THE KINDERGARTEN TEACHER Official Trailer (2018) Maggie Gyllenhaal Netflix Movie HD

so tell me about you what what do what do you do I teach kindergarten that's such a delicate thing right you give the kids something and then B yeah they have it forever yellow house it's loosely the same food guy was that a pole I was at home the Sun hits her yellow house it is almost like a sign from God Wow with so few elements take something very very complex I think we have a young motor if you stay curious I've asked Jimmy to recite a few of his poem was at a poetry reading forget it on Thursday he has baseball practice with his friend he's gifted mr. Roy and I want my son to have a normal life Jimmy hi laughter town is fragile that's so rare and our culture does everything to crush it Jimmy push it to the left Mozart was nurtured by kings and queens they massaged his tired hands they fed him candy recite your bones as your me you

24 thoughts on “THE KINDERGARTEN TEACHER Official Trailer (2018) Maggie Gyllenhaal Netflix Movie HD”

  1. Just saw the movie …though the teacher is wrong in all way but last words of the boy after he is in the police car.. I have poem …and no 1 listens just filled my heart..

  2. imagine if a man did this instead of a women. he would never see day light again. the society is becmoing more and more a hyena society where women are making the laws and rules .

  3. WHAT?!?!?! She Just Kidnapped a Child?!?!?! She Should Not Have Done That and The Movie and Trailer Are Creeping Me Out

  4. When you guy tells you something just to get laid and you take it too seriously this is what happens 😛

  5. I think the metaphors escape most that have watched it by blurting out spoilers which have little relevance to its true message – that one person can actually identify an authentic voice.

  6. I get what she was trying to do but it was just a very bizarre and creepy way of doing it.

    It was an amazing movie though.. Finally something with a meaning that comes out of Hollywood in awhile.. great story !

  7. It's a thought provoking film in that the teacher genuinely cares about the kid but she can't seem to stop herself. There's no pedo vibe though at all- after all she helps the kid dial 911.It's more of a warning about joining a poetry society.

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