The Knowledge: The World’s Toughest Taxi Test

thirty-three-year-old Everton is a bus
driver from East London and father of four Everton started studying the
knowledge of London 18 months ago attracted by a cabbies potential annual
earnings of over 40,000 pounds I wern't bringing in enough money I thought was
enough that's thats going to bring him forward in life now with his sights set on the
cabbies exclusive green badge he is studying for at least 35 hours a week in
the hope of achieving his dream job it's full time to juggle life and the
knowledge it has been hard getting that badge will change my life dramatically The way we live will change where
we live will change its massive test me on some runs take me
from famous free Kings to theatre fibre free I think it's a good thing for my
dad to do but you don't get to see your dad as much and I think when he passes
I'll get my dad back and we can be happy family's everything and I want to
try and install a solid upbringing I try and do everything I can to provide for the
kids in the wife Everton is on stage one the first of four sets of multiple exams
if he accrues enough points today he can move on to stage two
I've been a nightclub promoter I've been a photographer you name it I fully
doubled my hands in it that was my way I laughing for the knowledge it's probably
the only thing that I've kind of stuck to as people depending on me mr. Thomas okay good afternoon, so you have
your scorecard thank you
you make your own luck on the knowledge if you put the work in then it will pay
off all right so you've not seen me before mr. Thomas my name you finished
channels okay ready start yes mam okay let's give it a go right
question one where is Kensington Village
Kensington village but not only have you've got to do the knowledge and learned and then
learn all the points you've also got a hold it together and try and keep calm Everton needs to pinpoint two locations
out of London's 100,000 landmarks Burnham Street yes it is ill like to go from there to Battersea reach London edition
hotel to Battersea reach he must recite the most direct route naming every road
correctly without hesitation okay okay I leave on there and even the right people
to write Berner Street left into East Castle Street left well street or
Berwick Street right into North Street for a great mobile Street lift into
Regent Street you just go wrong just like that you could just do an illegal
turn and your appearance is gone forward into West Beach rolls forward
into battersea square for Vicky's present forward into Lombard Road right into
york road for fall and comply york circus leave
while your crowd let it attorney for drive one okay I'm ready
thank you Wow I don't Lee all right we started off a little bit wobbly but we
bought their back too well done you

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