100 thoughts on “The Mandela Effect: A Critical Analysis”

  1. The whole Berenstain/Berenstein Bears thing has always bothered me. I learned to read in part with these books so of course I had to pay attention to words. I had teachers call them the Berenstein Bears all the time, I remember once I even called it to a teacher's attention she said "Oh I never noticed that". Like you even stated that its an uncommon name and you made the mistake yourself in saying it. Anyway I have memories dating back to the early 80s and they have always been BERENSTAIN! There are other more compelling Mandela Effects than that one. I'm a skeptic so I don't believe in the Mandela Effect as anything other than misremembering but I like to watch videos about it.

  2. Hahahaha this was so entertaining to watch Ii wish i could remember this later but sadly i suffer under short time memory loss..

  3. I would love to give you a millions of thumbs up for this ingenious video! Already few months or years ago I red some texts and watched plenty of videos about the Mandela Effect. But really all of the always only scratched on the surface. This is so muss disappointing to me, as I'm a person who don't just want the short thrill of a hype of a new mystery. Instead I'm always very interessted in the deep origins and causes of mysteries, even if it comes to the conclusion that it was never something paranormal at all. So, your video about the Mandela Effect is so much more entertaining and worth to watch than any other video about the same issue.

  4. Yes, they can access books and change something to suit an agenda. If one is aware who is behind the agenda, one cannot be swayed by it. All an act of using the internet! Computer can change faces, voices or appearances to manipulate events, situations to suit an agenda. Nobody is spared from it. Just a computer glitch! I'm reading a Jules Verne book at the moment and I'm sure someone tampered with it to change something from the original. I am sure that in the original version the villain was someone else, so who is tampering with it? The villain in this book I'm reading is Arabs in slave trade in Africa, but I am sure that the original stated something else. Facts have proven that slave traders were not Arabs because they did not own those ships! Many documents were released that showed that the owners of ships doing slave trade were not Arabs!

  5. It’s just called the “people can’t remember shit at all.” Effect

    And the Ford thing, both versions look off

  6. 0:59 Almost all of those are just spelling mistakes, are these people so stupid they can't conceive they may have read a typo once?
    For example I always remembered reading "Gryffindor" as "Griffindor", but considering I read those books as a kid it's an extremely easy mistake to make

  7. I always find most of Mandela Effect examples weak. They feel like exaggerations of a little mismemorizing. There are some other Mandela Effects like:

    We Are the Champions doesn't end with "of the world" but people remember that it always ended with "of the world". It can be mismemorized since Freddie Mercury ended the song with these words at some of their concerts.

    Darth Vader said: "No, I am your father" but people remember him saying "Luke" instead of "No". When somebody explains something, they usually call others person's name instead of saying "No". Also "No" feels weird when you don't think about whole scene. And people usually just say the phrase and don't think about whole scene.

    People remember "Sex and the City" as "Sex in the City" because it is easier to say, sound more harmonic and is a more logical statement overall.

  8. I've never actually thought the ford logo didn't have a loop. I remember always thinking it looks like the letter å (the Swedish o, as we Finns call it)

  9. Crazy because I remember seeing Howard The Duck 2 and tried to watch it a month ago and it was never made or was it 🧐

  10. The Shazam one really gets me… I could have bet my left nut I saw the VHS case at my aunt and uncles house as a kid. And thinking (of the Shaq movie) one was just a ripoff of the other.

  11. Shazam was the only one that ever got me. Mainly because I always remember associating Sinbad with a Genie movie when I was a kid.

  12. One big one is how "We are the champions" by Queen doesn't actually end with "We are the champions of the world"

  13. What I enjoy about this "theory" is that simply laying out the supposed evidence makes the best case for it being ridiculous.

  14. It does say Mirror Mirror in all of the translations to different languages and C-3PO is full gold in some merchandise

  15. I think it is the effect of our brain not looking at information as a whole and let the missing parts be filled with plausibility´s. An energy saving mechanism to sieve through the copious amount of information we experience in our everyday reality. And when everyday cultures around the world have many similarities our missinterpretation becomes likewise.

  16. Totally biased look at this subject by someone obviously too young to know anything about Kennedy's assassination and many other things which to some people have different memories. Millions of people from all over the world remember different details of Kennedy's death to the official narrative being told today. I studied the film 'JFK' for media studies at college and must have watched it 50+ times. It's different now.

  17. That parallel universe thing is weird, though there are weirder ideas…

    In terms of weird experiences I could, if I were inclined, ascribe to interdimensional travel was this one incident I remember rather vividly.
    However, the circumstances surrounding it make it highly questionable that it is what it appeared to be. But… It can't be ruled out as a possibility.

    The fantastical interpretation is that I travelled to a parallel universe for about 20 seconds.
    The more mundane explanation was that I was having an exceptionally vivid dream.

    So, what happened is this:

    I had just woken up and was still lying in bed (this is part of what makes it so suspect)
    For a moment I was wearing a shirt in one colour.
    So then all of a sudden I'm wearing a shirt of a different colour.
    My mother walks in, starts berating me about something or other (being useless or the like – uncharacteristically harsh complaints), then she leaves the room again, and moments later I'm back in the original colour shirt.

    Later that day I mention this in passing, just as a strange incident, and she has no recollection of coming into the room while I was in bed, much less saying anything to me whatsoever while doing so…

    All in all a very strange incident, but it felt so real that it's hard to accept that it was a dream. Even so, the idea that I'd briefly ended up in a parallel reality is just as weird.
    And it seems exceptionally random to just swap dimensions for a few seconds, then swap right back…
    … Unless the nature of the universe is something very different to what most of us expect, that makes little sense.

    So… Overall just a strange incident. But it has left me wondering ever since…

  18. The most genius thing I had ever seen was Internet Comment Etiquette making a video on the Mandela Effect, then 2 years later to the day taking it down, remaking it with the exact script and jokes, almost frame-by-frame but with different hair and different clothes.

    Probably the most dedication I had ever seen to a joke.

  19. I can't believe he put the silver leg there but didn't address the "no, I am you're father" being remembered as "luke, I am your father"

  20. Experts in Psychology and Psychoanalysis: It’s the misinformation of the human mind.

    Propagandists and Pseudo-Scientist: It’s alternative universes.

  21. Funny side note about C-3PO's leg that might even tie into the misconception was that the action figures for the character didn't even account for the silver leg until the early 2000's. Kenner brand C-3PO's were painted all gold along with the first few batches of Hasbro models (after they acquired Kenner) until it would eventually be corrected.

  22. Just another phenomenon that pseudointellectuals hop on to avoid the reality that they remember things differently than others. Pop culture is to blame for misrepresenting what was actually said/written. Example: I am your father, you're gonna need a bigger boat, life is like a box of chocolates. People would rather subscribe to the belief that there was some all powerful shift in the universe, than accept the fact that they have a shit memory.

  23. Actually this is the unintended side effect of time travel when someone goes back into the past intentional or not for example going back in time to make sure Mandela lives some people still remember the timeline where he died or unintended changes like is it Bernstain Bears or Bernstein Bears somewhere someone changed the timeline

  24. I come from an alternative reality, where Hitler nearly died in prison, and there was international pressure for his release. His wife made many public pleas for his release on television. He had statues made of him, and was considered a hero by many, despite the many horrific crimes against humanity he committed. But some people believed he died in prison, and we refer to that effect as The Hitler Effect.

  25. In serbian version of snow white and the seven dwarfs they also say mirror twice (Ogledalce ogledalce moje…) u can translate it if u want. (The last part is not a fully correct bcw they had to change so it can rhyme)

  26. The thing about C-3PO is weird to me because I’m sure I remember seeing countless toys where there is no silver leg. That could obviously be toy manufacturers messing up as well but I feel like I’ve never seen a silver leg on a toy and they likely wouldn’t make the toys purely through memory.

  27. This like Steinz Gate ( an anime ). … A Change in time does not rewrite memory evevn if our universe is immutable nature or has already happened to support the cause into a continuous loop,… The memory is accumulating….neurones are based on electrical signals..e.i….electrons…are the doing quantum teleportation through space time and bringing chunks of memory with them to an alternate possible universe which are similar to the sending original universe…quantum teleportation at a massive scale is required so we don't know what will happen unless it happpens so the multiverse would have already decided the universe will pass through a history and then change it…it would still satisfy the entangled individual time lines in this hypothetical multiverse…..wtf ..I am going mad..

  28. I remember watching Shazaam as a kid on VHS, my cousins too watched it, my dad always kept saying Mandela died in prison.

  29. I can't believe all this began because some fools back in the 80's couldn't tell the difference between Nelson Mandela and Stephen Beeko.

  30. Before you know it Wednesday will be Wednsday or maybe Whensday or Wensday. Hold up what the heck just happened ?

  31. I think the reason people didn't realize that C-3PO always had the silver leg was because depending on the set (Tatooine mainly) and since the rest of him is gold, it would be understandable that people would have thought that he had all gold attire. Also addressed in the video was the quality of VHS tapes. Also also it looks odd because of the asymmetry, that would make the brain sort of auto correct it and change it to the same color as the rest of his body. Also also also it wasn't really in the center of the screen, meaning that you wouldn't notice it because it was in your periferals (spelling is wrong on that one) and you would have been distracted by the rest of the movie. It's 2:36 am and I'm really in the midnight, insomnia high right now. Just had a long, personal, in depth talk with my friend that's a girl about love and heart break and stuff and I'm riding of the highs of talking. I don't know if that's relevant or why I'm telling the internet about this with millions of people looking at this but I'm tired and I'm going to sleep, goodnight YouTube and internet.

  32. 3:32 tbh it kinda seems like she has braces I think it just our mind saying oh that person has metal teeth so this person has metal on there and she kinda smiles like people with braces do

  33. Okay, I've got one, and it has seriously creeped me out for some time now. When I was a kid in the mid-80s, Jaclyn Smith starred in a made-for-TV adaptation of The Bourne Identity, that ran over two successive nights on CBS. (She was Marie, not Jason, if it comes to that; I don't remember who played Jason). But to this day, both Doug Liman and Robert Ludlum vehemently insist that the 2002 Universal film of the same title was the first time the material had ever been adapted, for any purpose, and to any sized screen. Liman can be forgiven, but Ludlum would have had to be paid for the earlier version; there's simply no way that he could fail to remember it.

  34. Hundreds to thousands of people interacted with Nelson Mandela during the critical time period. Do they think he died in the 80's?? Of course not. Did they just not switch universes or something? This is silliness.

  35. James Bond is such a misogynistic series. You have this pretty young woman with a fucking ogre. Obviously directed by an ugly fool.

  36. It was definitely sex IN the city, I was completely blown away that it was "and" the city. I think reality might not be a stable as we imagine…. If it was just me, than fine, but after reading "and" on that dvd box my girlfriend had I soon discovered that MANY people recall that as "in the city". these things are so subtle and strange and so specific to often one word that it is hard for me to believe that it is simply a mass memory glitch. I think something happens with the probability of things occurring in the world and that it is slowly becoming more apparent now that people are interconnected on mass. But than again I'm insane so who knows…..

  37. how I understood is that we aren't shifting between parallel universes, but every decision we make splits the timeline creating infinite timelines that you could interpret as "parallel universes". Sometimes in rare ocassions we "remember" stuff from an alternate timeline for example parts of a conversation or any other random scenario ( a déjà vu). But when something major happens like the death/ not-death of a big personalty, the naming of a tv show, or appearance of a mascot, multiple people may "remember" the same thing from another timeline and by spreading the "wrong" information other people remember it to.
    But this whole "theory" is wrong until proven right, I mean something like this could happen if multiple timelines exist, but we just don't know if they do and until then all of this is bs/misinformation/naive personalities.

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