer message that said considered the order in which you doing
these two steps and this allow students to much more
quickly corrected misconception and long so if you think about it is in a normal
cost than all stand too close to utah savalas gift whose students out of a hundred some at the scene wrong
answer you probably won’t even notice that is one two thousand out of a
hundred thousand susan’s submit the same wrong answer that’s bread that’s what gives the
instructor a very strong signal that there is something to be looked at here so i think it’s ironic that in all their
to achieve personalization personalization at the level of a casa
error message the tulsa student exactly what we need to look at in order to achieve that level of
personalization what was needed institution cost of a hundred thousand
students because that’s who gave us a teacher to make a presentation possible education there’s a seminal paper is
often cited paper by basement you titled uh… called the two signal problem what agent who showed was that if you
use a standard lecture as you method of content can bail the student performance will follow in
calcium negotiate options and what that means is that how quickly students will perform above some medium level of
performance and hard for performed lol the median
for us to go to ivan cricket if you implement massive e-learning this idea of letting students attempt
the same piece of work over and over until they get it back to at the firm
foundation to build on before moving on to the mix onto the implant masti learning this is the performance shifts to the right to improves by one standard deviation or one segment what that means is that now eighty-four percent of your students oppa forming above what was previously unique in the pool s if you can’t get each student’s and
individual cuter this is the performance ships by comes
standard deviations or to sign-up what that means is that now ninety eight
percent of your students opera forming above what was your p
previously you’ll meet the level of performance so to go see their instructors want to be nice if ninety-eight percent of your students apo average but if these inventions who called the
statistical problem is we as a society simply cannot afford to give every
student and individual tito of but i think the pacific forty gift
each student a computer and with nasty learning which we can
influence the computer who could push singapore’s out hoping one standard
deviation one sequel and so all the time improve technology and the
crystallization debts uh… detail is starting to enable
us to tell i hope that all the time we could still be pursued the performers
out from one st to see sotelo in the loss yet hearts as we’ve been doing this up often the gas if anyone can go online now to take free staffing costs because it costs why on earth with anyone still pay two hundred thousand dollars for custody and some i think he has said is that the
real value of attending a top university isn’t just the content content is increasingly the on the web anyway instead i think the role value of
attending a top school such as austin was that uh… caltech per person yet there for the professor’s and yet
there for the other students to cope with talk the mind is not the best selected these
pulling but we didn’t see tonight what we’re doing this work with all
university partners to help creates more time into costume for the deep student professor as to the students of actions which i
think it’s a real value of attending a top school and so worked most of our university pollen is
a implementing what’s called the fixed costs which peter turns out has been
seen before aka over a decade here already uh… and uh… but the idea is up bothered and having students walked into
the classroom to be left act by the professor for an hour simply instead take the lectures attacked the content
and put them on the web so the consent as soonest the washer
lectures on the web you know the week before cost and what this does is it preserves the
costume time for much deeper engagement much deeper interactions which i think
is a build-down ten top school dip in many pedagogical study such as
this we show that the small interactive will certainly resulting in much better
student outcome song attendance e-ticket engagement learning and also you know i think this is not
like the one or two percent improvement is like a thirty percent improvements to
be in mindset it cost another one like he’s
using up the polston what i do now is on instead of walking
into a costume to do that you know a aghast doesn’t need a instructors i’d have
taught for awhile maybe half of the simpson
experiences which is that europa garrels walk-ins my
same classroom delivering you know nearly the same
lectures i think you’ve been here before uh… was also you’re off the year telling the same jokes and author decade ivory started to
wonder if this was the best way for me to set my seasons uh… but now having put my lectures
online when i do in my classroom is the night before class i know constructive dashboard messages
speech compromise dashboard to see what’s investigating right it was
just getting wrong classroom so that i can walk into the costume to
do just in time teaching just focus discussion on what’s his ass
to confuse about altman just or play the majority of my costume time mister
spence working with students in the smoker problem-solving so the students brought to the sitting
there to be lecture astronaut bonnie they’ve said get this it makes the best
friends and work together on problems uh… and i think this is a is certainly much more sleep with me to
teach the swinging to know my sense much more have much more time to talk to them
about recess or hope to because students along but more important than how i feel about
things that i think it’s giving the students much a much more engaging
much better than xp so what this i hope where helping our
university policy improve the quality of education okay on campus uh… c at that on campus in seconds var and then home finally near the las pieces i haven’t talked
about this much before but i want to shared you our strategy for uh… are
kind of thinking about you hope you seasons to show off what do
you know yes apostles are serious costliest commensurate with
a high academic standards uh… having christine’s and when the student countries across you know i think they’ll have learned
something meaningful that deacon take to do to do other things super bowl of thoughts into you just decided that if you take the
course of a cause we want to give you a way to show what you know used to find a
good job maybe kurt russell story i guess uh…
the uh… last christmas eve uh… i was in hong kong with my father and you know as astounding tradition my
father and i went eating out uh… condone atomic shopping with garden here and then because his name uh… what we’re stopping suddenly my dad
doctors washes it only goal is to keep em uh… i have to go do my homework and and he ditched me right there uh… to go back to his hotel room to do
this because their homework ahahha and so these all you know high-cost
areas where students often put in that you can make out of business it is
often put in multiple many hours of work greek to do their homework and uh… wendy wendy arm do the work i think it’s important for
us to given away to show off what they do until recently you know all of us we
would just reprinting informal less formal certificates that looked like
this insight in my personal capacity uh…
you know and uh… pretty much the only place that the west
and through the peers is witness statements and this is not santa claus artists not come first at the credit we
don’t and we have not verify piston identity and i think we need to do this
because were pretty he said if it is with means that you know i just whatever someone
tightened their web site you don’t even know if this person into this myself with him soul surprise uh… uh… organically and we said we had
nothing to do this to a surprise even with these highly unverified
certificates there were other universities starting
to offer academic credit for horses so how does the screen shot from the
diversity of helsinki website in which they were sending some of this
is a city com services had to do more more commitment nessi example something and that there were many academic credit
that is good for the degree attitude does help helsinki and swamped by
community standards but we wanted to that students have the
sold more terrified waiter show off the hard work to put into the calls and so um… about a month ago uh… we announce what they call a
signature track uh… in which which is a program in
which for a for a modest fee we arm do some
work to verify justin’s identities russian check the driver’s license and
passport photo and on every homework submission we use a combination of the webcam so
use the weapon to take a picture of the nature of the is use it to your computer
submitted work of and also biometrics uh… turns out that the way you type a sentence you’ll
you’ll she stroke rhythm pretty distinct to you and is very
difficult for me to talk to say we as you or vice versa so he is a combination of webcam
pictures and keystroke biometric psyche unique signature of how just i
compactness might to bring today replied abt is you sitting on your keyboard
submitting that work and based on that uh… we are yeah issuing will be called verify
certificates academy local for university before printing like thousands of
certificates of like a duke university logo i i really did not want you know do you converse here are the
palm springs and thousands of certificates only to have a cheating
scandal discovered a blueprint two thousand status if they can’t get the
don’t even exist armed as the before putting uh… highly-respected investi brown’s
parts of the because i felt very strongly we need to verify cookies pre-existing
this into the work on dancing with this program where
whitley doing what what they should be switching if my certificates legaspi call that the other technology we we we put together with
the keys rebounding ships in the webcam inorder to do this oh right uh… and then come about kind of a suicide on company philosophy
i guess the winkle sarah works is uh… we were
type on the ship with universities and uh… any revenue tennis courts and associated
with the guinness cox cost the sheer continued receipient obsolescence reggie
jackson universities to produce a causes but before we rolled out sick that you
cap program sufficient because it runs a casa are n we talkin fifty dollars for
it but i guess i felt very strongly that uh… uh…
and and i i guess toots and most of us in this room right fifty dollars deflate the cost of the
ninth annual but i think um… uh… to portland
india reporting ten-year you know chances are many of them not only do they not five
fifty dollars they probably don’t even have a credit card so as an educator on i’d feel very
strongly that if we are serving cv is in our society is not a bad thing to do this does not
work on the so it’s not at all when i’m interested in doing uh… and so before launching signature
track ice sheet on my protein that we need to
include financially and i said today the financially isn’t
implemented i will hold back in march in the spotlight and so what we want to doing was
implementing a financially system it wishes to supporting kenya that doesn’t have it
on tuesday that you thought he or she would benefit from at duke university graduate verify
certificates we asked them to submit a one page from
magic application which is given to them on if you like a as an education as an
educator uh… we do need to find a way tenets of the term premium revenue to
keep the university’s cost uh… sustainable also on beyond serving the media’s in
the most vulnerable in our society countries this not related to uh… i guess hometown receipt beyond the base beyond uh… the
signature track about the next two op is on the next here up about accreditation
is uh… uh… easterling credit that might be good tool as a
college students at the cd american cars for education is the most respected organization that
is tied to the united states attributes causes for uh… credits recommendations
so they’ve review five oval causes hands on me positive kind of recommendation
for all five what that means is that students will be
able to uh… tick umu and earn academic credit that they could
potentially tronster into any of pcs two thousand uh… university ponds before anyone starts off the academic
credit uh… before more people are safi
half-right rather guessed i felt strongly want to please put in place and now the level of uh… academic integrity checks and jumped i think the obviously would
have been to send everyone to standardized testing center that when we talk us through those we
thought that there was a very on popular option because thinking it here at the coverage students that’s fine but the special
unless wealthier working adults going to spend less testing center often
means that the of travel uh… then a second day to take the exam
yesterday to travel home and the three days of this work two nights at hotel plus a couple
cautious makes issue amazingly uh… inconvenient and also someone on the
portable for many students so we decided instead to roll tian
different solution the dish the webcam prompting solution in which students can take a final exam
inconvenience of her own home and we hire a human proctor to watch by your passing demos of these
turns out that you know if you’ve been elected skype or
google help cat before i do know that you talk to someone give a computer that
they’re looking off to the scientific pre-op is what they’re doing so with a human proctor washing sissy kings arms is not impossible to keep is this not
impossible she would never be impossible those pretty good depends on assume all
the devils of city more than enough to deter casually keating and so we saw tony with five houses where with
when more more but i’m but hopefully this will all students and
academic credit that is critical is the degree uh… for proof for some of the cost of
some interest level and then finally aren’t uh… the maybe
the highest here security of the needs of the final program we have ism what we call the physical surface
schools program in which uh… what we’re doing is running pilots with a large number of community
colleges and smaller local universities in which we will take contents that mistreated by all parties proceeds
and stream into the students who say local community college so the latest works is uninstalled at
you know right university spoken bullets in a
small committee college the local instructor to send this to
this the watch the calculus lecture taught by putting
upenn professor uh… and what this means is that the
local instructor no longer have sustained all their time
in content preparations being alone has spent so much time in the country importance because ought
to be taken as law that and just creates more time in the
classroom for that local instruct her to do one
and one mainstream too dude if the classroom and uh… uh… uh… you know and so uh… the
hope that this will people a hope local concert colleges uh… uh… you know begins costs and increase
quality and uh… hope toward the end of each
other substitute universe he’s working with us to help improve uh… education report you country and finally but this is an issue credit
yet the student in and take approx an exact under the watchful height of the local instructor customer them
masi uh… and so the city another
weightlessness academic credit by uh… attending state commission
college that’s part of the passengers auckland and so just to finish up uh… since where all since many of you at
your pictures as there was something that i thought i’d architect i don’t i
don’t often say to other audiences which is that it is over the last year uh… uh… travels a lot of countries the chapel
all states and talked a lot of people package occasion and i guess it is surprised to find it even today all the people still say that agreed education should be reserved only for that even today and all the people still say through the great education should be reserved for the privilege but i say that the grade education
should be a fundamental human right uh… and with technology working took exactly thank you very much

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