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[Applause] [Applause] so it was a warm summer night and I was with my parents and we were on our way to our family ranch I was sitting in the backseat of the truck and I remember looking out the window it was black but from a distance I could see the silhouette of the mountains and as we're driving down this dirt road my dad stops and I look over and I see that there's an abandoned vehicle in the middle of the road and I noticed that as Tigers missing but no one's in sight within less than five seconds five men come from the dark and surround the truck I was 13 when I had a baby for a 7 a.m. now most thirteen year olds were being very terrified but be neat jazz I was in awe I was thrilled and I was thrilled because I couldn't wait to go to my friends and real school behind you that they would think it would be so cool because bring up back when we saw a lot of movies and heard a lot of music and song music videos that glamour I this type of situation and I didn't know it then but I was blaring this this particular situation but the reality is this isn't a Netflix series this isn't narcos this is real life and in 2018 and that's another this is DK graffia released this stating how Mexico had reaches highest level and murders many of them drug-related so many of you guys might be asking you who's that girl where she from my name is as matter of them I'm from the whole Pablo also known as Tucson it's a town 70 miles away from the largest port of entry in Arizona as you can see here it's super close to the border so growing up I grew up in the United States and as well in Mexico actually well the dual citizenship and if you haven't gone to Mexico you should definitely go the cultures rich amusing and the tequila is hard but like any culture or any country I had this program it has its common Mexico specifically has this thing called cartel now as you can see on this image there's different colors and these represent the different organized crime groups and subgroups the control certain areas and as they within the past couple years they've developed this culture called narco culture experts define this as a group of culture around don't cream it celebrates and glamorized lifestyle of drug trafficking we all in our own power drugs and in the last in the recent years it's have gone mainstream and you can see it in pop culture fashion music and videos so to actually understand a little bit more what narco culture is we all get this image and ever sized by myself I was like wow that looks like a big party tonight okay we're done fighting me but the reality is we need to take a step back and see the messages that are in this image and it's gonna paint us another picture and I what we first up and we'll start off on the end there is a skull which represents the deaths that's around this culture and as we move to the other side we see the product that fuels drug trafficking and as you move up you can see that there's a hand or two hands one holding a gun and everyone holding a what seems to be like a machetes and all four men are wrapped in a belt of bullets which represent how violence and weapons control people and then believe people to do certain things and East a certain way and speaking of that we can go to the man that on the bottom is actually not holding a instrument he's actually holding a gun and he's pointing up a man playing the trumpet what show was telling this culture guns and violence control people or musicians when I was in high school I had a friend who I knew an artist who want to be a musician and he went to see nuh Noah and Mexico and when he came back he told me certain experience with me and he said that yeah about starting to play but since the party without music there's no party right so he kept playing and playing he played so much that his fingers started bleeding I think that I couldn't stopping that the party must go on this is the culture and as we continue to analyze this image and we see how man on top will be the guitar is actually wearing a belt with many signs what does that mean this is how high fashion is incorporated into US culture how the flash here is a better because this is connected to wealth and well connected to power and who you are in society and we also see in the bracelets in the accessories but most importantly there's religion and how religion is represented in here how although this image might feel the same they're still they still believe that anything bad that you do it might still be forgiven and growing up there was this movement called moving in but that album which is basically a group of different artists who study macro coreos narco corridos are songs that talk about and glamour tribe drug trafficking this group is called the little guys with we're cousins it's a group that's part of that other group and I actually saw them with in high school and in case of my choice yeah and as you can see here they represent and have the what family saw the first picture but what's even more fascinating and that this participate in documentary cause the network would put up and the vocalist at the time and I think they talked about how you son Andros arms but until a certain point he had never actually been suited to mix to Mexico now this just represents how people are able to exploit us or any culture for their own benefit because they know what people want and this image doesn't that's portrayed by is needed and we also see the men on the side they cover their face and then they were connecting adios Chicago's are a hit man higher drug cartels and they have a face covered because they don't want to be identified and it's very interesting because it's also a fashion believe it or not when I was in high school during Halloween well most people were to sing up like superheroes there's a group of boys who dressed up as CEOs and I remember I was with a friend and she was like they're so hot who didn't actually see them because they have their faces covered but then I thought now I there's like magnets it's not who they are how they look it's what they portrayed themselves to me a person in power and the goal that we have that cone was like I really not aspire to be a doctor or whatever why not marry one of these guys who has money who has power position but this is part of the culture and sometimes we see these images and we don't really understand thick and we hear things like lyrics so I'm going to try skiing this pencil and I promise I didn't get a song before practice like I swear so I can sing this song continuously and I can go to me and it's not because I heard the song I'm Spotify it's because it's so engrained continue that 15 year old jazz song this song over and over I heard my brothers playing it I remember staying up the stoplight the stoplight and the guy next to me was bumping it up but when you actually take a step back and you start looking what what did she say what you're talking about we see that they're actually staying within a cave and it must do good taking aim blowing off heads of whoever gets in the way this is what you expect end scene however with all of this with violence and guns there's something called death and every site we look at this image and it's not a city I promise it's actually a cemetery believe it or not it's a cemetery and see not a lot some consider it the narco cemetery and it shows how in this culture there's a lot of wealth and as I mentioned all of us aspire growing up to peace on great a lot of people that Colm inspire to be something like this that although you might die in this death with Death Comes glamorous like you die with very glamorous lead and you're very very firmly like a little had been they live aka the boss of the bosses this it says this does not be Church this is not a mentioned this is a tomb and it just a mana cost six hundred and fifty thousand dollars it has two bedrooms as a kitchen Wi-Fi it 24 hour air conditioning is a better than my house here what it just shows how people want to be ease these drug lords in a month all of this you have unique and how young girl the spire to Eve beauty queens but although they want to be something bigger because of the culture it's stuff that keeps us we sometimes find herself in a different position like louder louder was found with ASM but she was be thrown because she was caught with her boyfriend was part of the quest her tongue as you can see here she's but with even more fascinating is that labra inspired a film called miss viola it's about a girl and buyer California who wants to be a beauty queen but just because of the situation and the culture that limits herself to even go beyond these Beyond Borders she's forced into this being called drug trafficking and although we might think this is a culture in Mexico or in the water not to a lot ago the same films we need audience aw this film called miss button as well which star Gina Rodriguez who is started and Jane the Virgin so it shows how although this is the culture people still want a piece of the action and this is film but it's also in television this is how they – ooh so Brenda I would sit over come home fish my converse from 5 p.m. to maybe 11 every hour would be independent novella a different soap opera but loving this would start at 10 p.m. and what majority of us are usually sleeping but it broke records everybody was watching it and then recently this series a second series you just wrote just released and within the first week of its trailer and broke records having 8 my 1 billion views within the first week and that's only the trailer and that just showed that although we might think that this is not relevant and still is so much so that you did Hollywood stars and filmmakers like Sean Penn one a piece of the action and you can see that's Ethan Castillo on the side which stars as well very nice wouldn't in the guy in the middle many of you guys might know him he was the fourth billionaire list his name is Joaquin was family that aka el chapo he was recently chargeable near us in New York and although he might be steamed has public and as a public enemy people still idolize him people still want to be him amongst it all that even so the Lewis picture was released the same shirt that he had would basically sold out and we filming his wife got the rights to his name and just announced that she started a fashion line because she was the world to have her husband style and her style and then even in Mexico when drug lords are caught they usually have a press conference to show that they're winning the war on drugs but it's interesting because although they might seem like that it's actually using them to to portray something to influences the youth this is the army what he was taught this picture was released and this what he's wearing the polo like many of us might have a pullover they considered the narco polo within days you saw it at the black market and because a lot of times these people that aspire to beat these people they can't afford one hundred and fifty dollar shirt so they have to find another way this is not the culture this is what I grew up in I know the songs I'm not about percent I promise I'm the emphasis three I'm the only girl on the first to continue a higher education and when I was at the University of Arizona complete my undergrad I was exposed to different cultures for the first time was like home what do you mean that the world is bigger than just two son what do you mean that there's different food than tacos what and I've learned a lot of clubs because those are so fast they don't like a shark it's like a kid in the candy shop like wow I learned the hard way and I was really inspired by this conversation of saving the world and I became like a un junkie like wow I wouldn't change the world when we learn more even so I was so inspired by these people who had these global experiences that I had bought if I had a credit card I remember I was out of the class and I don't do this I'm never gonna do anything and they've got a ticket and I found myself in Japan that was definitely not I definitely did not hear any nautical corridos but it was such an amazing experience I fell in love with pork buns I the architecture was amazing I was so motivated that that a couple months later I found myself in the jungle yeah in Panama where we're stripped away from everything that I named literally and I'm so intrigued by the world that I even saw myself backpacking typically people back home will not live like this at all I didn't oh my god he's hit at the hospital but I found myself back vacuum and I found I found this love for this global experience of trying for hearing and music dance and laughing having these conversations like these boys I was in Cuba and I was talking to these boys and we're talking about the situation and their challenges and it was during my own time my own background and it's these global conversations that we have that are important because you never know who they might inspire who you might want to be to push the boundaries push the borders go beyond being think you can do and I challenge you guys to have this global conversations to share your experience and as we journey continues I have found myself again in the flame and I'm looking out this window and you're there the pilot is saying thank you for joining us welcome to Boston thank you

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