The meaning behind the Glion Spirit

Glion Spirit for me is friendship teacher support and interesting lifestyle diversity, networking and community it’s a feeling to have a second family family, networking and future friendship, experience and discovery integrating, emotions and ambitions fun, lively and adventurous family, international and experts To me, the Glion Spirit is dedicated, passion and multicultural discover, learn and meet it’s spirit, values and opportunities for me, Glion Spirit is friends positivity and opportunities emotions, opportunities and diversity friends, self-development and fun a hug whenever you need it a community passion unity continuous support and it’s a family my first word would be passion people and excellence excitement, happiness knowledge and passion family, diversity and opportunities The best words for Glion Spirit: it’s friends for life team-motivated, management skills it’s basically integrating different personalities different spirits and different cultures in one place which is our home: Glion I think unique is a good word it’s being part of a second family and having a second home that is always there for you when you need them. For me, the Glion Spirit lasts forever.

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