The Most Important Skill In Fortnite: Building vs. Aim vs. IQ! (Fortnite Tips & Tricks – Season 9)

40 thoughts on “The Most Important Skill In Fortnite: Building vs. Aim vs. IQ! (Fortnite Tips & Tricks – Season 9)”

  1. You know one thing I notice is when your healed up to reasonable levels u don't share your heals to hurt partners.. Why?

  2. I actually think it is the opposite. My tracking is very strong compared to other skills and I’ve noticed this season seems to compliment my aim. Just my experience

  3. I think that IQ is the hardest skill to learn because it doesn't matter how much you practice if you get into a situation you didn't prepare for.

  4. 4:35 actually double headshotting people with combat shotgun are insane. Imo needs alot better aim than pump shots

  5. My movements feel jerky when I’m playing and I have fat fingers. I think I need to turn my deadzone up some

  6. I feel the game has changed so much, it's not the same game any more. I only started in the end of December and was making pretty good progress closing my skill gap. All these spray and pray weapons changed up the entire way of playing the game that I was learning only a couple months ago. By epic catering to close the skill gap it gives nothing to aspire to anymore.

  7. I’ve been addicted to fortnite since season 5 but honestly can’t stand it w/o the pump. If epic doesn’t put the pump back in as effective as it was I’ll be done with fortnite. Not only does it suck not having a pump but I feel like a combat shotgun is hard to find.

  8. Gronky i feel like this is accurate for a player who is doing solo squads or facing multiple people at once but right now for solos it would have to be building>aim>iq people in solos have 0 iq and just hold down spray

  9. Dude that edit down for the win was sick. Keep the good content coming. 
    Only been playing for month and a half, but watching your videos and putting knowledge into practise has got me getting lots kills every game now. Thanks Dude, I appreciate you, and what you do. =)=)=)

  10. It really doesn’t matter. Love the video Gronky but this game is just farm farm farm, and everyone being a damn sweaty. 😒



  12. Building should be last on the list. Aim is way more important. Good aim, good game IQ and a basic understanding of building and your pretty much a top tier player. The same cannot be said if your aim or game IQ is basic.

  13. If you think you aren't smart enough to make good decisions try to explain to yourself why you're doing what you're doing as you play.. it really helps when it comes to playing smarter. And improving as well

  14. Does he have a controller mod, because In the first clip it looks like his pistol is shooting so fast and it looks like there’s no recoil

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