7 thoughts on “The Myth of Digital Literacy”

  1. crap !
    no wonder that western racist welfare beggars sponging off a rest of the world are losing and going down .

  2. Ilitterate is to not be able to read and write properly according to the rules of real languange. What people find it for good to write else like yu for you and so on is some kind of being ilitterate. It is not accurat language.

  3. They are, most importantly, bridging factors in literacy between the first moments of reading and the analysis of more 'grown up' texts that the skools would love to push on them, leading eventually to a real appreciation of literature. Digital media, however, does not appear to present this opportunity for kids to learn by strutting about their own progress, since in digital media it is about being ahead of the popularity game and being on top of the most recent digital fads.

  4. re: Graphic novels brought up as contributing factor to recent INCREASE in literacy levels among 18-24 year olds (02-08). What no one talks about is the kid-centric view that leads to literary development. Kiddies don't want to jump to being adults and reading Dostoevsky, because both of these are super lame to kids. What they are almost immeasurably proud of, however, is surpassing their previous level (often expressed by pointing the finger and sneering at those still at the lower level).

  5. Watch some videos of Chomsky talking about media literacy. He has great insight about mainstream media and concision.

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