The most ESSENTIAL thing when you’re learning music theory (Ep. 1)

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  1. Just saw this for the 1st time and wow!! This makes so much sense!! You broke it down so well, thank you Paul Davids!! I can see this helping grow my guitar playing and knowledge 😃

  2. wow , paul davids , i am priveledged to be able to take lessons from you . very articulate , consice and structured teaching, wonderful teacher . i hope your work gets the recognition and value it deserves. #suscribed

  3. Funny…i play guitar for about 5 years now…never took a lesson…and now so much more makes sense haha, thank u! Will definetely watch the other videos too!

  4. Thanks for sharing, there is so many online guitar teachers…. I learnt from many online teachers, different teachers share different things, Marty Swartz, Stine, etc… Thanks man for the free lesson. Karma, you get what you give. May you prosper and be well, cheers 🙂

  5. Who decided to thumb this video down? Its rather confusing when you searched all over for proper well informed people to learn from. I mean, I'm certainty not hung up about it but its just….wot?

  6. Still waiting for someone to copyright basic musical theory so youtube can demonetise this like they do everything else.

  7. great video, i've been playing for forty years and this is the first time it's been easy to remember the notes. guess i should've done this in the first place, but i want to play, not do maths. 🙂

  8. Does anyone know of a youtube channel for learning spanish with a teacher like Paul? Most of the videos I'm seeing are like "Learn spanish in 5 minutes", instead, I'm trying to find "Here's 10 videos on the fundamentals of spanish"

  9. Sure the notes are ordered by the C Major scale, but since the letters are just names why not call it the A Major scale????

  10. Dear world – This gent is real good. Acts goofy and that is a plus. But again – He has this guitar teaching at the level Bruce Lee had teaching martial arts.

  11. Dude, I love you. I've been having such a hard time remembering what note is where on the fretboard, and this made it look so stupidly simple. Thanks for this video. You made my day.

  12. Decades of music. Years of lessons, orchestras, choirs, bands…I obviously know about "tone-tone-semitone-tone-tone-tone-semitone", I obviously know there are patterns of sharps and flats for key signatures, and I know the patterns of white and black keys on the piano neatly illustrate that…but I never held that all together as one whole idea. I never had "A maj has three sharps because…", I just had "A maj has three sharps" as something to remember. Somehow I now see it all very clearly. So…thanks for whatever you did to achieve that!

  13. Gewoon geweldig. Niet nieuw voor mij en toch kan ik er niet genoeg van krijgen.
    Je uitleg is gewoon super.
    Inspiratie om de basics niet te vergeten.
    Harteijk dank vanuit 020👍🏻

  14. Please please! Do more of these. They are so crystal clear. I just started with music and i inderstood everything you said! Thank you sooo much!

  15. As someone who learned keyboard as a kid and then never touched an instrument again, this is amazing. Bought a guitar and learning something new again! Thank you!

  16. It's crazy how good I've gotten on guitar, how many songs I've learned over the years and I'm just now getting into music theory. I feel like I've taken the condom off of my brain

  17. Been playing guitar for 3 years and never wanted to even look at theory, after gaining my place at ACM Guildford based on a practical audition, i'm now using these videos as a means to get myself where I need to be before I officially start in September.
    Thank you so much 😀

  18. I subscribe more people about guitar, but you are one on the top of them all, because it feels like you are some wise best friend from all of your videos, not some teacher 🙂 Thank you for deciding to make youtube videos 😉

  19. I have been looking for an explanation this clear and concise. Thank you for all of your music theory videos my friend.

  20. I've played guitar for 10 years and still don't know the notes. I've played piano for 6 months and can name all the notes and create all major and minor chords. Sus and inversions. I thought piano was harder -_-

  21. Omg, shapes are starting to make sense! and guitar tunning using 5th fret etc. I was never taught music theory, and i think all musical lessons should start here!

  22. Just ordered my Fender Strat at the local guitar store and decided it was time to step up my game, learn what the music is really all about instead of just playing songs by other people. I want to really understand and feel the music. Thank you Paul, for being an inspiration in my style!

  23. So, from what I've understood:

    Let's assume my guitar is in E standard tuning
    6th open is E (obvious lol)
    1st fret F
    2nd fret F#
    3rd fret G
    4th fret G#
    5th fret A
    6th fret A#
    7th fret B
    8th fret C
    9th fret C#
    10th fret D
    11th fret D#
    12th fret E

    Then going backwards down the frets, its reverse and you get your flat notes such as:


    6th string tuned to E open is E
    1st fret F
    2nd fret Gb
    3rd fret G
    4th fret Ab
    5th fret A
    6th fret Bb
    7th fret B
    8th fret C
    9th fret Db
    10th fret D
    11th fret Eb
    12th fret E

    So C can be a regular C, a C# but C cant be a Cb going back?
    Likewise with B, be doesnt have a B#, but going backwards, B has a flat in place of A#?

    So when going up the frets, we jump from B to C and going down the frets we jump from C to B? Translation, everything is in reverse?

    If I'm wrong, someone please correct me 🙂

  24. Touch and see for yourself the name of the music interval you're looking for.

    You can practice interval ear training or interval sight singing using "Music Interval Calculating App"

  25. I was thinking 'why is it only a half-step from EF and BC, then I saw the piano and it clicked. SO much easier to remember those are the only notes that are half step apart.

  26. My problem is I’ve played piano for over a decade and know music theory so when I watch videos about the theory behind the guitar it’s either obvious and just boring or way too confusing. How one can just play a guitar emotions to noise blows my mind. Piano is 1000000x easier

  27. I think the music theory approach is wrong for learning any instruments. It just gives you techniques to not to fail, instead of expression what's in mind and emotion after practicing long years of scales, patterns, modes, and so forth. I think ear training specially learning intervals can be a better approach instead. Knowing intervals, we can transcribe which fret/note to hit relative to previous one that our mind is singing/telling. And I noticed whenever we sing someone's song or just making up, we rarely hit the weird/wrong note (I don't know what phenomenon/sorcery is this). I am not sure and confident in what I said, but just experimenting with it and wanted to put my thoughts in here.

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