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need motivation what's the top 10 with believe nation hey it's Evan Carmichael and this channel was designed to help you overcome the number one challenge that is holding you back a lack of belief in yourself so get ready for some high-performance wisdom from Dane pina to give you the motivation confidence and belief that you need ok let's kick it off with rule number one focus focus focus I focus on everything I mean I focus on one thing at a time most of you are engaged in 2 or 3 or 4 different endeavors and you're not doing any of them very well focus on one and I never get into business I'm not looking to exit by the way I said it yesterday for those of you and I've read to be me or him a couple of you you have a business the two years ago and now you're doing 250,000 or 260,000 euros in revenue that's geometric growth you started from 0 24 months ago you're now doing 250,000 euros that's geometric growth but now what did I said yesterday you started playing not to lose instead of playing to win focus I mean and it's it's it's a single key thing when you're an athlete and I was an athlete by any stretch of the imagination but the world-class athlete I've had the privilege of working with all the same thing focus if they're basketball players and I had a pleasure of working with the Lakers back in their heyday they wake up they go to sleep with the basketball literally football is they going to sleep I mean from the time they get up to the time they go to bed that's all they think about its focus rule number 2 expose yourself to high performance people I had a nursery mother but I had a dad that kicked the out of me beat me like a rented mule and if my father were still alive and I have uncles and they'd say Manny you're too hard on Danny and he would say just as he looked into the camera and said my son success well not because I maybe but in spite of me he looked them in the eye since how's your program working out with your crackhead poor daughter because when they compared me no matter how much I did wrong my success I don't know anything other than dropping the ball in center field which I have nightmares about to this day I've only had success and when you've only had success all your life I make money by accident I don't know failure I just don't and it's infectious and you start not hanging our children exposing and not exposing yourself in a sexual way exposing you shy gotta be careful about all these words up and you start exposing yourself to high performance people I mean and you will forget how to be a loser you'll forget how to be a loser rule number three don't care what others say some people will never like me and I will never give up you worry about what they say as I told Brian Rose many years four years ago you have no idea how limitless your life becomes visa vie goals when you don't give a what people think say or whisper about you you have no idea the world will not value me until I value myself and the reason why people don't value kids is because you don't value yourself companies does not they will like me competences I'll be fine if they don't like me now it's safe to say that I've never been worried about what people think of me that's a truth that's the truth rule number four the old Bing Jeff is worth about 150 billion dollars the founder of Amazon this is what he looked like almost 20 years ago twenty years ago they lasted him 20 years ago he wasn't with $20,000 let alone 150 billion now he's got to come a company roughly speaking around a trillion dollars little less maybe 150 billion less because of the sell-off in the market etc but they laughed it and he had an idea he had a dream like him I had a dream about 35 years ago I am the first person on a planet it took an option for something he did not own on a major Stock Exchange I might say okay I don't own that book right I paid him $1 on the national TV five dollars for that book I hear from now I took an option I took that but not don't eat it and I sold it on the New York Stock Exchange for 150 million bucks that's what I did and that was the beginning of my quantum leap if you want to have more confidence check out my 254 series they are free the links to join are in the description below you want people with a like mind and that are better than you smarter than you more intelligent than you to get on your bus but knowing guys know initially upfront you have to try you have to swing at the plate a kid like you if you had to keep track of seven days a week 24 hours a day what you do rule number five work hard when I first went to work for Wall Street firm in 1972 the they didn't really have any formal sales program training programs and so what they did is they they give you the yellow pages call everybody in the yellow pages and when you got through the yellow pages call everybody in the white pages and then when you got down for the white pages you called you co called every building that had more than ten stories on Wall Street well every building on Wall Street has ten stories and so you got to kiss a lot of frogs paying you before you're going to find a customer and you got to turn over a lot of rocks there was 25 years straight from 1991 to 1996 I didn't take a day off 25 years straight 1991 471 to 1996 71 tonight I didn't take a day off rule number six believe two months ago when we were working I signed a deal for a TV show a few weeks ago and they were doing research and we discovered that where I lived in 1972 on 27th and Lexington when I first went to Wall Street now been torn down we used to call the building the bedbug probably some of you live in the bedbug now and then 12 years later I was living in the castle 12 years yes was a castle on my my affirmations yes was a castle on my gold yes was a castle in my prayers yes but I thought the castle was gonna have a moat and have all kind of neat stuff doesn't have a moment it's pretty neat place for those of you look at Google because I could continue to believe I continue to believe so I've gone from the body oh that's where my house used to be behind that chain-link fence and you can see between me and that brick wall isn't very much space we had an 800 square foot house I think that's 75 square meter house even some of you probably live in bigger houses than that and of course there I am with my lovely wife on my 75th birthday I needed a new rolls-royce like I needed aids so what did my wife gave me for my 75th birthday a role just like the Queen has so when we drive I go just like she does rule number seven surround yourself with rich people so you've got rich people right most of you aren't hanging not chillin for those people are you nope why you've got all kinds of reasons why don't you I didn't go to school but that's what I got to say about all those reasons I didn't either but somehow I weaseled my way into people richer than that in a good way because it was important to me to change my life from being a barrio bad boy who almost killed his teacher when he was 12 years old if success was important you would have done something about it by now but it's not too late it's never too late rule number eight don't let failure stop you success is like being pregnant everyone says congratulations but nobody knows how many times you go you have three million pores in your body three million and every one of them at least twice in a bad way I have a young mentee in the room who just recently got his first and I'm not making light of rape and like it but basically recently almost got his first financial raping here recently and I have a lot of scar tissue because you know if I allow people who disappoint me I'd never get out of bed in the morning rule number nine keep yourself in shape energy is in here I happen to be an excellent physical condition not if I'm 72 if I'm 32 I'm in an excellent state but I work at it and I have worked at it since 1974 what is now called biohacking I started being aware of my physical condition I test my blood every six to eight weeks I've got you know I told you yesterday I wasn't joking about my testosterone level the but I work at it and but when I turned 60 I only drink when I'm traveling now or at the seminars I don't drink and I'm a vegan than when I'm at home okay not because I believe in that beacon horse but it I lose weight like crazy when you're a vegan and real number 10 the last one before a very special bonus clip is be obsessed when I was in Poland as I said last yesterday afternoon I talked about some very successful kids and I said yeah yawn stand up he's 22 years old he's currently a student at a crack out of university he made a million euros last year which is no big deal to me but to most you a million euros is a big deal now one single student went up to ask him what his name was yawn what because if they did and he told them the tip the see secret the secret sauce they may feel some responsibility to try to do it themselves and then when they failed then the you know most of the podcasts most of the seminars most of the various things that you study you're not learning otherwise why you're still here with the greatest respect of Michael there's no reason when you leave here today after the Q&A is over and I've already told you everything's free on my website I don't and when you see me in the airport don't come up and talk to me don't touch me I don't give a sh if you live or die my obsession is to drive as many of you lazy bastards across the goal-line it's humanly possible before I die that's it if I have to hurt you spit on you call your mother a whore I don't care now I've got a special bonus rope from Dame Pena on how to want it badly enough that I think you're gonna enjoy but before that it's time for the three point landing questions time to go from just watching the video to taking action here we go question number one how will you expose yourself to more high performance people number two whose opinions do you need to stop caring about and number three what failure are you not going to let stop you if you have no money you can make a lot of money but for those of you they have a few bucks it's easier it just is because the motivated seller doesn't have to be quite as motivated it's just easier but III assume that everybody comes to me with nothing a blank as tabula rasa's decart said a blank tablet but if you haven't liked the 17 year old kid came to me with nothing who's flying around in his goddamn jet now I mean he came to me with nothing but the kid and the reason why kids get it easier than adults they have less baggage they have less baggage when I told that Josh did 99% of what I told me to do exactly like I told him to do it exactly and but I have other people that have you know follow the precepts that are old I mean not old I mean I'm probably am i holding up – I'm trying enough to be your father no no no okay okay okay okay okay now we're just gonna we're close yeah okay but yeah I mean we've got guys the oldest is 77 and the youngest is 1377 but I mean you gotta want it you gotta win it and and not many people are wanting to you know make the sacrifices if you want more dane pain yeah check at the top fifty rules video i made on him the link is right there next to me i think you'll enjoy it continue to believe and i'll see you there adolf hitler might be the highest performance guy that ever was born on the planet when you decide that you really want to invoke permanent change

20 thoughts on “The Most Important SUCCESS LESSONS You Need to MASTER | Dan Peña”

  1. This one hit me Evan, I appreciate you man. I will stop let fear stop me, stop worrying about my parents approval and will stay committed to my goals

  2. If you are free, you need to free somebody else. If you have some power, then your job is to empower somebody else. Toni Morrison

  3. The world won't value you until you value yourself
    Confidence is being ok even if they don't like you
    You don't need their approval, the only approval that matters is yours
    Thank you ♡

  4. Whose opinion am I not going to care about? Low-performance people. How am I going to surround myself with high-performance people? Already working on it. Sometimes it's a friend's friend, you gotta weasle your way in!

  5. Dan definitely has a particular way of putting his message across… I like his message, not so much his rude remarks.

  6. Why the censored f word? We need to hear it. It is like and exclamation mark that makes what he says sink in to our brain. No need to cut it off as most viewers are mature enough for it. If anyone viewing it can't take it then this video is also a waste of time for him as he is too soft to follow his advice.

  7. Can u do shawn Mendes next he have amazing quotes my favorite
    "When u are passionate about something the goal is not to impress people ,if there's anybody who u should be worrying about impressing it's yourslef "

  8. I will expose myself to high performance people thru social media
    I need to stop caring about what the people who tried to bully me
    I'm not going to let the opinion other people stop me. And I'm I'll focus more while I'm studying without any distractions and since once I don't get something i can't really focus on anything thing else so that's not a problem but I'll have to start putting more time and focus in it otherwise I won't make it

  9. Everyone is unique, right?
    Bruce Lee's advice is
    to learn the Good but filter the bad from everyone.
    So why not use the four letters word Only in situations of life or death?
    Btw only Applied knowledge is power, agree?

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