The new service navigator

The Service Navigator is a digital tool which helps school leaders, teachers and non-teaching staff find services at the department office. The tool is personalised based on who you are and enables you to connect with the right person in either state office or the school services team. I really hope you enjoy exploring the new tool. My first impressions of the Service Navigator was just how user-friendly it was to be able to navigate through the system. I was very, very impressed. It was like a one-stop shop for me. Well, I think it’s an excellent resource and reference tool for everyone involved. It allows you to filter down to find resources that you’re looking for. The detail in what the services provide was really explicit. I liked how all of the details was there, including the email addresses, so you can click straight on to that. And I even found some of the services that I didn’t even know existed. In my role as learning support team coordinator, I would typically access services that support student needs that aren’t necessarily school-based, so those services like the learning and wellbeing adviser, school psychologists or the DGOs involved in creating access requests for students. We are such a huge system and there are so many people out there to access in terms of providing our services. In terms of our intranet, it’s hard to navigate and lock down exactly that one person you need to be able to access that support or that service. So, having this system in place made it really refined and personalised to be able to do that. Having all of the different icons with the pictures and the quick links is really, really helpful. With the new release, I’d like to see more services added, and I plan to do that through the new feedback form. With the new Service Navigator, it will assist everyone in locating quick reference guides and information that is relevant to their position. One example of how I am now going to use the Service Navigator in my immediate context is accessing our Aboriginal student liaison officer. I knew he existed because we’ve worked together in one particular case. But when I went into the Service Navigator, I saw his name there and realised I have access to a lot of other services that he can provide for me. So, I went in and accessed all the links available within his service as well, and I’m going to be having a discussion with him now in how we can utilise his services better in our school.

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