The Horticulturist: Chris’s Story

♪(Music Playing)♪ I was a finalist in the Australian Apprentice of the Year at the Australian Training Awards 2015. I found that the awards process was fantastic. I grew a lot as a person and met a lot of people that had achieved a lot in their careers, and that was great to receive that mentoring I guess going through the process. ♪(Music Playing)♪ I came to Australia about four and a half years ago and actually left a nine year banking career, and really just wanted to take the opportunity to take on a career that I loved and had a passion for, and horticulture offered that for me. ♪(Music Playing)♪ The thing that I loved about the apprenticeship was that I didn’t have to just focus on study. I could work and I could still earn money while I was doing the apprenticeship, and that’s a great benefit. ♪(Music Playing)♪ The main thing that I learned through doing the Certificate III and the Diploma of Horticulture is that there’s an expanse of subjects. There’s hundreds of subjects you can choose from, and they range from plant identification all the way through to business management, and for something that I want to do in the future looking at opening a retail nursery, it’s something that opens up your skill base and allows you to really focus on a lot of subjects within horticulture that will help you to build that career and build on that goal that you have. ♪(Music Playing)♪ I’ve worked at Garden World Nursery with my apprenticeship for the three years that it took me to complete that, and they’ve been a fantastic support. They’ve offered me, you know, that opportunity to expand on my skills and to work towards other job roles. So I now do a buying role in the nursery which I got promoted to about a year and half ago, and that was through my apprenticeship. So that’s been great to have that opportunity, and I think it’s really important to have a good employer that supports you through that process and allows you to grow through your learning and through your work side of things too. ♪(Music Playing)♪ The Apprenticeship Ambassador role was offered to me following on from the Australian Training Awards. I think talking to people about what I do and about apprenticeships is something that has really been, you know, something I’ve been able to push forward through with the Ambassador role. I think if you’ve got something that you’re thinking of doing and that, you know, you have a passion for and you love doing, just go for it. The Certificate III and the apprenticeships allow you to push forward with that and really to hone in on those skills and that passion and to grow it. So I think a real message for people wanting to go into an apprenticeship would be just run with it. Take that passion, go for what you do and just love it. ♪(Music Playing)♪

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