The Importance of a Corporate Background – By Overpass : Educational Game Developers in England

Hi, this is Eric from Overpass and this
is A Minute of Overpass where I spend one minute each week, unscripted, talking
about Overpass, the app industry and things of that nature. And this week
I wanna talk about the importance of a corporate
background. So I spent years as a
corporate developer like a decade so I know what it’s like to work in a big IT environment where you have a team dedicated to databases. You have a team dedicated development. You have a team
dedicated to look at the servers. I’ve also worked for small companies
where you have to do pretty much everything yourself. And one thing as an app developer we kind of at these people – the corporate developers, as hanging a lot of baggage. They kinda move slower. They take longer to do things. They look
for sign off. They want to have meetings every five minutes. However, there’s some a lot of importance that comes from working.. to having a background in a corporate environment. Well for example you know about change
management. You know how to not take down servers willy-nilly. You know the kind of things that can
go wrong. You know how to get sign off and how to
complete a project, things like that.. So, one of the things I
find when working with junior developers that haven’t come from a corporate
environment is how difficult that can be. However, it’s also difficult working for corporate developers who have
never worked in a small team environment. That’s it. That’s my Minute of Overpass. My name is
Eric. I make apps. If you want an app, give us a
call. Our number’s 0845 834 1008. I’ll talk to you next week.

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  1. Eric your team is getting bigger and bigger every year. Do you think you are creating a studio or is this close to enterprise development team ?

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