The wildly successful documentary series, "The Knowledge Of The Forever Time," has been deemed a threat to US National Interests. The series which reveals ancient knowledge also reveals information and understanding that has never been heard before. Many of the films detail a step by step instruction that will lead to alien contact and dialog. While other episodes reveal ancient Stargate technology that allows man to travel deep into the cosmos with unbelievable ease.

    Series Creator Damon T. Berry has recently had his home looted while at the same time being under 24 hour surveillance. The US Government has seized all documents, scripts and master copies of the films. They have taken over his bank accounts, blocked all email accounts, phones, and have seized all assets from all bank safe deposit boxes. He is currently under 24 hour house arrest and no longer allowed to create another episode or move freely around the world. This type of action is unprecedented is a democracy and it highlights our ever changing country and it also portends a dark and terrifying future.

  2. All this start reading sigh.. I mean they have higher knowledge than us so why they don't just pop up and start talking English.. I don't know how to read signs and start constellations! I need clearer decoded message

  3. You have to first believe that those are actually Alien Space-Craft…….this is for entertainment purposes only! That you can Believe!

  4. this is such incredible information and it slightly adjusts my way of thinking of UFO's and our solar system. I so enjoy these videos. Thank you.

  5. Firstly if you believe in Global Warming you have no clue what you talking about. We are destroying our planet however you need to understand revelations to understand the end time Its not what you think it is !! You also dont know about our hidden space ARMY. We too have space crafts like they do And we occupy Mars and the Moon.

  6. More! More please! More knowledge! I would live to see you and a guy by tge name if Eric Dillard, siting on a park bench in San Francisco, or dog park in Sausalito, wherever. My vision, you two bouncing ideas off each other! Iโ€™m sure it would be beyond interesting.

  7. Contact, sightings, pictures or videos of alien life have never been seen nor recorded because aliens have never visited our planet.
    Every so-called encounter has been proven to be of natural phenomenon.
    I find your videos a bit on the side of fantasy versus fact simply because you take known knowledge and twist it with assumptions conforming to your fantasy. It would be appropriate if you would use some known facts to base your imaginary videos on. Your videos are a testimony to the imagination of the human mind, you make me smile because in truth you should be working for the Disney Channel.

  8. To the Orionโ€™s, pick me up! Iโ€™m ready. Surely u guys will get this message, I donโ€™t eat much and Iโ€™m easy to get along with! Tilton Illinois

  9. In 1972 when they spent 8 billion on sending this out into space golden record, these are the smartest people in the world wasting tax dollars sending a record to space, I mean I would at least sent a record players with it! In 480 billion years Iโ€™m sure someone will find tge record and record player if itโ€™s still working, come on, how dumb is that!

  10. Damon, I have two words for you pod cast! Put a paper bag in your head and use a friends channel, thatโ€™s it! Where their is a will their is a way

  11. Lets not argue over a spilled and spoiled milk.. Its not the purpose of this video. We just need to open our mind .. Our eyes..and our hearts. Pay close attention.

  12. @ matt LFC…. I'll tell you why… even when a china man say hello to you, you would rob him, spit on him then beat the shit out of him and rape his daughter… that's why? Use your brain and think.

  13. Ok documentary but jesus is the way the truth and the life no other way no star gates none of that nonsense YESHUA is the key to eternal life

  14. Only thing that leaves me confused, is why the use of the alien gray image? Sulfur-istic invaders of dreams. On the walls of the pyramids… Seti doesn't appear that way.

  15. And how does he know et technology would be 200 million years older than ours we could be on par with some other lifeforms there is no way of knowing unless we meet them

  16. True or not …..you make it totally believable ๐Ÿค— maybe its you're narratives I dont know but I believe you ๐Ÿ˜‰

  17. Everytime I listen to this there is one thing that bothers me. When they sent the golden record it space it was acompanied by a phonographic record player with instructions as to how to use it. Out of all the invitations this is the only thing that bothers me. Although I do agree that it is still a lost cause. What was the point in sending something into space when all the aliens are here and already know everything about us.

  18. So we are hear to die, nobody is going to go into the sun. What is, is what was, and is to come, becuase it's nothing new under the sun. Brilliant and scarey!!

  19. It took 43 years for NASA to let the find of a Moon Pyramid out. Shows how trustworthy they are huh? On top of that they undoubtedly let Russians and Europeans know all about that and more, but not our school children nor even college students. So, whom do you trust now?

  20. Where must we go…how do we get there…how do we know there is air? How do we know we are welcome

  21. I remember one time having an experience while awake I found myself in a weightless place surrounded by beautiful pastel like colors. It was silent no time or space just floating within this amazing silence. I thought what is this place when from the silence i heard the word nebula. At that point I had never heard that word so I inquired about it and what I found confirmed what I had experienced I somehow was inside a nebula.

  22. So what about Easter Island and all the othe know monumental structures that stand. I always tell ppl we were never ment to stay here. But everyone says well imma enjoy life. I always have feeling of not belonging here. Ive cried many nights of wanting to get out of here because of all the chaos. Its hard to hear what we should be doing here because of all the distractions that create loud noises. The only time things seem to be at ease is at night. Things are more quiter amd can think extremely clear. Maybe you have answers maybe not but it gets your gears to turning.

  23. ….there is nothing new under the sun and the stars… but there IS a reason why we have mass amnesia regarding who we are… where we came from.. and where we go after this…
    follow your heart… it knows the path to truth… โ™ก

  24. Brilliant work! Hope u recover. maybe try the scole type experiment and other entities can help you. The oligarchy will be wiped out real soon! they know that! the threat they face is not of national security but their vested interests and evil existence. they are over !

  25. Damon, the adt security system you are using is directly controlled by local police, I had a similar situation because a local cop had a problem with me, 73 alarms in one month (all during his work time) Iโ€™m no one, I have nothing if important for thus guy to want to cone in my house. But he did, and co tinyes to harass. Get rid of adt and get a canary, put ExpressVPN in your computer and get two phones, use a computer from somewhere else and all that bs will slow down!!!

  26. 6 trillion to send a golden record (good job nasa) nasa a great way to waste money, slow progress and fool the public. I think u should send a telegraph message to contact aliens. It should say sos ๐Ÿ†˜ we are dumb, greedy, violent and in general messed up please help us.

  27. I knew that something was up, I'll still finish it but this series is stuck in the material. That is the sin and the deception.

  28. Secretly I think theyโ€™d kill us because of our unsophisticated music and evil lyrics. I believe aliens are very wise; too wise for our pea brains!

  29. "The Kraken" "The Water Destroyer" is also referred to Cuthulhu in H.P. Lovecrafts Books.

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