The Noble Teacher

As usual I was waiting for my bus in the bus stand I was totally tired and hungry To satisfy my hunger I bought a long groundnut sweet bar. Relaxing on the seat, started to open the sweet bar packet. I was yet to eat the groundnut bar, unexpectedly beggar arrived in front of me with a quarter smile and helpless hands. I gave groundnut to him convincing my hunger and started looking out for my bus. But the beggar was still standing, I gazed at him! He broke the groundnut bar into two pieces and put forth his hand to give me half of the bar. I obliged him to take the whole groundnut bar for himself and smiled then he stepped forward with smiling face and disappeared in the crowd. My bus arrived and while traveling the incident with the beggar gave me a profound impulse in my heart. The act of the beggar depicted me the moral lesson. He taught me the true happiness of giving, caring and serving one another We come across many great incidents in our life. We should recognize, understand and learn from every incident. Everyone is great at their place. Everyone teach some or the other thing, we should be eager to learn.

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