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well there they are our new electronic media or our new gadgets you push a button in the worlds yours you know they talk about the world getting smaller well it’s thanks to these that it is everywhere is now our own neighborhood but not only is the world getting smaller it’s becoming more available and more familiar to our minds and to our emotions the world is now a global village a global village [Music] we see the selling of the westernized image as the badge of modernity in India in Singapore in China in Japan where the notion of how you join globalized culture is the taking of a Western body [Music] there is one of those trends happening where we are trying to embody this westernized modernized in it because that’s where power comes from power in society power in the Western world power in your job power with your own beauty salon Charlotte Punta Cana política passion we knew very banal Mirotic more if you walk around the streets of Lebanon I think you’d realize that most people look the same specifically people from a certain social class that have the money to have this many surgeries that’s igano Cordova and Anna made it more momaday to them all we saw at the same time another Tony nijo-jo said that you are kohaku solid video any kanji in this get it no more SoCo no it’s not no confirm you can lie to me to talk to you honey I can remember when I was a high school student that body image was just not a concern nobody in those days worried about whether they had a six-pack of abdominal muscles or faithful he went to the gym six days a week it just was not an issue when I was a teenager it often seemed to me that a person who feels happy and secure isn’t going to be a very good consumer because that person isn’t going to be looking for products to shore up the self-image or to feel better about oneself [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] of course there’s nothing wrong with people wanting to look attractive and sexy just about everyone wants that so the problem isn’t the desire to be desired or the desire to be attractive and sexy it’s the ways in which this is corrupted and Exploited by the commercial culture a recent study by Psychological Science has found that people spend more if they’re feeling said and self focused even when the sad feelings are temporary the ideal consumer is someone who’s constantly dissatisfied constantly needs more and more products in order to feel better actually the ideal consumer is an addict someone who has to have a product and the product will never really meet the need so the craving goes on and on and on and never ends obsession obsession and for those consumers who already feel rather happy and secure the industry has devised endless creative opportunities to feel otherwise the best example is cellulite it’s an invented disease throughout history cellulite was always considered perfectly normal body fat the word cellulite actually appears for the first time in vogue magazine in 1968 in a three-page article about this obnoxious condition that women were not aware of and soon a cottage industry of anti cellulite creams is born in 1987 vogue warns American women that working in an office can damage their skin air particles found in an office can lead to what vogue calls occupational dermatitis in 2006 Vogue warns its readers about so-called ageing feet one thing that I think most people don’t realize is the extraordinary amount of power that advertisers have in terms of the content of the media that people like to think that there’s kind of a wall between editorial content and advertising but in fact there really isn’t and there’s less and less of such a wall than ever before our camera is going to show you a non-surgical facelift live during our newscast a huge amount of the content that we get on the news is actually video news reports that are sponsored and paid for by corporations without the viewer being aware of it actually going to see four different non-invasive treatments during this hour it’s actually started Kathy is our patient dermatologist dr. Dale Isaacson is performing the procedure the first one is Thermage which for the very first time could be done on the eyelids now about 15 minutes before dr. Isaacson started Kathy had a valium Kathy how are you feeling right now [Music] dieters nephew ally in the battle to lose weight yeah it’s called a lie first fda-approved over-the-counter weight-loss drug and it hit store shelves today people sometimes say to me well women must want this because it’s women who support these industries and women buy all these products and so this must be something that advertisers are just giving people what they want and the truth is I think that women are deeply conditioned from birth to feel that what’s most important about us is how we look that our love ability our desirability depends upon our appearance our bodies and if you believe that and it’s very difficult not to of course you’re going to be looking for products and you’re going to be looking for fashion and you’re going to be looking for things that will deliver the goods that will make you more beautiful in the society sense of the word [Music] the advertising industry has already saturated the female half of the population and has already done its best to convince women that they should be dissatisfied with themselves and should purchase a plethora of new products to make themselves more beautiful and so now it seems that in the last 30 or 40 years the advertising industry has now turned its sights on the other half of the population hoping to find new markets and if one can convince men that they are not muscular enough or lean enough where that their physiques are not adequate you can perhaps generate yet another market of insecure individuals who will purchase various products in the hope of attaining greater beauty [Music] [Music] [Music] ethos avec un question you know a pawn shop owner Kelly lapel moon Yashiro aesthetical a pre-party que bien asaji party Brazil in the cicadas ITA’s uni module eben even farm shop was my concern a they play back a special mystery so men consult II apologize every small fee knows we have the most plastic surgeries than anywhere else in the world an interesting thing is that we’re always competing with Brazil so one year Lebanon’s number one one years Brazil number one and my theory it’s only because there’s 12 million Lebanese living in Brazil that’s sort of you know they’re constantly competing about who has more plastic surgery operations and there’s tourism packages for people from other Arab countries to come to Lebanon and have plastic surgery procedures here it’s automatically been built into the economy become an industry in itself [Music] every day I receive people let’s say from Kuwait from Saudi Arabia from France from USA from Canada this year we have a big demand in the but I think the plastic surgery now it entered in the culture of the country and nowadays they talk about it freely in the past it was more closed and secret nowadays the plastic surgery the talk of the town and it’s a talk of every day when to no woman meet each other the first talk is the talk about the beauty about plastic surgery sadly enough actually I grew up in a culture where people would be like oh you have a beautiful face Haram Haram your body you should do something about your body some doctors will actually ask you who would you like to look like everyone looks exactly the same [Music] we used to receive 30 to 35 calls a day for the total of our products of people asking about personal loans housing loans car loans and the other products and after launching plastic-surgery campaign we were receiving between 300 and 400 call a day in Lebanon appearance is important to socialize and in Lebanon we really socialize a lot people they feel that it is important for their improvement in their career and then in their life to build up friends to become more successful that’s why people are attaching more and more importance to appearance and to plastic surgery if you open any newspaper with classifiers where they’re searching for jobs and they’re searching for women most of our jobs say must be beautiful if they’re if they’re good they say must be presentable but most of them say must be beautiful must be good looking for jobs like accounting one of the tragedies that’s happening at the moment is that we’re losing bodies as fast as we’re losing languages just as English has become the lingua franca of the world so the white blonde defied small nosed pert breasts long-legged body is coming to stand in for the great variety of human bodies that there are [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Mumbai India’s biggest city and the country’s commercial and entertainment capital strolling through its streets it’s hard to miss the ubiquitous messages advertising skin whitening products white beauty fair and lovely perfect white the market for fairness creams has had an explosive growth since the 1970s but the desire to have light skin has deeper roots most Indians still have internalized racism where the Western body image is definitely more superior because remember in there is a is an ex colony of the British where we’ve always had this fascination for the white man or the white woman and how she looks so there is I think one of those trends happening where we are trying to embody this westernized modernized image because that’s where power comes from and then you say fair it’s all relative North Indian women are lighter skin then helped Indian women for most part but everybody is trying to aim at the light skin so the North Indian woman who’s already got a lighter skin is aiming at being as light as the the British colonial woman or the American woman that she sees on TV or a white model it’s unattainable that’s when you go out and seek products that are extremely dangerous because there’s no way that you can to change the color of your skin that’s what you’re born with why don’t we just accept that Brown is beautiful or black is beautiful the market for skin whitening creams is so lucrative that there are about 50 new products introduced in the asia-pacific region every year pharmaceutical company Midas care has recently caused an uproar with its skin whitening intimate wash promising to make woman’s genitals whiter the possibilities are endless for making Indian women insecure about their skin tone and nowadays there is a new target [Music] so you have for instance you know cream that was targeting women for the longest time called fair and lovely there’s there’s a counterpart for the men now it’s called fair and handsome and that’s a mommy that launched it in 2005 with exactly the same sort of reasoning is that all right you have it all your mail so these will be the women you already have the power but weaselly the white man you’re probably still not as well-off so if you want to go that not jump into the power hierarchy you know being fair might help and so whether it’s for a job or whether it’s for matchmaking or whether it’s for appearing as more westernized modernized sometimes with the West calls civilize it helps to be wider we can also find skin whitening messages in the most unexpected places [Music] it is I saw the camera blonde she sought a similar was Mong ku home the generic repel does principal opposition almosts lqt decisive point one party don’t hell so insidious Baja don’t want it don’t wrinkle to connect led capital we do new Bank Vinod me Patek mom don’t I’m sitting pretty key rebellion report cohort members early hunters equal to MU naught Pampa saseru marks as we say Mason’s size comment on computable SS affiant additionally due to ETA on Antonia do commenced LED projector did Joaquin on kita Campos own essence Empoli can know she’s on Tiki Aveda mantra Don Filippo Moldova’s mojo dreamily hesitant addiction is Fidel Eden Saturn Garciaparra some primo Vande Velde électricité de medianoche lo la jolla dawn city in especial consumption Ave in phenomena Putonghua danke Patrick September polimedia if I’m more liberal usually don’t divert a small s on to declare war as Owen knows consider remember if a guava issue adult ope he saw a new turmoil of horse l’oréal the world’s biggest cosmetics company has run into trouble with an ad for hair color featuring the singer Beyonce who is virtually unrecognizable L’Oreal has vehemently denied altering Beyonce’s complexion yet what’s interesting is to notice the many faces of Beyonce in the company’s ads over the years the idealization of a fair skin tone is not always a black-and-white issue porcelain white skin has been valued in many parts of Asia for centuries it’s seen as synonymous with youth elegance and refinement a trend that beauty companies have been quick to cash in on Japan breaks all records when it comes to consumption of skincare products women use on average 7 to 10 products a day afraid of the sun’s effect on skin aging many women use umbrellas to shield themselves from the sun’s rays having a porcelain white skin free of blemishes and beauty spots is the ultimate Beauty ideal in Japan even Davie hucko to you talk Iran or zero it was seen on Cox the autobot photo a lava a Luger ie meetings amok Teemo yoga’s Shiro Ito Kiran emiru Soto say to you you neva anyone see a moment on your own o0e dinner with cacey do you guy never mom cascara are Tom women [Music] the irony is that while pushing white skin in the East these same companies tell you to avoid it at all cost in the West they sell skin whitening creams in half of the world and self tanning lotions in the other clearly they don’t care what color your skin is as long as you are insecure about it the ideal is often impossible to achieve but the illusion is that this beauty can be bought if only people keep consuming [Music] the weight-loss industry could be defined as the capitalist success story of the 20th century as no other business with a ninety-eight percent failure rate could earn as much five hundred and eighty six billion dollars a year worldwide similarly to the anti-aging business the weight loss industry would have modest earnings if people succeeded in losing weight and keeping it off most people who diet do so in cycles dieting over and over again in the hope of achieving a slimmer figure and contradictory messages allow for nearly infinite growth and expansion [Music] [Applause] [Music] it’s a little known fact that the multinational Unilever the same company that owns dove and fair and lovely skin whitening cream had a curious acquisition spree in April 2000 Unilever purchased the ice cream brand Ben & Jerry’s and the weight loss drink slim-fast on the same day Prudential Securities analyst John Macmillan commented in The Wall Street Journal the fact that one product makes you fat and one makes you thin is funny but they didn’t say boo to address that in some ways corporations don’t care if you’re skinny or overweight they make money as long as the bar of what is considered attractive is very difficult to reach over the years the size of fashion models has dramatically decreased despite this today even waify models aren’t thin enough for advertisers digitally retouching models in order to make them appear thinner is standard practice recently Ralph Lauren ran an ad in which the model had been photoshopped to have an impossible body her head was actually bigger than her pelvis the actual model who was 510 and weighed 115 pounds was fired for being too fat and they use Photoshop to make this grotesque image and I’m sure we’re going to see more and more of them the human body just cannot get any thinner the models can’t get any thinner than they are but they can use Photoshop to make a thinner and thinner image [Music] and when models are too skinny protruding bones are routinely airbrushed out because these images of unattainable bodies are everywhere they reach not only those who are overweight but also people who don’t need to diet with dangerous consequences for centuries Japan and neighboring Asian countries valued diverse body types a curvy female body symbolized wealth and fertility but things changed starting in the 1980s a dramatic increase in eating disorders swept across the region according to a study conducted by dr. Tatsuya Ando at the National Institute of Mental Health about 30 percent of Japanese women in their 20s are categorized as underweight whereas obesity is increasing amongst men women’s average body mass index is decreasing year after year many young women think their bodies are oversized even if they are underweight that’s surprising I think one of the things that you see in the Japanese media which is also present in fact in other places as well is that there’s a kind of a gap between what men and women perceive as ideals of beauty for example those that do appeal to a male audience those that are often the idols that you hear about in Japanese media culture tend to have an a kind of aesthetic to them that is not like the aesthetic that you would associate with Western models they tend to be shorter in stature they tend to have characteristics of femininity that are almost in some sense the opposite of what we would associate with the long leg models in the West and in part the explanation for this has always been that traditionally the male audience within Japan of young adolescent men are attracted to images of women who are more accessible more attainable on the other hand Japanese women go to the opposite extreme of trying to cultivate that body image that they see in women’s magazines which are women’s bodies that are very thin with very long legs and with many of the characteristics that we associate with this kind of global culture of beauty that is circulating throughout the world I grew up watching movies in the 70s and the 80s where actresses like Rekha or rocky or Hema Malini you know the nice hourglass figures you know padded sort of more what I call traditional looking embodying a certain image that was close to home what home was then pre globalization now what we’re seeing is a trend towards an imitation of the westernized body image these girls literally are fighting for the size zero’ which was never known as beautiful in India [Applause] [Music] [Applause] around the world the market for men’s grooming products has seen an explosive growth in the last few years there’s a new war being waged against men’s body hair manscaping it’s the act of tweezing waxing dissolving and shaving unwanted hair from all parts of your body in fact these days many men are choosing to do away with practically every bit of hair as part of their regular men’s grooming routine yes that includes the nether regions taking care of the hair down there certainly has its benefits you might say when there’s no underbrush the tree looks taller start at the hairline and shave to the base using single strokes shave in the direction of the hair initially to remove as much as you can [Music] the trend for hairlessness may have started in pornography an industry that is exponentially larger and more profitable than the mainstream film business [Music] so let’s talk about the size of this industry that’s really accurate statistics are hard to come by generally speaking they say that pornography is about twelve billion dollar a year industry which is bigger than the mainstream film industry in America worldwide they reckon is 97 billion I’m George Putnam I’d like to begin with a fact a simple yet shocking fact it is this a flood tired of filth is engulfing our country in the form of new stand obscenity it is threatening to pervert an entire generation of our American children a major factor that makes youngsters prime targets for this printed bill is the natural curiosity of youth about the mysterious force of sex you live in a society absolutely awash with porn images softcore porn images from Victoria Secrets to Maxim to music videos let me ask you a question would you all agree that the food industry shapes the way you eat would you agree that close industry shapes the way you dress so would you not say the sex industry shapes the way we have sex how could this be the only industry that has no effect in the world you cannot make sense of media images of women today without starting your analysis of pornography everywhere you look MTV movies video games everywhere you go you see images that really 15 years ago you would have found in mainstream pornography and this is the process that has happened the mainstreaming of pornography now in pop culture Oh [Laughter] [Music] [Applause] [Music] pornography has a very specific idealized image of women thin toned big breasted and above all hairless and when you think of young boys and young men getting their first introduction to sex via pornography they become kind of accustomed to seeing women with absolutely no body hair and what I have found in my interviews very interestingly is that a lot of boys and men are really disgusted by woman’s pubic hair because they’re just not used to it and in some cases I’ve even heard from my students that their boyfriends refused to have sex with them if they’ve got body hair and this could have very severe consequences when you are bringing up a generation of men who really are disgusted by what looks like an adult woman get ready to weigh in and get ready to take sides because some parents are gonna argue to you that’s just fine for little girls to get luxurious spa treatments and we’re not just talking manicures here we’re talking about bikini waxes because I’ve been brought up in a pawn culture I feel like body image is focused on a lot and growing up I always had that trouble like I have to match up to these expectations but why they’re not my expectations but they’re what society made us think that is okay the mainstreaming of pornography into popular culture has had profound consequences in the ways young girls are portrayed in the media [Music] [Applause] now this is something you are seeing across the media you are seeing younger and younger girls made to look like women and this can have incredible implications and consequences for young girls it’s right here in my closet [Music] [Music] there’s a kind of marketing that’s called aspirational marketing and that’s another example of how children’s just normal developmental evolution is exploited it’s perfectly normal for little kids to want to be like older kids and the market in industry got the bright idea of saying well if preschool girls want to be like teenagers let’s market to them as if they were teenagers and it began with Barbie [Music] virtually every classic toy has followed the trend undergoing a radical transformation glittering nails new LEGO Friends welcome to beautiful heart Lake City at the beauty shop Emma’s styled and ready to go we began to see makeup marketed to every younger girls now you know there’s lingerie for four-year-olds as preschool girls and their parents are told that they don’t want baby dolls and they don’t want to look like little girls they want to look like teenagers that becomes the norm in the market [Music] I think that the sexualization of children is not so much about sex it’s really about consuming that the real point is to turn these children into consumers at a very young age if you can a rava size shopping in childhood then you will get these people lined up at the malls for the rest of their lives what they’re doing is they’re conditioning girls at incredibly young ages to feel that how they look is what’s most important about them that their love ability depends on their sex appeal and that they can buy this look and this sex appeal if they just choose the right products and try hard enough boys are not immune to stereotypes and are also heavily targeted by the advertising industry and mass media but with very different messages here we have the original GI Joe from 1964 and I’m afraid that my copy here has lost a couple of his limbs because I have shown him at various conferences around the world but as you can see a 1964 GI Joe if he were my height or were the size of an average man would be a perfectly normal-looking man he has no large biceps or chest muscles or any any particular muscularity but now let’s take a look at GI Joe 10 years later from 1975 and as you can see now GI Joe has started to spend a bit of time in the gym and then by 1992 we see that GI Joe is not only been spending quite a lot of time in the gym but maybe even has taken a touch of anabolic steroids here and there so this is sort of a graphic illustration of this evolution of focus on muscularity just over the span of a few decades [Music] video games and virtual worlds are impacting both boys and girls nowhere is this more evident than in Japan where the virtual and the real often overlap [Music] mykola anime manga dead men Okinawan on occasion : r ni Mecca Akita Yokosuka with gusta no ichiban osusume re sonner look upon your death Dibble not Susan Connie nodded eau de una carta Rihanna Cancun Montezuma the story of akb48 is emblematic of what the future may have in store for us akb48 is the most famous music group in Japan with over 80 members all girls ranging in age from 13 to mid-20s their concerts music videos and product endorsements have made them one of the highest earning musical acts in the world their members are everywhere they are constantly talked about their every media appearance carefully dissected by fans so when a never-before-seen girl starred in a high-profile commercial for the candy company gleeko discussions about her set the media and blogosphere on fire when they cootie Amy first appeared in her commercial this was without any type of announcement from the production company [Music] for many fans there was a moment of disbelief was this a new member of this idol group that we had never seen before was this a new member who was going to be promoted at the front because she was featured prominently in this advertisement in the center the guchi ie me even appeared on the cover of the Japanese magazine weekly Playboy which referred to her as the ultimate love bomb fans of the group were in disbelief never before had they witnessed such an astronomic rise from obscurity to fame [Music] something didn’t sit right and it was only later and in part through the detective work of the fans themselves that they came to the conclusion that she was most likely a kind of a digital composite of the various members of the idol group itself finally of course the production company did reveal that a Gucci Amie was in fact a component of the leading members of this idol group akb48 [Music] the virtual Idol here represents something that is beyond life and death it becomes an object of timeless beauty and pleasure this may very well be one of the first moments in human history when the line between real and virtual has been successfully blurred we’re going to see real models replaced by these virtual bodies that will be created by a computer so this then will become the image against which real women and girls will be comparing themselves if tomorrow women all over the world looked in the mirror and if they liked what they saw reflected back at them then we would have to reshape capitalism as we know it because how many industries survive on the fact that women are incredibly self-loathing which of course did not come from nowhere it came from the media which is also tied into many of these industries if you take away that self-loathing that women have then you will see industries all over the globe go bankrupt so what I really think the young women need to understand is that you are being exploited and you are being manipulated and you are being seduced into hating yourself as a way to generate astronomical profits that keep a very few very wealthy at stake here in terms of who controls the media is what kind of society we want to live in the question becomes do you want to live in a society that is owned and controlled by a handful of corporations who determine the nature of our visual landscape do you want a handful of corporations to determine what femininity should look like what masculinity should look like what sexuality should look like or do you think that we as people should have a right to determine our own cultural images that we should have a right to decide what kind of culture we live in and especially what kind of culture our children grow up in I think that’s our basic human right it is not a right of the corporations ladies and gentlemen the distinguished author mr. Aldous Huxley brave new world is a study of the future as it may be unless we are extremely careful it depicts a society in which man has replaced nature by science morality by drugs individuality by total conformity it is a hideous prospect yet we seem determined to follow this path of self-destruction but brave new world need not be our future the choice after all is always in our own hands and our own hands have never been this powerful throughout the entire history of mankind public discourse was tightly controlled by a small cast of wealthy individuals all this changed in the 1990s with the advent of the Internet today an individual with a device connected to the Internet can spark a revolution a blogger can be heard as loud and clear as the CEO of a fortune 500 company a 14 year old is getting credit for inciting change in one of the biggest teen magazines in the industry Seventeen magazine promises to get real about beauty after an outcry in May Julia bloom she organized an online petition asking for one unaltered photo spread per month Disney is said to be retreating now from its Princess Merida makeover sisters Lexi and Livesey hiked on a mission to help growth take back their beauty and they are countering cosmetic surgery billboards with billboards of their own they’re also speaking across the country telling girls and their parents to reject all messages that make girls believe their bodies are not good enough across the world there are almost 3 billion people with an internet connection 70% of them are online every day eight new people start using the internet every second and there are more than 130,000 new websites created every single day this has the potential to be an almighty digital army that could be mobilized for change challenging the status quo creating healthy media taking on powerful corporations that profit from our insecurities [Music] I could tell you that we’re capable of anything that we can start a sea-change but it won’t be the whole truth we’re in for a fierce long challenging battle the other side has almost endless money and resources at their disposal it’s not going to be easy but it’s definitely going to be worth it [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]

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