The Learning and Teaching Development Programme

[Music] The Learning and Teaching Development Programme (LTDP) is a work-based professional development programme which targets our newly recruited faculty members, research postgraduate students and those who are eager to adapt quickly to a liberal arts environment. In fact, this programme is also
opened to all faculty members wishing to update their teaching approaches. There are a total of seven units,
each being a two-hour session. Participants learn via seminars,
workshops, online resources, activities and discussions in an interactive environment. Starting 2017/18 academic year, three original units have been revamped to examine the characteristics of integrating
information technology in education through experiential learning and
some hands-on practices. There are three major advantages of
adopting IT and education. The first advantage is “instantaneity”, for example contents can be delivered instantly
with a click of a button and classroom polling can collect
feedbacks from students immediately The second advantage is “interactivity”, for example students can get automatic feedback right after they have completed an online exercise and simulation software can train students
interactively before the actual practices. The third advantage is “ubiquity”, for example with access to the internet, students can learn at anytime and anywhere whilst teachers can assess and teach
at any time and any place as well. Furthermore, teachers can also act as facilitators to select and design digital resources for students to learn beyond the classroom. It gives us benefit in many aspects. First one is, for one, they have some visualization about the content. They can keep it the record for future. So from the outline, sometimes
when it is delivered earlier, we can have our own preparation before coming to the class The first course really helped me with knowing that teaching is not all about the teacher delivering but also involving students in diverse activities like presentation and the collaborative learning, where the students had a chance
to interact with each other. Indeed, there are a number of IT tools introduced in the LTDP units, for example Kahoot!. It is a game-based learning platform, which can be played using any mobile devices,
desktop or laptop computers. It is commonly used to review students’ knowledge, and for formative assessment to
complement classroom teaching. Zeetings. It is an interactive presentation software, which can combine PowerPoint and PDF files with videos, web resources, images and polls. Everyone can participate from their own devices, in person or remotely. There is no need to download or install anything, and the results of the polling are shown
in word cloud format for easy reference. To conclude, IT is a complement but not a replacement
to classroom teaching and learning Nothing can replace a high-energy classroom session, especially in liberal art education environment.

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