41 thoughts on “The Lesson of the Second World War”

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  2. The lesson of ww2, IMO: Fascism doesn't work, communism doesn't work, democracy never falls if people still have the spirit

  3. Lessons to learn from WW2 and how to do better

    Instead of putting gems in work camps which costs money and resources and diplomacy.
    Ask them peacefully to go away, if that does not help. Arrest gems and give them to british colonies.

    Don't fight the allies, instead pursuade them of the communist danger.
    If need be send spies to britain, france and america and create a war on information by creating better propoganda.

    Don't fight the soviet union alone, get joined forces of the allies and soviet union citizens. Avoid a frontal assault, and let the soviet union fight on two fronts against the allies and Japan.

    Ditch the K98 for standard infantry and mass produce the FG4 and Sturmgewehr.

    Instead of losing the war, win the war.

  4. Excellent commentary. I feel like the Anglo-American contributions to the war are slightly under appreciated, but still the lesson learned is still true. I just found your channel a few weeks ago and I've loved watching your videos, theyre well thought out and thorough. keep up the good work.

  5. I think the case for soviet heavy lifting is accurate, I also think it depends on where you look, like in Africa and Southeast Asia, where the soviets weren’t

  6. The Russians were allies by convenience…

    Not necessarily allies by shared world viewpoints and social constructs…

    (Alt History point here)
    Had Hitler not invaded Russia, or maybe had determined a different avenue of approach dealing with the Russians, we would have seen a much different outcome (Germany losing, but a totally different outcome).

    The only reason why the Allies and the Soviets did not come to blows post 1945 was only because of a multitude of diplomatic and social issues (The US Nuclear Program until 1949 was a chief reason). The US and the West was done with war, 6 years of conflict, several millions dead, and very few of the Western Leaders had a strong inclination that they had traded one terrible enemy, for one far more terrible.

    Essentially, though, it was a good fight. One ally may have been antithetical to our government form, but that doesn't destroy the concept that we were fighting the good fight against a regime that was, at its core, fueled by an evil beyond the regular greed, gluttony and desire for power that was the Soviet Union…

  7. I am naYEETa krusgev and YEET a mosin rifle up every single last member of the SS luftwafe kregesmarine and fallgshameiger
    and you bet I butchered the typing of because im too lazy to look up how to spell those names and stuff because im too busy with Communism and stuff

  8. I’m just a bit confused why you only focus on the allies vs the Germans, I agree with you on this stuff, but what about the allied powers vs all of the axis nations

  9. 5:15 the British had the air Force? Not so much the USA had a much bigger air Force in terms of numbers and quality of aircraft (B-29s and P-51s)

  10. Nobody's gonna mention the cat?
    The lesson is clearly don't pull the trigger, play with the cat.
    The cat knows.

  11. What the fuck was that cat doing there? and pawing a machine gun trigger…i always knew cats were evil (but still cute and i have one)

  12. Lend-lease WAS pretty important. Thanks Russians could have won without it (or strategic bombing drawing off German air power), but it would have been much more difficult.

  13. That quote relating the Romans to the Americans and the British to the Greeks is much more cheeky when you factor in that eventually – once Rome has been sacked and the empire in the East became the hegemon – it was characterized by an overwhelmingly Greek influence over the traditional Roman one – I think the quote should absolutely be taken with this in mind as it's much more devious than most initially read it as being. At that point the Brits still very much thought they could 'bring it around.'

  14. Honestly.. As much as I am not a "Merica" guy. Also no chest pounding. America saved them all. We gave the Brits to call missions… Market garden. America did fuck up with "floating shermans." for the landings, but went sent enough ground troops to cover. The whole Russia thing.. I feel that we were just tired of war and wanted the Russians to attack them and destroy each other. America could "clean up" after.

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