The Nations Biggest Collection Of Racist Objects Are All In A Michigan College Basement (HBO)

I started collecting racist objects when I was a teenager and the stuff was everywhere. At a certain point I ended up with thousands of pieces. I didn’t know what I would do with it, I just thought a lot about what it meant to be a person of color living during Jim Crow. I had no intention of creating a museum, but the collection kept growing, so in the 1990s I gave my collection to the University. I took 15 years, but in 2012 we opened this museum, I have lots of respect for museums that celebrate african-american history, that celebrate african-american accomplishment, but that’s not what this facility was. I wanted to create an actual racism facility to have people focused on this specific topic, in terms of our history. So if you just have a society with millions of postcards like this Does that reinforce certain ideas about black people and white people? Some of the best discussions we have in the museum are about the word nigger Which sounds kind of weird by the way because I’m a sociologist and we don’t believe words have any inherent meaning They’re just sound science that we give but we do believe that people- once the meanings are given that they are shared I mean no piece is inherently racist It’s a racist society which will create racist objects and will racialise other objects. That’s why the watermelon is- has a race, so there’s nothing inherent about a watermelon that makes it racist But you know darn well that it’s been racialized someone looking at ancho mama objects or other “mammy” images They don’t think of that as offensive. They think of good time spent with the families It’s very nostalgic. Someone else looking at those same pieces. They see the vestiges of slavery and segregation So often we’re not deciding that something is Racist, but what we are doing are collecting pieces that help us talk about racism We have lots of friends at the museum, and we receive hundreds of pieces a year. The first director of museum, He said to me one day: “Hey, there’s a couple of guys I want you to meet.” Here we go, here’s some Jim Crow related materials. These are the dolls and Some of them are older, some are newer These are like 1950s. Male and female. Yeah. Well those are really interesting Our group of friends were all collecting this because we realized what it said about our society and what it said about Where we were in the past and where maybe we still were. When we met David Pilgrim, in the whole Jim Crow Museum and all of that, it was like- Finally there’s a place where we can put- The sense of relief that we could let go of these objects so other people could learn from it. We have some understanding of bigotry, we have some understanding of Being the outsider Or not being accepted or being told that we are not welcomed We can’t be accepted you you have no place here. I Think because we’ve experienced that in our own lives because we’re gay There’s a little transference there to trying to help understand the even bigger question of bigotry and then likewise racism Wow, this is really racist. This is an ashtray where the black washer woman She has her one breast stuck in the wringer, and so she’s hollering my god. That’s also sexist I think that Jim Crow would love that. This is the Jim Crow. This is on multiple levels. This is a wonderful piece Once we finally discovered the Jim Crow Museum it give us more impetus to go out and find, collect, save. They now have at least 500 things from us. By collecting those things we get a broader picture of how racism continued all the way up into the 60s and 70s and still continues I’ve seen things about President Obama that were horrible I think people who go to the Jim Crow museum are often surprised when they see something from 2015 as racist as many of the things from a hundred years ago, and we’ve had friends who are a complete mess after they left because suddenly they’ve been confronted with the truth For many years when I traveled I would say that the United States despite its history of enslavement and Jim Crow that we are today more democratic and more egalitarian than we’ve ever been and I stopped saying that about two years ago I’m not suggesting that we are back in the Jim Crow period, don’t get it twisted It’s not like that But what I am saying is I hear and see a level of racist rhetoric that is reminiscent of when I was growing up in Alabama under Governor George Wallace People say they don’t want to talk about race, but they’re doing it all the time But they’re not talking about it in places where their ideas can be challenged

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  1. “History repeats itself. I see things like almost every day, all day, on social media,” one visitor said.

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  2. All this effort going into hate and racism in the world….. no one puts their minds in creating new things or technology that will make humanity better… once aliens come to invade they will smash us like ants

  3. Being an Irishman, and a descendent of those who suffered for 800 years of brutish oppression. I am delighted that we don't have a victim-hood mentality constantly reinforced by professional self serving virtue signallers. I am not saying that you should forget the past,, but maybe stop making a profit out of it.

  4. I love that rasisrm was only a little bit ago I see some white ppl say why black ppl can’t get over it it was long ago no hoe it wasn’t y’all white Niggas had ppl locked up 90 years later you can’t fight you can’t do shit wtf are world problems

  5. Racist are just people who don't honor their mothers and father's and jealous of their melanated brothers and sisters. It's simply pure jealousy, envy and extreme bulling. Because like it or not, we are cousins, breathen, related.

  6. Why can’t people just know and accept that there is ONE COLOR brown and brown “white” is just a lighter color of “black” and also WE BOTH SUCK IN OUR OWN WAYS WE BOTH ARE NEVER PERFECT IN OUR OWN WAYS! And if people could under stand the earth would be slightly better also people “PLEASE LEARN HOW TO PICK UP FOR THE EARTH AND OCEAN THE EARTH IS NOT SOMETHING YOU CAN RECYCLE!”

  7. I think gay people inherently know that being gay is wrong which is why they project onto society. It makes them feel like they are a victim and not inherently flawed.

  8. The Charlotteville, Virginia incident was fake staged political theater. They all arrived on the same buses and everyone knows it. Vice is propaganda.

  9. I DNT care if you are gay straight black white Hispanic
    You are worth it
    You have a lot of value
    You have meaning

  10. Being racist should actually be classed as a mental illness. How can you hate another human because they look different to you? A different COLOUR to you? Madness

  11. Some of that stuff is really funny. You can go to that museum and laugh your head off. If the stereotypes weren't true they wouldn't be funny but people remember their encounters with negros and it is all true.

  12. We should never forget slavey and discrimination that this country caused, but can we also talk about how there is slavey in 2019 in Africa? Can we discuss that, maybe exposing that will helped the current enslaved people. Let’s do some good, besides just reminiscing all the time.

  13. My advice to African Americans racist are like bullies the more you show your dislike the more they continue. Never waste your time begging to be respected. Defend your dignity by any means necessary.

  14. I used to collect objects like these…after 25 years i was tired of it and sold them i learn all i could..i over it . it settle to me. i am more concern now with the future,

  15. Racism was first birthed by the white southerner just after he lost the civil war. Think! He lost his free labor pool, his wealth and political clout all in one breath! Had it not been for share cropping he'd have starved to death. So his hate boil….

    The north was entirely different and not hate filled….

    Before the civil war people don't study in detail seldom if ever mention the black slave owners.
    What about the black slave owners? William Ellison, black, who began as a slave himself. Learned to sharpen the blades of the cotton gin without removing them and made him rich. He owned 64 slaves and was the 9th richest man in south Carolina.

    John Corruthers Stanley, black, owned 164 slaves and bred them.

    Abraham Cotillier, black, fought in the revolutionary war out of Yorktown, along side his son of the same name and cousin Christopher Francis. Owned 16 slaves.

    Chris Francis was taxed on 11 slaves one white.

    Henrico, Mecklenburg and Charles Parrish census and tax records showcan abundance of free blacks that owned slaves.

    Actor Don Cheadle recently found out his entire family was owned by American Indians.

    If you're going to tell a story tell the whole thing!

    Pinchback a black governor of Louisiana in 1870.

    The Yucca plantation was the largest in the same state and owned by a black woman.

  16. 1865: slavery abolishment
    1965 – 1968: 3446 lynching of African Americans
    2014: 12 year old african American shot to death by police

    2016: TRUMP

    we're making progress…

  17. That museum reminds me of my childhood in rural Kentucky. Not so much in physical objects, but in the spoken culture. I heard the spoken joke equivalent of so many of those items. And lots of everyday items had racist names to them, like a type of bourbon ball chocolate that was just casually called a "n*** toe". So I'm not surprised by anything I saw in that museum, and I'm so glad I got out of that tiny town.

  18. ik im late but hint hint😉All the people that made these racist items called themselves christians✝️💁🏾‍♂️💯

  19. I do not want to start nothing, or bring up bad times, but this type of Racism is what lead to The L.A. Riots in 1992! America has still not learned nothing from all of this, until another un-controlled revolution kicks off!

  20. With Love n Respect. If there was only 1 land mass at 1 point in Our history, that would make Us All from 1. Once We as a Family acknowledge that originally We r All from black skin People then as a Family stop talking about Our percieved differences and begin to celebrate Our similarities.
    Love n Blessings Family!!!

  21. Look this is beautiful it also shows how ignorant immature that America was Once Upon a Time these objects need to be historically keepsakes we were beautiful then and now so let the world see it sticks and stones may break bones but names can't hurt me

  22. What he is doing is perpetuating hatred? Look at Kendrick Lamar to pimp a butterfly hate-filled racism against white people. Stop the curse

  23. Gay white men are and have been among the most affluent and privelage class in this country. So please stand back from speaking being gay is a lifestyle not a race.

  24. Would you gays please stop trying to make discrimination always connected to you. You are promoting your agenda off the struggles and hardships you were never affected by.

  25. Ok I remember the Jim crow era. The Klan is just the poster boy. This attitude was Main stream in the White Community even in the North

  26. I remember in the northern States you could not buy a house in many of the White areas. And the Police would many times ask you why you were even in that area and if you did not have a good answer they would tell you to leave.

  27. J. Edgar Hover Director Of the FBI was a Racist and a cross dressing Homosexual and he was in extreme opposition to the civil rights movement and King

  28. Why don’t people understand black whites hispanic and other colors we shouldn’t be all separated by color! of course we are not all alike but you don’t just separate people by their skin color if you wanna make a change on the Earth you are gonna have to make a lot of changes. Even our own president is racist that’s just tough man Earth is not a good and happy place anymore and it still would never be!

  29. They tried to equate being gay to being black… Black people cannot hide being black but they can hide their sexuality..That was a horrible analogy

  30. God loves everyone equally it doesn't matter if you black white or anything God created us and this racist thing is sad to still see it everyday god has to put hes hand and end this for good.

  31. Listen, we the people are seeing kids on phones right…..including me…and eleven year old. But we also see, adults being immature about being racist, gambling, not teaching certain history like irish, black, native…instead we doing main historic the manifest destiny..and abe Lincolns death. We should learn about every single thing..I'm terribly sorry about our generation. Gen z ….millennials can we work together to make our generation right. You all are our only hope. Also some educational kids, teens and mid adults we need help. …and we the kids can help you…treat people better….and..treat natural nature better as well.

  32. Next thing you know there's gonna be that one ignorant nigga that burns down the place thinking that he's doing good when he's actually getting rid of evidence.

  33. I have a large collection of ropes that were used to hang bad negros. The senate wants to barrow one for obama.

  34. Thankfully racist democrats got taken out of the south or else people like me wouldn’t have equal rights. I thank God for the Republicans that changed things for the better in the south

  35. It makes me sad watching this and knowing people still think the same way about us African Americans😞
    I mean like we were slaves for them we had to go through segregation and be made feel like we were not even human and even after all the things our people suffered they still feel the need to hate on us…..


  37. Reich wingers want people to get over slavery and Jim Crow, but they can’t get over the confederates losing the civil war and they seem love to fly the flag of an enemy of the US.

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