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I want you to close your eyes and imagine the image of a data scientist are you picturing it but woody much comes through your mind okay you may open your eyes when people think about a data scientist detained to imagine a picture of a man in a you know lab coat who maybe hasn't come for a while during an artificial intelligence applying algorithms and analyzing data to struck insights for industrial or commercial use but in reality the profile of a data scientist requires the skills of the polymath of a person whose expertise spans across a significant number of different areas of a person who embodies the enterpreneur spirit and curiosity of know Na da da Vinci in 2006 Singh LT Smith the former CEO of Google said that five exabytes of data were created since the dawn of humanity until 2003 and that today we are generating the same amount of data every two days that's a huge amount of data but the good news is that the technology today enabled us to handle process and analyze all the best amount of information with the help of artificial intelligence of machine learning big data is being used for a number of things for better profiling users for doing personalized recommendations for health care and diagnosis for predicting political revolution preventing crime on even creating fine arts it's clear the big data enhances human potential at Alta data analytics we help large organizations drive actionable insights from all kinds of data to make a difference and then when there's a social debate like in the months after the brexit we can analyze the data and understand and map where the social debate happens and what communities were created we can see how the remainders were opposed to the live community how the media community was seated in the middle kind of neutral how there was a technical community which who were the people talking about the economic and social and political implications of the back seat that were closer to the remainer community we can see us all the communities emerging like the Scottish the supported Scottish which are closer to the testes of the remainders or how the US Republicans appear more in the side of the brexit we can also analyze and understand who were the most influential people in the debate and how the median is our birth position and even predict what agendas will prevail and as for a movie we can analyze far more than what the analysts do that what that critics say would say in Leonardo DiCaprio's the documentary before the flood documentary to raise awareness about climate change we did this we capture all the photo runs so that we could analyze them understanding how many of them DiCaprio Pearson how many of them policymakers appear to understand and determine which were the aspects of climate change then trigger more debate or we can understand as well which of the visual sequences were share and amplified in social media an infection we can even predict trends in fashion by analyzing the photographs that people share in Instagram with hashtags such as outfit of the day we collect all the hundreds of thousands of photos then we can analyze the underlying influence of people sharing those photos because we can see who interacts with who and then see what patterns emerge in the photos that the most influential people share it's a paradigm shift where we used to make decisions made based on intuition and guesswork now we can manage based on evidence we can move to data-driven decisions management guru Peter Drucker said that you can not manage what you cannot measure that's now there's no excuse you can measure and you can manage without the help of artificial intelligence machine learning and all the Big Data technologies we will not be able to handle all this data revolution but still the most important element in driving inside out of data is what makes a data scientist irreplaceable is a human factor the key to turn data into insight lies in what we can do that machines can't curiosity we all have access to Google with billions of data points in Google but it's your curiosity what little Minds would you learn would you search and therefore also would you filter and how do you discover what's relevant to you empathy and that is the key to connect with others and to understand what other people need Henry Ford said if I would get if I could have asked people what he wanted they would have said faster horses imagination is the key to his allies what nothing assists yet creativity creativity is the key to invent and articulate solutions to solve problems communications is the key to persuade to influence and to spread ideas that create change and leadership is the key to step up and move all these people to action and at the center of them all is curiosity because it is curiosity for emotions that drives empathy it is curiosity for ideas the tribe's imagination with his curiosity for solutions the drives creativity it is curiosity for influencing that draws communications and it is curiosity for results that in the end drives leadership the most important skill of a data scientist is asking the right question to data the curiosity of a data scientist to us that drive those right questions to iterate to understand human issues to imagine the possibilities to create an articulate solutions to convey the message and insights with the right visuals to make them actionable those are the key elements that turn data into something meaningful it's a set of skills that no artificial intelligence can match yet it's it is at the intersection of Technology and liberal arts where magic happens if the Renaissance of the 14th and 17th century was the cultural force that drove humanity out of the Middle Ages and into the modern era the Big Data Renaissance is already unveiled as possibilities to push human the human race forward with the power of data it is up to us to imagine what data and machines will do for us remember that a fool with a tool is still a fool big data is not only about technology big data and it's big brains big data needs the curious brain of an artist to make a difference thank you [Applause]

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  1. Utterly fantastic. I've always held an entrepreneurial spirit, and I have the mindset of a polymath. Ironically my prime idol in life is Leonardo Da Vinci (before I was born my mom almost named me Leonardo), ever since I was a kid.

  2. The conclusion inspired me – "Big data needs big brains; big data needs the curious brains of an artist to make a difference." – Jose Miguel Cansado

  3. Great speech. Curiosity and empathy ARE the characteristics of a great data scientist. 😊

  4. Loved it….
    Curiosity for emotions drives empathy,
    Curiosity for ideas drives imagination
    Curiosity for solutions drives creativity
    Curiosity for the influence drives communication
    Curiosity for results drives the leadership!!

  5. Come on, it is the substance not the accent what matters. I fail to see empathy in what Tumps says despite his NY accent

  6. Looking at machine learning from a background in cognitive neuroscience it seems to me that we are using more intuition than ever before — neural net AIs are better thought of as artificial intuition rather than artificial intelligence. This is not playing them down, its an amazing advancement, intuition being something we once thought machines could not have, yet now we can have a machine develop a centuries worth of intuition on a specific problem type in a mater of days. We've moved from machines as only as external muscles to machines as external brain areas capable of learning intuitive pattern recognition we don't have brain areas specifically dedicated to. Still, despite all this and the completely different mathematics it often acts like little more than a glorified (and in many cases misled) correlation function, still needing interpretation from our internal brains.

  7. Francisco Cevallos you clearly suffer from a lack of curiosity. It is evident he is not an English native speaker, so you can try empathy which is another skill you need.

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