brother Scott slaps I’m taking off bro see that’s left is getting all these streaks bro oops online how did you just spawn and die got a resale Vito Vito [Music] [Music] about a bansuri [Music] all right nice right dude dawn on a 15 you know what’s going on guys poosht here welcome back to the channel today i greatly appreciate you guys stopping by and tuning in to the video today what i have for you guys is the best Oden class set up after the 1.11 update in call of duty modern warfare guys this class is an absolute one-shot extremely extremely high damage low recoil as well as a lot of other attributes that allow this weapon to be very versatile in many different situations so with that said let’s get into the class setup I’m running the 5 milli watt laser solo optic mini reflex forge tac stock stifled grip tape and commando foregrip now guys taking a look in the bottom left hand corner what you’ll notice as I said is high accuracy increased range and a heightened mobility in control guys this class that it will not only allow you to rush but eliminate enemies from medium to long ranges overall this class is extremely versatile and extremely powerful so with that said guys if you are new to the channel and you do enjoy the content please consider hitting that subscribe button if you go ahead and do that I would also appreciate if you turn on that post notification bell and also dropped a like if you did enjoy the content with that said guys thank you once again for tuning in to the video have a great rest of your day I’ll see you in the next video take care oh dude get on that get on it Wilson really behind you stand the dude which it No I stopped on it what’s your right side whoever’s on the heart wink let’s go dude broke it off third point get off it don’t cop it don’t cap it do not cap a man yet yeah

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