25 thoughts on “The Importance of Learning. Learning What Exactly?: Daniels Pavļuts at TEDxRiga”

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  2. Aside from creative genius/luck/timing, automation is definitely complicating this. Broader learning increases resilience and flexibility, in my opinion. I rarely hear this though.

  3. Very challenging. In re-inventing myself now just retired at 67, I have reflected that there is no rocket science but specific life skills set and hard works and non-ruinable risk to start. There after is taking the right investment decision and taking a ride on the compound interest exponential power to grow wealth.

  4. Very helpful information. I am an advocate for continuous learning. Recently, I started taking a new course each month. I found great value with Career Academy so I think it is an excellent opportunity for our members to improve their skills and have something to add to their credential. You should check them out; https://www.careeracademy.com/page/9signuptoday

  5. As part of a visit to a university I was told that worldwide we actually need a lot more pilots. As flying becomes cheaper and countries like China start travelling a lot more the demand is increasing rapidly and I was told even all the universities in the world at full capacity cannot keep up with training enough pilots.

  6. One of the best and most realistic talks I've ever heard in my life , I live by this and it works out most of the time

  7. I can see latvians don't have better politicians as we do. I guess he'd better play the piano instead of playing with people

  8. 5:09 I only hope that the growing "other" sector of employment isn't the soaring number of eurobureaucrats;)

  9. Tiešām laba runa. Patīkami redzēt, ka ministrs ir inteliģents cilvēks, kurš prot uzrunāt.

  10. There are many TED talks that contradict him and/or give much better advice about finding your passion = work.

  11. My coworkers laughed when I told them I was going to burn off fat with Cosmos Fat Loss, but then they saw the results. Google Cosmos Fat Loss to see their reaction. (You should see their faces!)

  12. Promoting this video via Twitter ZJMondayKnights and Monday Knights Facebook page. It provides the idea of Purpose given the tools at hand.

  13. It's so effing annoying and ironic how the TED people with all their talents and resources can not get something as simple as setting the audio levels properly on their videos.

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