The New Teacher! – [GACHA PARODY]

today's gotcha is about a girl who wants to make a difference so she decides to become a teacher and she bites off more than she can possibly chew like I'm not even joking she's gonna get the demon spot of cake in the form of adorable little toddlers also she may find love and trust me guys there are no explosions in this video just trust me on this one promise you unless you can find them then good luck anyway hope you guys enjoy but what you thought I was in the club no I'm not that predictable but now I really want to once upon a time there was a girl who woke up with a dream she had dreamed she had decided that she was going to become a teacher I'm going to become a teacher she was going to become a teacher so she decided she was going to work hard she went to high school and got her high school diploma then she went to college and got her college diploma then she went to teacher college and got her teacher diploma also she could teach young minds and help them grow into productive members of society I'm going to help others become productive members of society huh mom yes it's me your mother what are you doing here I'm here to warn you about becoming a teacher uh I already went through my entire college life to become a teacher oh wait hey for student loans this whole time yeah what do you think of a jillion dollars was going to Jeffy's or something this whole time whoa that's great a dark mom I don't think you to say that look it doesn't matter Ria's I'm totally a good parents and I already know what you wanted to be your whole life I just want to ask you to make sure you know I want to be a kindergarten teacher why why is it that in every gotcha people keep saying I'll die for any decision I make in my life don't you know that toddlers are the worst kind of students to teach also we say that because it's obvious that your character is very dumb and doesn't understand the logic of comedy that you're clearly going for is there any logic to begin with or comedy for that matter no logic but there is comedy if you're willing to accept that there isn't any logic okay then what's so wrong with me wanting to be a productive member of society I was high schoolers you have no idea what you were getting yourself into I've had experience with toddlers let me explain I was a mother to a daughter once mom anyway I was a mother to a daughter once she was a toddler and she was the devil that mostly sounds like a board game night gone wrong my daughter was a sore loser hey just understand what you were about to get into it's dangerous mom I'll be fine they're just toddlers seriously how bad can they be understand mom I'm a young adult who doesn't have any kids and no prior teaching experience the site in the diploma have my hand even though I'm pretty sure that's the requirement for this degree I clearly know what I'm getting into please days later finally I am a teacher now let's see this is the school I'm gonna be teaching all right time to brighten the future of young minds mm let's see where am I supposed to go oh you must be the new kindergarten teacher huh my name is principal lichen oh thank you so much for accepting the teaching job are you single yeah oh wow it's same by the way I kind of got you this gift for your first day of teaching but it says best teacher and I haven't even started I wanted to show that I believe in you thank you so much oh wow I did not realize how much you like mugs all right come on let me show you to your classroom okay it was at that moment that I've now found something she wanted just as much as she wanted this teaching job she had the hots for the Brit support I have a job to focus on you coming here we go and this will be the classroom that you'll be teaching your students are inside the classroom with your teachers are you all right no I swear these kids are nightmares no one can control him it's okay it's okay we finally have someone here to work with them this is Miss F mal Oh shank Irene I was so worried we would never find someone to teach this class all right then I'll leave you to inform us half mile above her class good luck miss out man wait yeah you got a crush what no I don't and hey professional and wait why do you look like you just got out of a jungle have you ever watched a classroom full of toddlers no had any kids no babysat um no I uh oh boy this is gonna be hilarious to watch um excuse me I have a college degree listen tips I've been bitten in the ankles had gum stuck in my hair for weeks dealt with temper tantrums that you've never even seen the likes of and I've son baby shirk for 12 hours straight no degree will save you from this hack look I'm retiring now that about it can't be that bad right oh hello class oh you guys are so cute and so well-mannered to come my name is Miss athma I'm going to be your teacher for the rest of the year hey you're very pretty me chef maou oh thank you and you look so smart too oh oh my I mean you guys are the most perfect little angels I wake window for you I'm reading with phasers seriously hurts just kidding I don't have any scissors really nope I have a snake glue I just wanted Sparkle farts oh no Garth are your rights will I get Sparkle farts that's not how it works besides glue isn't good for you and Sparkle farts don't exist I miss a smell I was coloring and I colored so fast I broke the space-time barrier what does that mean um because I was so fast occurring I may have started a fire one month later fine miss ass now I just wanted to teach you guys but I don't even know how to manage my classroom and I thought this was gonna be simple but it's so much harder than I thought it was going to be and no my favorite mug is broken I'm sorry kids I just need a moment to myself Wow we really hurt her feelings didn't we yeah now we feel terrible know how we can make it up to her how sad she goes on Twitter and yells at people online until she feels better about herself yeah but I don't think miss staff now has a Twitter she doesn't I mean if people check the discreet therefore it doesn't exist oh so she doesn't have a Twitter to yell at people what else can we do wait I got it I remember seeing principal light can give Miss F now the mug we broke how could you see that I was sneak Wrigley there but you didn't see me ah it's a foul look stupid around him she was hit by Cupid's arrow you know what that means oh so we just had to get her in love with principal I can be happy they're playing some sort of game it seems oh I mean I kind of like this game did you take this out now to share your paycheck whoa I mean if you're talking about my pretend paycheck then yes I do and you miss half now take Karen to also share your paycheck my pretend paycheck yes I do boys why did you guys do this we felt bad for being so bad so we wanted to make you smile yeah you've been really nice to us since you got here no we just said everything on fire oh you guys really do care thank you all so much now we saw a lot of work to do in terms of this behavior but this is a good start yeah can we do recess now of course just be nice to each other all right Wow I I can't believe you got them to play together peacefully like that really are a great teacher thanks also you look really cute here to pretend wedding you think do you uh want to get coffee sometime I do now Miche eats everything on fire again well at least nothing exploded this time you don't know how I should

25 thoughts on “The New Teacher! – [GACHA PARODY]”

  1. How Dare chu make AARON EXPLODE?!?!?!?!!?!?!?


    DOES THAT MEAN JASON EXPLODED ASWELL?!?!?!?!!?!!!??!!?!??!!?


  2. "When my mom gets mad she goes on Twitter and yells at people till she feels better"

    me dieing of laughter

  3. Aaron:are you ok

    Me:no no she is not she's gonna be the worst teacher in the world because she's being stupid right now and if she's stupid she gonna die

    Miss there's going to be no explosions and there's a explosion at da end (da lies you tell)

  4. Aaron: Well at least nothing exploded.
    Few seconds later
    BOOM Aaron exploded
    me : –___________________– XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

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