The New E-Class All-Terrain 2020: World Premiere Trailer

56 thoughts on “The New E-Class All-Terrain 2020: World Premiere Trailer”

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  2. Keep it up! Looking forward for more videos from you, don't stop! Would you like to be YouTube friends? :]

  3. Really great job by Mercedes👍. THE BEST KEEPS LEADING. I too own a Mercedes, GLS. Is 2020 E63s coming??

  4. Mercedes ist eine sehr technologisch fortschrittliche Maschine, und kein Auto besitzt eine solche Technologie

  5. mercedes please do me a favor put the twin-turbo 4.0-litre V8 into it that thing with a stick and 4×4 square it

  6. Sorry but the iconic dual day time running lights are more better than this. Reminds of a bigger a class. Not a very classy look

  7. Good job Mercedes. For me this is the best family car because it can go everywhere and has much space. If a c-class all-terrain come up soon it would be amazing

  8. Lot of questions regarding this steering wheel. Why is it different from the new quad spoked version? Also, did they remove the finger sensors? Those are an absolute delight to use!

  9. I see new drive program Offroad +, inereseting what will be differnce between normal Offroad program…

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