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  1. Isn't it odd that in spite of the lower tech roesources of trheir time older folks seem to have had a far more effective education than the kids of nowadays? Technology has come to help, but what's more important is that it must be coupled with the most apropriate methodoly and totally rid of ideological indoctrination.

  2. And to put it all into a context, Marshal McLuhan had the idea that technology is an extension of the human

  3. Totally wrong, spent my entire education from 1980-1993, we used films, and overhead projectors.. tv what is that… The films we watched were from the 1950's…computers??? Oh the crappy Apple IIe that no one, and I mean no one had a clue about, apart from making a shiity turtile walk across the screen, and for playing Lemonade…

    hahahaha.. digital age.. omw… I got my first computer January 2000, I was scared of y2k, nd got online in 2002… 15 years later..let say I use more data in 1 hour today than I did in a month in 2002.. My 4 year old ipad has more computing power than the 1st 3 computers I bought combined… And the ipad cost less!! A whole lot less…

  4. Wicked video, thanks. And if anyone has any general information on Manuscript Transcription or it's impact around the time of 382AD that they can share, it'd be really grateful if you could send it on. This period of time seem really pertinent to my current research inquiry into how technology enhances education

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  6. But the foundation of education is still based on social interaction between students and teachers

  7. cool! thank you so much for such an inspiring video :3 i'm searching everywhere for the history of tech in study and found this, thank god :3

  8. I like the way that they predict the way they used to use technology in the past. I also like the I like the way they predict howI like the way the predict how they use technology in the past. I also like the way its animated . I hope I can do that stuff when I get older.

    I like the way they predict what they did with technology in the past. I also like the way it is animated. I wish I could do technology like that when I get older.

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