33 thoughts on “The interesting story of our educational system | Adhitya Iyer | TEDxCRCE”

  1. Rajiv Gandhi went to the Imperial College of London in 1966 and by then his grandfather was dead.

  2. India's total students are divided into commerce and science… Half-half
    .. It seems God gives only 2 type of potential here.

  3. In a normal middle class Indian family!!!!
    Boy- engineering
    Girl – MBBS
    My brother is doing engineering I took coaching for MBBS took a year drop gave neet this year not sure I will get college or not but even if I will get a govt college I cleared this with my mother that now I just don't wanna do MBBS ….and I swear I have enough courage to fight even every time people around me say" MBBS toh MBBS hi h"💪💪💪💪💪

  4. Main issue in India "reservation" and every years make engineers of India but no job so all engineers are frustrated.

  5. How much I connect with this dude its absolutely indefinable! I agreed with each and every word he spoke!

  6. It is such a shame to have youth suside, when they have the power to change the world with there creative ideas. We need an educational system which allows us be creative, free and help us with our skills. The educational system should understand that a child can learn things better when it is free and not forced.

  7. My life is a pool of academic darkness, and as I drown in these deep waters, I feel the breath of creativity pushed out of my lungs… 2 more years of this torture and then I shall be welcome into the society that put me in the pool in the first place.

  8. i have also met a institute in village of sick mentality crowd after 3 to4 months1st sem i left the place bcz that thinking was really affected me as a individual i request those institute to stop thinking like this make working place better fr women and men who really want to work dnt suport orthodox thinking and such crowd bcz it can affect others as well its my humble reqst nothing against anyone bcz you have to change mindset

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