17 thoughts on “The New Brain Science of Learning: Dr. Martha S. Burns at TEDxEnola”

  1. One of the best Ted talks I ever listened. Commendable. Why all the TED talks are not like this. I mean this is so good.

  2. 2012 and outdated. 1996 publications are not present here and the ones before 2012. Left hemisphere knows but does not learn. For that you need the right hemisphere – for this check out no one else by VS Ramahandran , Jordan Peterson ..

  3. No one, no matter how smart, is a good student if they are not interested in the subject matter or have a goal. Parents are the best teachers a child can have. The most important skills I learned were from adults who simply explained what they were doing and why! How to sew, cook, grow food, clean myself and my surroundings… etc. etc. etc. School was rather useless until I was an adult, and then I excelled. After the "educators" get thru with young children, they believe that their parents are not able to impart anything useful and that only those with degrees in a given area know anything. The truth? Specialists are unable to connect dots across the curriculum which makes them rather useless in the real, complex world.

  4. As a person on the autism spectrum, I had to stop listening to this after her "theory of mind" nonsense. People on the autism spectrum may or may not misunderstand others (they may simply not care about what are honestly stupid social conventions anyway) but neuro-typical people don't understand people on the autism spectrum, either. So this theory of mind stuff goes both ways. Real tired of being demonized and labeled the problem by "professionals." It's demeaning, inaccurate and arrogant. But what do I know? I just live this ASD stuff every day. No special letters after my name or anything (because the professionals that do haven't managed to come up with good enough support for adults on the spectrum to get credentialed enough to be allowed to contribute to fields that are about us but not being developed with us.

  5. “I didn't have time to write a short letter*, so I wrote a long one instead.”
    ― Mark Twain

    * In this case, presentation information.

  6. I don't know why I am always floored to come across someone who seems to know so much but then does not know the school system as we know it was not created to educate. YOUTUBE John Taylor Gatto

  7. Another consideration that I see in my practice is mild brain injury that occur from hitting children. As the child is hit it can cause a mild coup contra coup brain injury.

  8. Why isn't this reflected in American culture? It seems to me, that we take so many of educational ideas from the American research experience model to use in our own educational systems and yet those (these) ideas do not or don't often translate into a nationwide outcome that the Americans can really be proud of. Why is there that obvious disparity between intention and actual outcomes and then the psychology of adults in American society? Who actually takes advantage of the ideas being espoused in the talk given?

  9. This video helped me understand as a teacher and a mother of five how is it important to stimulate, motivate, get involved positively with our students and our own children. Neuroscience explains many of the brain functions that enhances learning through out a dynamic teacher.

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