The Money Game Financial Education Program – Site Overview

hey and welcome to the money game now when you first come to the money game site and it is a membership site of sorts in other words when you purchased the money game or you got it as part of the camp millionaire program you were given a login and a password that login is generally your email and the password was just generated by the system you can go in into your profile within the money game system and change that password if you want and if you ever forget it all you need to do is simply click can’t find password or whatever it says right here yeah forgot password so I’m actually gonna log in this is where you come when you first get here I’m gonna log in as my test account and you can see I have several there and I click login and where it takes you initially is a page that’s called your links you’ll see right here where it says your links and it has my name in it so it should call you by name welcomes you to the money game if you are an affiliate and what if an affiliate is is someone that promotes the money game on their own website then there’s information here for you to go to your affiliate details and affiliate tools and we’ll do more videos on just that so when you scroll down on this your links page you’ll see what you have access to well I have access to all of it because I’ve given myself access to all of it obviously so I can teach you how to use the program the money game ready to play that’s the type of program you know you’ve either purchased the downloadable version or they’re ready to play train-the-trainer online all of the extra activities and the money game one day teacher training which does come with all versions of the money game by the way so we’ll go back up to the top because the first thing that you probably want to do is learn how to use it all right so I suggest that you start here with the training videos now before we go to those though I want you just to have an overview of what is on the system this contact is basically how you how will you contact us with questions we’re always around for questions logins is when do you want to go and login although you can always log in down here where I logged in on the front page this is your profile page this is where you could go to actually to change your password if you need to again affiliates would go here your links page you just saw that we’re actually on that page the blog takes you inside the money game blog which is available down here also you can see categories down here you can see recent posts you can see the great links and there’s the archive so you can go down there and see those now the community is our Facebook community if I click into this and click our Facebook community its forward slash groups forward slash creative wealth you can see it right up here if you have not actually joined that yet so just hop on over to that link and a request to join up here now somebody has requested to join so I’m going to add this person right here so I’m going to close that window and go back to the money game so the same thing with support support gives you a place where you can ask questions frequently asked questions is just that it’s enough just pages and pages of every time one of you sends me a question I turn it into a frequently asked question if it makes sense going down to this lower navigation about us again you can access the frequently asked questions there’s a list of money game instructors here money game testimonials which we get all the time a little history of the money game how it how it happened in my mind and how everybody helped me I’m back I had to turn off my phone which I forgot to turn off so we’re worried about us yes history of the money game the goals objectives and standards if you want to know in more detail what the money game actually covers the game materials it’s everything you need whether you purchase the downloadable version or the ready to play version you both versions have access to the game materials in PDF form so when you run out of paychecks or you run out the the envelopes which are the game registers you can still print your own training videos there are three different versions of the training videos or three different options here you’ve got the instructional videos which are basically me teaching a bunch of kids this is Elizabeth – naughty by the way you’ve got the money game teacher training which was a one day teacher training that we videotaped it has seven rounds of the money game and all of the teaching techniques that we use so you’ll definitely want to watch those and the creative wealth train-the-trainer is actually our camp millionaire training and a couple reasons that you might want to watch that whole thing if you’re interested in seeing what camp millionaire is about if you want to go into more details about the actual teaching techniques things like that but the money game teacher training comes with the money game so you will be able to access the top two bonus page if you if you actually went through the sales page you’ll notice on the bottom of those there’s tons of bonuses for you extra activities well those are just great because what they do is they help you expand the money game now don’t get me wrong it’s a complete standalone product all by itself a great foundation for kids teens and adults by that we have used it with a lot of adults and when you’re ready to expand it or you want to do a longer program there are some extra activities that you have access to for purchased early 1495 and you can also buy them all together as a big lump sum – and they help expand resources is just that it’s just a list of just a ton of what I call fabulous financial literacy resources so that being said that’s the layout down here of this you’re going to see we suggest that you follow us check out Twitter I don’t need a lot of Twitter but some want to see a lot of a lot more videos of what we’ve done with camp millionaire and the money game you can go here and you can also RSS or subscribe right here via email to get any time I do another blog article on just about everything has to do with a money game or even camp millionaire and teaching techniques and things like that you’ll get a little you’ll get a notification in your email to search the site simply put your cursor in the search our site button and type away and hit return this is where you log in and you log out again going down here we’ve got categories we’ve got the Facebook situation so you can actually go there and see what what we’re doing and definitely like the pages it really helps us promote and let everybody know that we’re around these are recent posts if you have not signed up and you’re not in our database yet you can get our free report the report I wrote me years and years ago called the three keys to raising money savvy kids as well as 52 weeks of wealth quotes that are sent to you once a week there are basically our fifty-two wealth principle in our little and relax a little wealthy let’s say life’s little wealth principles cards and we send you one a week so you can get those by just putting your first name and your email here here are some great links the different archived posts you can check those things out there’s some more stuff at the bottom that’s very similar to the top and that’s it for just showing you around let’s go to the next video where we’ll actually show you the different things on the game materials talk to you in a minute

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