The oldest living city in the world | Kashi | Varanasi | Banaras

Rises in Himalayas, surpassing the oldest written history and tradition towards the southeast, Sacred river Ganga flows through the oldest living city in the world. A city of 330 million gods and goddesses. The eternal city of Kashi. Kashi, Banaras or Varanasi takes its origin even before Buddhism, as Buddha founded Buddhism here in 528 BCE. The name Varanasi was derived from where the river Varuna and river Assi merges. We were born here, where people come for liberation through death. This is our Kashi. It is Kashi.. and also known as Banaras. Both are the same. Taking a holy bath here doesn’t wash away the sins, but one’s Karma (actions) determines it. City experienced magnanimous changes during the 18th century by Maratha rulers. Also in 16th century with Mughal emperor Akbar patronizing the city by building two huge temples dedicated to Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. It was a city of cultural importance, religious education, art and music. It grew its popularity around the globe with lots of famous personalities visiting the city. Also, it attracted a lot of trades and was the richest city in pre-independent India. The uniqueness of the city is one’s experience. From Varun to Assi Ghat, it shares many stories and history of our genealogy. Ganga aarthi is a daily ritual with celebration of lights and attracts crowd around the world. The city is a place to seek knowledge and truth, which is the foundation of Hindu culture. There is a famous saying “Gyan ke liye Kashi, aur nyay ke liye Gorkha” It is Kashi for wisdom and Gorkha for justice. There are myths and truths, which you need to seek in this place.

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