The latest in Mobile Learning with Moodle is here! Find out more.

One of the best things about studying at my college, is I can access everything in my courses, from my phone, whenever I need to. It works offline too so I don't need to waste my data plan. Did you know that already about 70% of global internet traffic is via mobile devices? This figure is rising quickly, all of us are using our mobiles and tablets more to access the internet for everything we do, including our learning. Institutions and workplaces that use Moodle, rightly expect their classrooms to be easy to access on every device. That's why we put a lot of attention into Moodle's mobile features. Our Branded Moodle Mobile App is our latest step forward towards an excellent student experience. A Branded Moodle Mobile App means your own custom branding, simplified login, automatic updates, with fixes and features every three months. Offline capability which allows you to download your courses, content, quizzes and other materials direct to your device which you can then access offline. Getting a Branded Moodle Mobile App is a simple process. Contact your Moodle Partner, or if you don't have one we will connect you with one . Your Partner will work with you to make your app the best that it can be. You provide us a full set of details, such as your graphics, colours, names and everything else needed to brand it your way. Moodle HQ takes all that info to build your custom app. Once you approve the results and pay the setup fees Moodle HQ will publish your app to the App Store and Google Play. Now everyone in your organisation can access your Moodle through your custom app Meet your learners where they are with a Branded Moodle Mobile App.

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