28 thoughts on “The Nordic welfare model in infographics”

  1. Thumbs down. Very rudimentary video. Seems like I was getting facts at the rate of one sentence per minute. So slow. Fuck this.

  2. Promote the family and have more children. The system is great, but we need to have a pyramid-shaped population if it is going to be sustained.

  3. You can't argue with results. The nordic models gives citizen the best quality of life and their economy is as strong as ever. I'm not sure it can work for every country in the world, but some aspects of it should be considered because it helps to create a better, fairer society.

  4. you forgot capitalism , that nordic countries make prosperity via market economy which in turn is able to finance there socialistic schemes.

  5. The biggest problems are inefficiency due to the government not focussing on the core aspects of the nordic model, but on fringe areas

  6. WTF?! If you look at gdp growth Sweden and Finland are finally rising again after the crisis but Norway is still falling. This is bullshit

  7. Greetings from Stockholm
    As a new comer I liked the nordic way of allying each other. Norway must be more active since she functions better than her other nordic sisters. Importance of family values socially must be emphasized, polished and promoted if nordic people really want to sustain !

  8. I honestly like the results of this system and how it improves life, but I know I myself would have a hard time relying on the government for every little thing. It's a matter of personal preference, but I'd much rather keep the money I make and pay for what I need. I see the benefits of this system, specifically in a near racial/culturally homogeneous society, but as places like Sweden accept tons and tons of migrants and become the rape capital of the world, it's falling apart.

  9. The major problem of the nordics seems to be the aging population. I think this would be best solved throught programs that would make it very attractive to study in a nordic country. As a result, the workforce would improve, but with educated citizens.

  10. You all must be retarded to have ever thought that ignorance would work in the first place. WTFU

  11. The right most flag at 1:58 doesnt exist. Im guessing you failed at showing the Belgian flag because you suck. Abort everything you do, drop everything and return to your home towns. Get a job as brick layers and think about this mistake for the rest of your lives. I guess you deserve some applause for trying though but my god did you fail.

  12. trust is subjective, I love this model but trust comes alot easier in a homogeneous society, not racially but more so culturally, America (my country) would have a hard time with this

  13. You can only keep your people working for so long. Your native Scandinavians are being out- bred by the ME immigrants who have many children and are on the dole collecting benefits and giving back nothing but rape & jihad, you will eventually not have enough people working to support the parasites and your Utopian system will collapse. Thatcher was right – In Socialism you eventually run out of other peoples money.

  14. Much too simplistic! Doesn't expalin basic concepts like "tax reform" (in what way, where?) and "flexisecurity" (what does that mean in practice?), nor the fact that it was Iceland's much deeper involvement in the international loan scam that made it perform so badly, Norway's oil that allowed it to perform so well. This is just a silly succession of slogans, paraded without meaning.

  15. Attracting youg international talented people and not just muslims and immigrants from africa and middle-east.

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