The Herd 7/19/2019 – Tyreek Hill Should Teach Us Patience

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makes me feel Tiger Woods continues to scuttle at the Open Championship and apparently the Knicks and the Spurs are at war or I tell you welcome in I'm Doug Gottlieb and I'm actually joining you from Greensboro North Carolina where I'm coaching tonight in TBT that's the basketball tournament it's the tournament for two million dollars with grown up grown men professional players many of them overseas guys some some guys that played domestically we're getting that a little bit later but I want to start with the breaking news in the National Football League which is Tyreke Hill is still a member of the Kansas City Chiefs and will not be suspended a game not a game not a practice nothing nothing so I look the NFL obviously is gonna get crushed on social media it's gonna be portrayed as a head in the sand this is only about football decision they're going to be portrayed as an organization that has a disconnect between their fan base and you know what I have no idea what Tyreke Hill and his the mother of his child actually did but I kind of understand this one right I kind of get this one look I'm at Oklahoma State alum Tyreke L had arguably the greatest individual play in the history of the bedlam we'll call it a rivalry it's more hammer and nail between the history of the bedlam rivalry his last game as a member of the Oklahoma State Cowboys they're playing Oklahoma in Norman Bob Stoops punts there's a penalty on the defense on the punt he chooses to punt again which is I mean it wasn't even hindsight even at the time one of the most bizarre decisions he or any football coach has ever made he's the best return man in the country he's proven to be by most people's account if not the fastest in the conversation of the fastest players to ever play collegiate or professional football and Bob Stoops punted to him again Tyreke Hill took it to the house and Oklahoma State won the football game by the way that's the last time Oklahoma State won in less than a week later he was he was arrested and charged with domestic violence same woman and that's part of this discussion he had to leave the university he ended up transferring obviously he was drafted far later than he would have been otherwise and he has reemerged in the National Football League as not only a dynamic kick returner but one of the most dynamic receivers in the league today you combined his speed his route running his past catching his versatility running it out of the backfield jet sweeps reverse just little screen passes to him with his just ability to take the top off a defense combine that with the superpowers of Pat mahomes who might well have the strongest and most accurate arm like there are strong arms there are accurate arms he seems to be both and then you have an offensive savant like Andy Reid and it's a match made in heaven on the other hand on the other hand you have some of the past the Kansas City Chiefs where you know they had a player commit suicide a couple years ago they had to get rid of the the the NFL's leading rusher because of a domestic violence you know domestic violence incident and then Tyree Killzone baggage and you have a match made in hell right I mean even going and acquiring Frank Clark this offseason as a free agent who came over from Seattle who had his own DV issues going back to college before he became a member of the Seattle Seahawks but but this is a very important thing that we have to point out as members of the media I wanted to do this for maybe five years ago Doug Gottlieb in for Cohen this is the heard on Fox Sports Radio I I wanted to have fun on a Wednesday Tuesday's NFL teams have their press conferences and on a Wednesday what I wanted to do is have my staff added up some of the things that were said in NFL press conferences and when taken out of Concord out of context when taken out of context guys can say things that come across obtuse offensive bizarre you can cut up audio without changing words and but just cut certain sentences out and all the sudden it becomes almost a faming and I feel like what we've what we have today is the NFL saying hey we have the full audio they've actually had it since april they've gone over it and while when I heard what was released from the Kansas City Polly TV station when I heard it I was like wow that does not sound good there wasn't a smoking gun but when I carried in the bias of what he had pled guilty to at Oklahoma State what the police had stated which was we believe a crime occurred we just don't know who did it when I brought in that bias when I brought in that baggage I was like man they're gonna lose Tyreke he'll four for six maybe forever his his fiancee or she was his fiancee at the time refused to have an interview with them they had the full audio they interviewed him for eight and a half hours in June and to this point they can prove no wrongdoing and what this what what to me this says is what I've said on radio people said to me as kids as a kid I've said to my own children which is I don't care how bad something looks at least be honest with me answers the questions with me because sunlight is in fact the greatest disinfectant I mean if you go you go back to why did why was Mike Vick why Mike Vick go to jail like Mike Vick didn't just go to jail because he was operating a dogfighting ring Mike Vick went to jail because he was supposed to meet with Roger Goodell he did he lied to Roger Goodell face and you continued to lie about it and once the truth comes out and there are and there there are facts there are evidence there's nothing we can do to protect you from from the police why did Tom Brady get suspended look I didn't agree with the Tom Brady suspension I have no idea who altered the footballs but once you destroy a cellphone once you destroy evidence you're showing the world that even if your argument is hey there's lots of on that cellphone that I don't want getting out and everything from NFL investigations seems to get out but once you do that you feel like you're not being honest you're not being upfront and in this particular case whatever is in the full context of the audio all right like I've always wanted to cut up audio and make fun of NFL players NBA players and I've had friends like dude you just can't do that and the recorded conversation while it may not completely expunged him of any sort of wrongdoing it appears it's not as damaging as we were led to believe that there's a lot more context to it there's a lot more in that conversation and Twitter does not rule the world twitter is not gonna be happy social media is not gonna be happy but if you think that Roger Goodell in the National Football League who have been knee-jerk in their protection smartly so of their shield especially in the nationwide and a hopefully kind of worldwide fight to protect women against the violence from men if you think that because Tyreke Hill's speed and prodigious athletic ability that's why he's gonna field like I gotta tell you I don't see it that way my guess would be there is nothing there like look there's literally nothing there otherwise there's no chance the NFL would do this it's just too risky they did a thorough investigation and to this point they're like look we got nothing she looks bad he looks bad does it sound bad to say you should be he should be terrified of me or but by the way she put that word in his mouth there there should be a little bit of healthy fear from a child as well as respect for their parents like I can just be like my wife tells me that all the time that hey the kids are a little bit scared to eat that's okay that's okay I've never laid a hand on one of my daughters the other one's gotten smacked on the backside back when she was little I was a spanking parent though my wife had when we first had kids were like we're not gonna actually was her decision we're not gonna be the parents that spank and for the most part I don't think we have maybe two or three times ever I've lost my cool I've never done anything to the level of that could be construed or misconstrued as being dangerous or you know or over the top with my kid and I grabbed them to get their attention yes I have parented them it's a hard hard line to walk but instead of taking the cut up audio when we never had the full audio and using the context in which it was supposed to make us feel and I will be completely cam when I heard it I thought man he's done with the Chiefs especially considering his own background the guys they've had the issues they've worked through you almost want to credit the NFL for going like all right let's find out what's real and let's find out what's assumed and since they can't find anything that's real they have no choice other than to let him play football and put in the line or two about like the investigation is still open if more information comes out we reserve the right to act then I don't think it's a great moment for the National Football League but I think it's a good moment for all of us to take a breath and realize that charges and accusations are just that and that the NFL an organization a league that has trying to be extra careful because they know they've botched this thing six times sideways that the NFL can't find anything with the information that's been provided they can't find anything to that says he absolutely did it and with that they're left with no choice but to let him play football Doug Allie Ben for Colin this is the heard crazy stuff and just from a football perspective from a none like human being and look I feel bad for any child who has to go through if he didn't do anything wrong or he didn't do anything that the level that we thought she should be charged with or he should be suspended for or whatever I still feel for the kid because he's in a home situation that's so toxic that his mom would try and set up his dad to admit to abusing him what he didn't like there's there's no win for the kid either the dad is violent towards the kid the dad and the mom are violent towards the kid or the mom thinks so little of the dad that she wants to she wants to set up the dad to make it look like he did something wrong and he should be charged with a crime like either way the kid loses all right coming up next speaking of the truth getting exposed Jim Harbaugh rattled the cages of Urban Meyer and Ohio State and Florida football was he wrong we'll discuss next I'm Doug Gottlieb this is the hurt be sure to catch live editions of the heard weekdays at noon Eastern 9 a.m. Pacific on Fox Sports Radio fs1 and the iHeartRadio app you probably know that Marie Antoinette never said let them eat cake but here's something she did say that she was led to the guillotine rant that accidentally stepped on her executioner's foot her final words were I'm sorry I didn't mean to do it I'm Dana Schwartz and I'm the host of noble blood a new podcast from I Heart Radio and Aaron maintained each episode focuses on a single story from the life of one of history's most fascinating Royals from Marie Antoinette during her final days to the baronet lost at sea who might have reappeared as an Australian farmer the world is full of ill-fated love affairs bad decisions and family drama but firm honour the personal determines the fate of Nations and when you're wearing a crown mistakes tend to be deadly listen subscribe at Apple podcasts or on the iHeartRadio app or wherever you listen to podcasts Doug Gottlieb in for Colin this is the heard all right so my old producer is a guy named Adam Klug obviously John Goulet our stud newsman is also producing this show Doug a live in for Colin and we we all kind of go back together to the old place and Goulet you can appreciate this that clue came up with something you you're familiar with what the what the Tyson zone is right Tyson zone I believe is a Bill Simmons coined phrase so we'll give credit to everybody who used to work at the old place bill Simmons came up with the Tyson zone and the idea of the Tyson zone is there is no story about Mike Tyson that you wouldn't believe to be true have you said like Mike Tyson once tried to get on the space shuttle to fly to space they'd be like yeah I can see that I can see that you know Mike Tyson once punched a bear right in the mouth like I could I could I could see that right Mike Tyson there's so many crazy Mike Tyson stories that are apparently true but there isn't a Mike Tyson story that you wouldn't believe to be true that's the Tyson zone so my old producer is SEC alum the George alum to be exact so he's long-suffering Georgia fan so he coined this phrase the Spurrier zone because generally this time of year back when Steve Spurrier was the head Ball Coach by the way if you have you hear a radio host say old Ball Coach they actually don't know what they're talking about he had HBC on all his gear with head Ball Coach but the head Ball Coach would say things that were from the heart were honest and he just got past the point of actually caring and because he had won a Heisman Trophy won a national championship heck even taken him takes that Carolina dalit Lana yes to see champion game that's just like with a national title but the head Ball Coach was in the Spurrier zone like he could say like man we should love playing Georgia first game of the season they always had a couple guys suspended and you know what he was right maybe maybe maybe it's because he won a national championship he won a Heisman Trophy he'd won at Duke and he had a kind of a way about him which was enjoyable and he was at a certain age where he didn't actually care but it does feel like Jim Harbaugh is kind of the latest and and save it has a little bit of this but it's not as enjoyable there's not the humor with it there's not the the the smile of the smirk or walking around at the first day at two days with his shirt off so Jim Harbaugh leading up to Big Ten media days offered this up in regards to Urban Meyer and he said you know and I'm kind of quoting verbatim here that herb Meyer has been incredibly successful a remarkable record but controversy has followed him everywhere he's been this is this is Jim Harbaugh Urban Meyer's had a winning record really phenomenal record everywhere he's been but also controversy follows over where he's been now in fairness I don't believe controversy followed it at Bowling Green I don't believe controversy followed to him at Utah but we knew what he was talking about I mean it's a Florida squad that had all kinds of off the field issues but also had Tim Tebow right like he had the I mean like when he put up when you put asparagus spears next to a stake right I mean t-bo's the asparagus spears and the steak although delicious because of how it's cooked in butter and with fat like it it's also be gonna kill you which was the Carlos Dunn bat Dunlap's to Aaron Hernandez is the the rainy kid as well me had he ran the gamut and then of course at Ohio State there was the domestic violence accusations against his former assistant and what he knew and why he hired him back at Florida and what he did about it now the first thing is we should point out that he didn't say he was a dirty recruiter although you could if you wanted to take that leap you could and he didn't say that he had done Urban Meyer had done anything in particular wrong he simply said everywhere he's been he's won and controversy followed him I kind of feel like that's an arguable I I can defend or admire for his actions last year if you'd like and I'll point out that herb Meyer now works for Fox of course and Fox is a new pregame show and he's gonna cover Jim Harbaugh and he's gonna have plenty of opportunities if you would like to have a retort or if he'd like not like not to that's part of taking taking that job is he'll have a hot mic you'd be able to say whatever he'd like but this is seen as controversial and it really isn't it's actually in arguable he has had a great record and his two spots were stops where he won a national championship yeah they have been controversial that's it there's nothing more to it now hardball goes on to say like look we have goals and our goal is to win multiple championships but also to want to run a world-class program where we don't have these issues and to Harbaugh's credit there haven't been the controversial off you know off the field things like the only things you can criticize Jim Harbaugh about is how he can't be the last night and he does some goofy things in recruiting but the goofy things and recruiting seemed to be working because it's a much better program than the one he inherited and the only thing missing remember last year was the redemption tour where they marched in and you know beat Michigan State marched in and beat Penn State and they're beating the hell out of people but they did lose to Ohio State and they did lose the Notre Dame I mean somehow because Harbaugh hasn't beaten Ohio State this is seen as sour grapes and maybe it is but if you actually look at it he's not saying anything which anyone can argue otherwise unless you want to go with the well you know Bowling Green or at Utah that guy's fine he did a great job at Utah he did a great job at Bowling Green no one will ever argue with our my has-been next to Nick Saban and frankly alongside Nick Sabo the two most successful coaches so far of this generation of college football Dabo isn't quickly catching up and Harbaugh would like to be mentioned that conversation but winning a couple national titles of Florida winning one at Ohio State being consistently successful and dominating the Michigan rivalry like it's beyond reproach on the football field but it's not without controversy and I fail to see how how that's arguable and in many ways Jim Harbaugh if he can't win a title now said we would recognize the things he says the quirkiness the honesty the I don't give up you know what Harbaugh has always been tiptoeing around he would fully enter in that Spurrier zone where you can say what you want however you want about who you want and just be a complete honest salesman because well Harbaugh played college pro brought San Diego to prominence took over a team that didn't win a game at Stanford and left them as competitive to win a national championship same thing with the San Francisco 49ers and would do the same thing with with Michigan because of his success because of what he did as a player and as a coach and like Spurrier at his alma mater if he could he would enter the Spurrier zone Spurrier got away with it because Wow he'll you know I maybe it's because he's southern it was charming Spurrier wasn't even successful in the pros whereas Harbaugh was but it's also cuz he's won a national championship in college let's get you to John Goulet with the news Doug Dwight Howard was on fair game with Kristine Leahy on fs1 yesterday and he talked about the time Kobe Bryant called him soft this is the year he was with the Rockets after his one pretty disappointing season with the Lakers take a listen to this he had a comment about me being soft and I think for years I kind of hated him for saying that because I looked at it the wrong way I think he was moreso talking about my mentality not my physique or not yeah you know how how I am on the court like your edge like my ears I and I didn't realize that because of the noise surrounding him saying I was soft and you know I I hated him for that moment so if if you're paying attention to that what he's basically saying is he was angry and not even as offended as he should have been because he thought like Kobe was insulting his physique and said he was actually just insulting him as a man what is your reaction to that from Dwight Howard I don't know what the physique has anything like who thought his physique was soft hey that's the one criticism you can't make of Dwight Howard he was always been huge there's an expression in sports it goes like this body like Tarzan plays like Jane right and I think that's that that was more what he was saying and yes of course she's talking about its mentality he was talking about like look dude you got all these muscles you got muscles upon muscles but you don't actually do anything with them I don't know anyone who thought he was talking about his physique I listened to that interview I thought Kristine did a good job of weaving in and out of it like he came out and said he's not some guy apparently and I don't even know some guy accused him apparently being gay and he said he didn't even know the guy and like in a lawsuit I I Dwight Howard has some internal pain but my thing with Dwight Howard was he was KD before KD he was the first to listen to everybody's criticism of him because he did play with a ton of joy and smile and a smile on his face but then when things went bad he listened to all of the whispers and he was so busy reacting to the whispers he couldn't play anymore actually a buddy of mine Galen Young who was drafted by the Bucks I mean now a college coach he actually just reached out to me and he's like he's Dwight Howard a hall-of-famer yeah I think he is I mean he's three-time Defensive Player of the Year a time rebounding champ like yeah before he hurt his back he was the most dominant big guy in the league and granted the league has changed a ton but in the context of that time he was unbelievable but I this guy his mentality was so screwed up that he actually thought the idea that he thought Kobe was talking about his body when nobody thought no one would ever question his body as soft is one of the most bizarre tangents I've ever heard I wonder if cuz I don't think I'm breaking any news here that those interviews on fair game are recorded I wonder if maybe at the time he was thinking he might sign with the Lakers so he was just trying to show how he's cool with Kobe now because he knows that Kobe has a lot of pull obviously since then he's he's not gonna be signing with the Lakers but he's still what's odd to me is he still like kind of statistically a good player but nobody wants him cuz everything has moved away from that style of play that he does well there's that there's a there's a bunch of things one yes he is a player of a foregone era right he's the he's the hump he's the Hummer of the NBA you know he's like you know back in 2004-2005 you had a Hummer and you're rolling down the street you're like that's a cool car now but it's like let me make those anymore which is exactly what Dwight Howard is in addition to which he just struggles to get along socially but guys Nia in the NBA he just he just he's so aloof and so bizarre I had a coach tell me that they did some background on thinking about bringing Dwight Howard in last year and the Wizards brought him in last year and another coach told me like there wasn't anyone they could call that had something good to say about him and wasn't that he was an awful guy but there was no one who said like you know what he's awesome no one said that and when you get you know reputations are earned so Baker Mayfield did a long interview with ESPN this week and we keep seeming to find more and more content in it to pick from it when asked about obj leaving the Giants in a trade to the Browns he said quote he's here to play in front of fans who actually care who will actually show up to every game and pack the stadium and love him for who he is kind of an out of the note out of nowhere shot at the Giants fans don't you think it's yes I but what's the wind yeah it's just to just say we have the best fans in the world right every every player who's ever played for a team has the best fans even though they're not the best fans in the world I'm plenty of brown seats or you know when they when they only one when they didn't win a game for a year there are plenty of seats available and I do think that the Browns have a great fan base they do but so do the Giants and you know how many years can the Giants be bad at the end of the season when eventually you don't show up it's just this just Baker being Baker he's talking out of his rectum he has no a literally a zero idea what he's discussing I mean this is he did the same thing with the Duke Johnson thing you know you don't wanna be with us like hey Duke Johnson like yo I'm one I'm still on the team too he's got friends in the locker room and three this is the league like in the league if there's three guys at your spot I got to get out of here's where I can get touches when I can get yards so I can get paid what are you talking about the Baker has no idea what he's talking about this is Baker Mayfield playbook and I will tell you Baker Mayfield I've told calling this for two years he's a great leader guys in his locker room generally love him because everything he says everything he does in his mind and his way is simply to protect his team his fans and that's it and this is just another case of trying to promote Cleveland having the greatest fans on earth while defaming the Giants fans who have no effect on him because he's never gonna play for the Giants it doesn't really matter the only defense I could come up with is is it possible that Odell wanted him to say that that this was fed to him as like hey take a you know to mean like or is this something that maybe Odell expressed as something that bothered him in New York and Oder and Baker is just becoming the hey give me all your problems and I will I will voice them for you I don't know sometimes Baker Mayfield should follow the old adage it's better to remain silent be thought of fooled and to speak and move all down Third Point that's the news well that's the news John middlecoff form NFL scout and he has this podcast and the heard podcast network quick promotional note I have my own podcast on the heard podcast now we're talking all ball it has Khalid Al Amin we have a long talk with Khalid Al I mean for a point guard for UConn for a point guard of Chicago Bulls played 15 years overseas as well that's part of my all ball podcast as well some basketball peeing in there John middlecoff joins us were you a cleat el-amin fan oh he's joining us now I'm sorry I died in showed it alright so we'll catch up with John middlecoff and we'll find out tarik Tyreke he'll not being suspended how big is that and wait to hear what John Elway said about Joe Flacco that's upcoming next time Gottlieb this is the hurt be sure to catch live editions of the heard weekdays at noon Eastern 9 a.m. Pacific 26 million calls connected on the battlefields of Europe it doesn't mean anything if you do not have an operator number 4 minutes and 33 seconds that changed the course of music history it is best understood feet and is least understood fie 28,000 seconds or 10 episodes of the podcast ephemeral are all available now listen to the full first season of ephemeral and subscribe on Apple podcasts the iHeartRadio act or wherever you listen to podcasts and learn more at ephemeral that's show Doug Gottlieb in for Colin this is the heard on a Friday lots of talk about the gnash football league running backs over valuing themselves or at least presumably over valuing themselves Tyriq hill won't be suspended even a preseason game or practice they act despite the accusations the domestic violence by the mother of his child and of course we have John Elway saying don't worry we finally got this right we have Joe Flacco as our quarterback let's welcome in John middlecoff who joins us three now is the podcast in the heard podcast network as a former NFL scout let's start with running backs obviously there's two very different running backs Melvin Gordon was the first one to come out and say like hey you know what if I don't get what I want I'm going to sit now for people who don't know Gordon's different than Le'Veon Bell because he's under contract this is the fifth year of his rookie deal he'd make five million in change the Chargers made him an offer that he did not feel was respectable and so he continues to threaten to sit although obviously he hasn't missed anything as of yet what's what's what are your thoughts on Melvin Gordon and the ground he stands on trying to hardline negotiate with the Chargers yeah I think he has you know some solid footing that their team with Super Bowl aspirations they're a team built to win right now and he's one of their key cogs you know on their team they drafted him high he's done everything they've asked in terms of being a good guy now he's battled some injuries that the things he has going against them and she battled some injuries like you said they've extended an offer so it's it's not like they're unwilling to pay him but there is I think you have to be prudent in terms of you can't overpay these running backs especially a guy with an injury history because we see what it has done to the ramps and flips face and Todd Gurley is a much superior player and you at the time you paid them you felt better about that now it looks way worse a little bit later but I don't know I mean I'll be shocked if they don't give them some sort of little kicker but what if he doesn't take it I mean they have a lot of other guys to pay on this team that you know I think you are you that are much more important given how hard it is to replace them so I don't know I mean that the Chargers have a history of being a little cheap being a little tight with money I mean we've seen the payouts from the meteorites we know all these teams have the cash but you do have to be smart about how you allocate it and I'd say paying a running back even one that you draft in the first round you know can get can get you in trouble yeah look III think what's interesting is everyone wants to use he wants to use the Todd Gurley deal but the Todd Gurley deal looks like a bad contract and if you want to use the Le'Veon Bell contract you just can point out hey lady I'm Belle contracts so bad the GM who signed it got fired shortly thereafter like those those may seem like comps for for your house if you will but those are not quality comps and if you're the Chargers you were able to win without him you've offered him a deal I've been told it was in the ten million dollars a year variety for the first couple of years in the mid 20s in terms of guaranteed money or he could roll the dice play for five and a half they could franchise tag him he'd make roughly eighteen million over the next two years so that's their encounter lies there bump and he has to decide do I want to show up and or not and if I don't unlike Le'Veon Bell there's there's fines that they can levy because he's under contract for sure I mean a couple of years ago maybe it was last year might have been two years ago they gave the Atlanta Falcons gave Devonta Freeman looking right now about twenty two million dollars so that's a little less than the guarantees that levian got but ever since they gave him that contract he's been injured he struggled to stay on the field and that's not twenty-two million you know in pro sports guaranteed isn't that much but again when it's a running back and then that player you know you go you play two seasons and he only plays 20 games that's a problem you know he'll enough that's the biggest issue you know for the most part you know an offensive lineman you know a defensive lineman you know a wide receiver are probably going to be there with these running backs at any moment you look up at their game logs and they played 9 of 16 games and when you've allocated a lot of cash to them that hurts he's only been healthy one in the last four years and you don't get health as you get older right no no one gets healthier all right what about a Zika Elliot the Cowboys are trying to navigate the the Dec thing now Zeke's like hey I want mine how does that end up III think this is pretty simple you know Doug you have kids and I talked about this on my podcast if your son gets in trouble at school he doesn't ask that day to go play with his friends like Zeke you just got in trouble and you've been in trouble countless times like I don't think this is the right time to kind of take a hard-line stance you need some more cash like just just lay low you know Jerry's had your back every step of the way you were the number you know number four overall pick he got twenty four million dollars and does his 50 or option next year is nine million dollars like the money that all these guys want so at the end of his five years of the first round pick he'll have made almost thirty four million dollars and again Jerry Jones is his biggest supporter who when that draft room wanted to take Jalen Ramsey he's like no I want Zeke and then he I mean two years ago when he got suspended he went toe-to-toe with the commissioner and Jerry was ticked off so I I don't understand if you're Zeke it's one thing if you're playing for Belichick and you know at any moment he'd get rid of you and doesn't care about you that's not the case here like Zeke this guy you know he's gonna like you more in the NFL than any other GM or any other coach in the league he's got your back you know he wants to pay you plus you know he's the guy cutting the check so he will pay you but come on bro you just you know you were acting like an idiot in Vegas now it wasn't a suspend abyss but you caused Jerry a headache and you had to go see the Commissioner just to even let this leak out that you're thinking about it to me is a borderline embarrassment and I know the media now is so pro player but this be universally kind of you know the stance on this one from our perspective should be come on Zeke you're in the wrong here buddy yeah yeah this is this is the guy who's who just got caught in an uncomfortable situation with another woman then going to his wife and saying hey I'm what do you think about a guy's about a guy's trip a guy's golfing trip and she's like no now is now is not now is not the time John middlecoff our guest 3 now is the podcast I feel like the NFL not punishing Tyriq Hill tells you they got they got nothing that the the audio though uncomfortable and leading led moat many of us to believe that something bad happened in the in the full audio has to either vindicate him or have no smoking gun in it because we've seen them suspend guys for for what they assumed to have happened why do you think the NFL to this point has walked away put put the gun back in the holster in terms of how they're handling Tyreke heel in the domestic violence case why do this I know the Chiefs people pretty well and they are they were very very confident two things with Tyreke obviously what happened when he was at Oklahoma State you know they took a chance on him but ever since they've had him they think he has been nothing but a model kid like that they they sign off on him they go to the mat forum where if you talk to them about Kareem hunt they thought it was the opposite so when this happened they believed everything he was telling them and my take was always simple like I think most people with common sense if he did it he should go to jail you know but if he didn't you know sometimes these the way it snowballs on social media can be uncomfortable with us just saying this guy's guilty before none of us know but I think your question about the NFL I don't know it doesn't make much sense because it does feel like they've nailed a lot of people who have also been in a position where you know it's just kind of unclear now you know obviously a lot of people stood before Roger and said they were innocent and he still suspended them so I do understand the people that go well this doesn't make any sense it doesn't add up I would I would tend to agree I I don't quite get it cuz you would assume even if they were unclear and they couldn't get her to testify in front of the league which obviously she has zero legal ramification to talk to Roger Goodell but she doesn't have to do but you think they just give him like a to gamer you know for basically just putting your name you know in front of the league I mean Reuben foster Doug he's obviously injured now but the time when last year at Tampa Bay when his ex-girlfriend came and she claimed he hit her which proved to be another lie they still they docked it they didn't suspend him but just for getting arrested the team hotel again on something he did not do they took away two game jacks so that there's not there's not really much consistency with Roger Goodell III would say this one's a little head scratcher I would have assumed even if they thought he was innocent just for dragging the name of the shield you know through the headlines he'd get a couple games so big win for the Chiefs I mean it's I'd say non quarterback you could argue he's the best offensive player in the league I mean he's an unstoppable force so from a football perspective there's a pretty big game changer for the NFL no question no question and combined with Pat mahomes and that offense completely changing the dynamic of that could couldn't stop him thanks so much John John middlecoff three-and-out is the podcast download that in the herd podcast network guarantee we're gonna overreact to seven things the first week in the NFL season tell you what they are next in the heart one more herd the herd streams 24 hours a day seven days a week with in the iHeartRadio app search her to listen live or on-demand whenever you like hey it's RJ pal host of be straight out of Vegas podcast joining along with the Vegas pros who know as we give you the vaguest perspective on the biggest sports stories of the day sports batters listen for the money sports fans listen to no more than their bodies we deliver the Vegas truth to you and we do it every single day that's my personal promise hi heart radio is number one for podcast and it's easy to see why buying straight out of Vegas with RJ pal on the iHeartRadio app or wherever you get your podcast what up welcome in this is the herd wherever you may be and however you may be making us part of your day thanks so much I'm Doug Gottlieb filling in for the the fly-fishing again today Colin Cowherd is he an old river runs through it Colin Cowherd I want to be a fly on the wall I'm getting on the next fly fishing trip no question zero questions Colin actually does that he actually I know if he's ever done this to you Goulet but he'll say like man you know buddy you taught X Friday won't you come like cuz I'm filling in for you Colin kind of hard to do so yeah there's been a few we should have a big we should have a staff outing out in Utah right sure let me just line up to pay for all of that so I can come join you at your house no bagel Friday today at the Fox lot cuz we're not on the Fox lot or at least I'm not in the Fox lot Doug Gottlieb in for Colin the iHeartRadio app for Fox Sports Radio my man Eric wood who last years his first year being retired now is gonna cover college football for the ACC Network will join us upcoming in 15 minutes we will talk a little bit of of ACC football but a lot of NFL because of course for a decade he was a tremendous offensive lineman Oleg so I I'm sitting here thinking guys are reporting now to training camp I'm taking my show to the rams camp on the 29th of July that's a week from Monday like it's basically here summer for football players is can I over and it happened really fast we're almost to August August is training camp is hard knocks is preseason games is the hype machine and once we get to September it gets real and that realness in September whoo is not really what it would seem but that doesn't stop us from Cub doing it this way right so what we did was we put together what we think there'll be seven overreactions upcoming in seven weeks we're 7 weeks away from the NFL week one of the season starts September 5th is a Thursday so that seven weeks from last night in September 8th is of course the first Sunday of NFL games Packers Bears hundredth year the NFL longest rivalry in the NFL will open the season kind of make sense you've got some amazing matchups right from Colts take it on the Chargers which I love Rams taking on the Panthers what will Cam Newton's arm look like assuming that he's back Atlanta and Minnesota two teams they're consistently hyped and the culmination of course on Sunday night is New England without Le'Veon Bell without Antonio Brown taking on Sumi Pittsburgh without the lady on bail without Antonio Brown taking on the defending champion New England Patriots all right like that's a that's a good Sunday any Sunday that begins with that that begins with the Rams and Panthers Titans and Browns Chiefs and jaguars and ends with Patriots and Steelers that's a good day that's a really good day but this is what we do in the NFL we massively overreact to one game like one of the things the college football season allows us to do there'll be some early season games that are really in the first week II games but we do who are like wow you know they're college kids there's no preseason games they're still figuring out and then they have a couple of games against Sisters of the Poor and then we get to real football what it builds up and generally the teams that you knew that you thought were good Alabama and Clemson we're gonna be good and they'll be good at the end the only question is can they beat the Georgia's of the world you know can they win the semifinals who comes out of the big 12 between Oklahoma and Texas and it's such an Michigan and Ohio State but the NFL because there's so much turnover year to year week to week we own overreact seven weeks from now there are seven things that we're going to overreact you remember last year it was Aaron Rodgers and an improbable comeback on Sunday night football against the same bears Kaleo Mack after being traded was ridiculous in the first half but then he seemed to run at a gas this year's game is in Chicago but this year's game they won't have no one will have seen Matt Lafleur's offense combined with Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers before that Thursday night game like they're not going to show anything in the preseason and so a fully healthy Aaron Rodgers with a wide receiving core which has yet another year to evolve a defense in the second year in the Mike Patton system on the road against the Bears a team who he has consistently no matter how good or bad the Bears are dominated seven weeks from now Matt Lafleur's can be a genius what an incredible hire I like look the time where Aaron Rodgers leadership and evolution will be challenged will be when they face adversity when he plays poorly when the offense six weeks in gets figured out when people have tape on what they're doing with Aaron Rodgers within that system but week one is not that week with no book on Rodgers inside that offense Roger against the Bears and a Bears defense which by the way lost their defensive coordinator to the Denver Broncos it feels like seven weeks from now we're gonna be sitting here going see Matt Lafleur was a great hire he knows Sean McVeigh and that makes him a great coach seven weeks from now it feels like we're gonna call the Patriots dynasty over for the fifth sixth seventh eighth time right now look a realist will point out that it wasn't just Brady but Brady Brees and other older quarterbacks like a Philip Rivers faded down the stretch it is the same Tom Brady who threw two and what should have been three interceptions against can city chiefs like he did not perform well late in the season up to his own standards and whether it's father time or the fact they don't have a great receiving corps now they've lost Rob Gronkowski they've lost guys in the defensive side of the football going against up against the Steelers team that this is their Super Bowl this is their this will be their chance to prove that they're a better team in spite of the fact they don't have as much talent without Le'Veon Antonio Brown and the Patriots always seem to come out of the gate slowly because they use the first four weeks as extended training camp weather was Detroit last year or Kansas City couple years ago how many times have we seen the Patriots get dismantled in season where you go all right now is the time I'm selling my Patriots stock knowing full well they get the Bills twice the Jets twice the Dolphins twice and ultimately they'll be in the playoffs and they'll be fine but the power running offense is designed for late in the year they are built to win in the playoffs much like Shaq was never in shape in the regular season Tom Brady Bill Belichick though they will pretend to care and will learn a lot from it seven weeks from now we're gonna be saying the Patriot honesty's over seven weeks from now I kind of feel like Ryan Fitzpatrick will have once again proved the skeptics wrong maybe Josh Rosen is the starting quarterback as they take on the Baltimore Ravens where you have two of last year's rookies going up against each other but Fitzpatrick has been a guy who consistently has shown that in short doses he can light up the leak but in longer doses means Ryan Fitzpatrick fits magic eventually wears out and the backup comes in or the starter comes back and he's the better quarterback it happened in Tampa last year it they the last time he had a long-term contract was with Buffalo we know how that ended ryan fitzpatrick week one of the season feels like a locked up cinch if he can win the start that'll throw for four hundred yards and will somehow say that we were all wrong about Fitzpatrick when if you've watched him when the case study in Ryan Fitzpatrick is always the same a couple of really good games he starts to force things his lack of arm strength tends to come back and get him now he's playing outdoors unlike week one of the season last year he played indoors granted the warm weather helps him because of his age but ultimately he gets exposed and against the Ravens defense which lost all of their dynamic pass rushers seven weeks from now we're gonna say man just too much scoring in this link we have gotten away from what football is about too much scoring too much throwing not enough running in the football defense doesn't matter because the rules are all set up for the offense the offenses will be ready to go younger quarterbacks will be throwing the ball and get we're getting rid of it more quickly only having half the field but we'll have we'll have ridiculous numbers because early in the season they call everything on the defense everything every pass interference or even ones that aren't called can now be reviewed every amount of contact close to the head or using the head will be penalized every defensive hold will be called why because in order to get attention or to grasp the fans the fantasy football fans the first month two months the season is about offense offense wins games defense wins championships OH seven weeks from now we're gonna sail Avion bells out of shape right doesn't just feel that way they take it on the Buffalo Bills playing at home first week of the season and Le'Veon won't look like his old lady onself or maybe he will but it's really hard for Le'Veon Bell who likes to get to the line scrimmage and yawn and take a nap and then make a cut to play that way when you're not used to playing with Le'Veon Bell and he might not have the burst having to had a year and a half off of football like the idea that a guy I who hasn't taken a snap in a year and a half who chose not to go to OTAs who will likely not get many carries in in the preseason will somehow be sharp as a tack week one of the season seems hard to believe he may have fresh legs but he won't be fresh cutting the football Le'Veon Bell will be will say he's a complete bust even though at the end of the day he'll find a way if he stays healthy to put up yards to figure it out they'll find ways to get him the football Adam GaSe will make it work maybe he's overpaid but without a great offensive line without a ton of knowledge of how to play with him and without playing football for a year and a half lay down is not going to be sharp no one is when they have that much of a layoff and and lastly don't we think that Kliff Kingsbury is gonna look like a genius don't we just assume that a new offensive system with a new young quarterback where they're gonna fire it up and fire the football whether or not they win whether or not it's sustainable won't seem to matter to those of us in the media we will overreact and say the Patriots are done then LaVey ons out of shape that Matt Lafleur's a genius but Kliff Kingsbury air raid style week one it'll work because people won't have seen it but much like young quarterbacks or even starting pitchers it's the second time around where people figure you out seven weeks from now we'll overreact to the NFL we always do I do it Cohen does it you do it as fans we do it on every Network and those are my seven guesses on what will happen Doug Gottlieb in for Colin this is the herd Erik woods gonna join us upcoming next we'll do a little NFL and get his thoughts on what in the hell is Baker Mayfield talking about well what did think I'm a photographer I'm also gonna ask him no one's discussed the bills they made a dramatic dramatic draft pick going back a year ago what will they look like in year two and can anyone beat Clemson in the ACC or even compete with Clemson in the you see find out next in the hurt be sure to catch live editions of the heard weekdays in noon Eastern 9 a.m. Pacific on Fox Sports Radio fs1 and the iHeartRadio app this is the outcast a weekly podcast about what it means to be queer today by out magazine and it's suffers I'm your host Fran Toronto the deputy editor at out magazine this label gets thrown on her she doesn't necessarily identify herself that way everything you see on drag race you saw in Paris it's burning I just want to be like miss major speed and soaking up her brilliant listen and subscribe to the outcast on Apple podcast the iHeartRadio app or wherever you listen to podcasts Doug I live in for calling this is the herd I thought it's the perfect guy to have on today as we get ready for NFL training cams he was part of it for he's part of the league for a decade decade and last year because of a neck injury right he had to retire and well I mean just watching his kind of evolution transformation Ally he was just aimed at analysts for the ACC Network obviously with his with his background having played in college at Louisville and now getting a chance to cover what I think most would hope would be the Reformation of Louisville football Eric wood joins us here in the herd would your first camp as a pro your 20 what 23 years old out of college what do you remember you Frank in my first camp we had the Hall of Fame game so we had an extra weekend camp that little bonus week and I was the first rounder back with all first rounders pretty much had to hold out the contracts weren't slotted like they are now and shoots the bills didn't start negotiating with me until I believed until camp started so I missed the first week I was sitting in Orchard Park bored out of my mind out of my apartment tell my agent to give me a deal and so I showed up after about a week and did pretty well I felt like early in camping that we go to play the hall of fame game and we go to play the Titans and I had a couple welcome to the NFL moments in that first preseason game they played their backup so I had a DNA on Dover me had a three technique who worked me a couple good times and pass for a we threw an interception I got blasted my helmet came off my shoe fell off on the play was from humble beginnings go you now fits your first camp fits a Fitzpatrick was a backup right wasn't Trent Edwards maybe the start well who is the starter your first year to start the season yep it was trying to Edwards and we had switched to the no huddle offense a lot of turmoil we we fired her off at the coordinator at actually after our last preseason game so that we went into the regular season with a new offense and it was a pretty tumultuous and then we go to play New England in the opener at New England on Monday night and really should have beat him in Leodis McKelvin fumbles that kickoff if you remember that game and you know we start the season oh and one we had high hopes but and missing the playoffs you keeping that streak alive okay so why why couldn't Ryan Fitzpatrick sustain the success because he took over that year and he's pretty good and the next year you guys struggled and eventually you guys drafted EJ Manuel and he was out but that was the longest tenure that he had why couldn't Fitzpatrick sustain his success you know you know you could say a lotta talent around him you could name it on a number of things but it's just super smart he's aggressive you got the time we just didn't have very good teams you know we had a better defense 2011 we had a great offense that year and Fitz put up great numbers you know we have a better defense to make the playoffs you know I think he remains the starter there but you know I'm a huge Ryan Fitzpatrick man I think everybody is that's plagued with them and I would imagine that's part of the reason he's bouncing around and getting started Giggs I think it'll be an NFL record he starts and throws the pass for the Dolphins at any point this season so really rooting for my boy fish now in Miami this year okay so here's a hard question because I think you're working with each EJ Manuel is gonna work with the ACC network but EJ comes in and he never really lived up to the billing how long does it take the line the offense to know if you got a dude you know you know comes in and we were supposed to have Kevin Cobb on the roster who is going to be the starter let EJ grow under him well he got a concussion in his third preseason game which ended his career EJ in that same game tears up his knee and I lick tourists meniscus our third preseason game so going into our fourth preseason game we rested Jeff tool an undrafted free agent because he was likely going to be the day 1 starter so EJ ends up starting that year starts the season for us was a torn meniscus you know we had a first-time NFL offense coordinator that Nate a kidding he knows a number of things and I actually had this conversation with EJ recently it's dumped on a young quarterback that doesn't have a better and backup or even a veteran starter in front of him that he can kind of learn from but when you're a first-round guy you're expected to start right away and I'm fortunately for EJ it didn't work out and Buffalo and that once you kind of start bouncing around he went to Oakland was back up there and then was in Kansas City this offseason recording decided just to kind of transition to the media side and move on from the ACC Network Eric Wedd joining us a longtime Buffalo Bill now an analyst for the ACC Network I do want to call on your HTC Network skills in a moment obviously you were you around the Bills last year you had expectations a play for the Bills last year what starter what's your assessment after watching Josh Allen for a year and I like Josh Solange and actually I'm going to be the bills radio analyst this year as well so kind of double dipping college football Saturdays and then head wherever buffaloes playing for Sunday and call their games and you know I really love josh is a better athlete than I ever was imagine I can do it while with his leg so I think the bills want me to do a whole lot more with his arm this year and not take as many shots stay in the pocket more they added some weapons they added a ton up front for him and I really liked his game and now in this year – with the same offensive coordinator back Brian Dave all hopefully just continuity with these new receivers new ally it really take a step forward this year because you know when you take a quarterback in the top ten you're kind of all-in on him but you know Matt Barkley backing them up has been around the league has some experience to really pour into him and hopefully he'll take a big step this year how is he accurate enough like that was that was the big question he can throw it a mile it's got great body great athlete is he accurate enough you know and that'll be that'll be a question mark heading into this year because because that time last year and I believe last year he progressed in his accuracy and any I think a lot of accuracy in the NFL comes from anticipation timing continuity with receivers you know you put Joshua Allen out of a football field and tell them throw through the hoop you know most quarterbacks in the NFL are probably pretty similar in a drill similar to that now you take a top a guy like Tom Brady he knows exactly where his receivers gonna sit now he demands those guys as well so that's part of it but Tom knows exactly where he wants the receiver to sit the guy sits right there and you put the right on his chest you know there's been times you know through my time with the bills where we go into a season with another new offense with another new set of receivers and you see quarterback accuracy issues and sometimes it's an error throw and other times it's just a lack of communication and lack of continuity you mentioned lack of continuity you told me this once Eric would joining us how many head coaches did you play for seven head coach to the nine years now that includes two interims Rex got fired midseason – so – dick Traum but you know seven head coaches in nine years and she's probably just as many offensive coordinators probably more offensive coordinators right I mean right right yeah well yet one get fired in the preseason so there's two and two in that year I mean you probably probably won't but it's hot as a catch-22 right sometimes yeah hire a guy and he doesn't have it and you got to get rid of him on the other hand there's no way to know maybe fully if he has it or if he can fix it because you don't give him even less you give him more time have you given more time and only snowballs and gets worse right on making those decisions but you know I talked to Tom Brady after a game one time probably two or three years ago and he was talking about how you know josh mcdaniels was back but even when Josh was gone they're running a similar offense so every year they're installing the same offense and they bring a lot of guys back you're here and then you know his his running back to coach was there for twenty years Dante's car Nekia their offensive line coach he took he was away for a year or two he comes back he was with this 18th year I think with Tom Brady at the time you know when you have a staff like that now granted those are all excellent coaches but when you have a staff like that you continue to build now you know exactly where guys are supposed to be everybody knows exactly what they're doing it just makes it easier to go on perform on Sunday last thing in regards the NFL how did the Patriots do it defensively because a lot of their personnel is not big-name personnel and for years they haven't had a ton of playmakers on the defensive side of the football but you want to get for nine years you went against the Patriots it's a very very limited success but you knew what you were looking at defensively what is the secret to that sauce you know it sounds simple but they take away they try to take away each week what you do best they're gonna try and take what your best playmaker whether that coverage for a receiver with an exploding the box burner running back they're very multiples so you might prepare for a scheme all week and now they roll out this different scheme but then you have guys with concrete responsibilities that do the same thing every time so it may be a four down front and now they give you the three down front well they're not asking guys to do crazy stuff they say okay Howlin Branch for instance who was there or Vince Wilfork he's still going to gap a guy he's gonna put his hand to read well they could kind of put him wherever they want and just ask him to do the exact same things and how multiple they are kind of confusing offense especially early in a game they're generally going to give you a blitz or two that you haven't seen and then they're going to take away what you do best to make you beat them in a different way that you're comfortable doing and then they're not going to turn the ball over a whole lot on offense you're not going to give any short fields so you just have to continue to suspect and sustain success throughout a game which a lot of you just aren't able to do against them Eric Wedge joining us now analyst for the ACC Network as well as the radio analyst for the Buffalo Bills longtime Buffalo Bill joining us I'm Doug Gottlieb filling in for Colin this is the herd from the college side can anybody I mean like I get a and M they got a am coming in early in the year but clemson has their most difficult games at home and the league is just you know it feels like you're a year or two away from Florida State being back you know Mac Brown just got to North Carolina can anybody legitimate ly give clumps in a game in that Lake I mean I don't this year you know Clemson returns a whole lot of talent off that excellent team that had last year that won the national championship and gave it to Alabama in the championship game you know they play Syracuse early in the year Syracuse has given them some fits over the last couple of years but you know um see just has an absolute tremendous amount of talent on their team they're well coached and I don't like anybody's chances I said I was looking at their win percentages projected win percentages against each team and I think the top two teams that have you know a slight chance against them would be a em and I think their next closest game was South Carolina so not a whole lot of credit being given to the rest of the ACC and they truly are the class of the conference right now you know with Florida State down Virginia Tech's not at the top of their game Miami's not what would they once were you know Clemson should run away with it when you see Trevor Lawrence what do you see you see an NFL ready quarterback a guy that can make all the throws have some athleticism extremely poised last year for 18 19 year old kid and I was impressed how even how he interviews you know he looks the part he acts the part those are the types of guys that I think the NFL wish there wasn't that three-year rule because not saying teams would be tanking for him but I think he'd be the number one pick coming out after this year yeah he's especially the problem if you change that rule is now you have so many who aren't ready who would come in right he's the exception and normally the rise you need it you need a you need a couple years but he can't wait to to hear you covering both the college game and the pro game appreciate you joining us as we get ready for training camps to open thanks be our guest on Fox Sports Radio never get together waiting for a flight and you asked me what I wanted to do and I said man I just wanted in and you made about five calls on my behalf and I don't know if any of those are the reason that I got to gigs this year but I'll tell you what that meant a lot to me so anything I can ever do for you you know that brother what are you the best thanks for joining us Ben Eric Eric wood Eric wood joining us by the way that's the that's the that's the Colin Cowherd that's the there's there's some other guys Brian Anderson of course works for Turner Sports I mean that's the pay it forward you see a guy who's good you hear a guy who's good you tell other people if this guy's good because you know it doesn't matter if it's your sport or somebody else's sport they everyone deserves an opportunity to display their talents I'm Doug Gottlieb filling in for Colin this is of course their heard you know he was talking about Trevor Lawrence and we're talking by Josh Allen and some of the younger quarterbacks obviously we're going into a season where Saints the Chargers the Patriots all have older quarterbacks that we feel like we can count on to deliver based upon their years of past performance but there is something that you can count on which is not a positive from those quarterbacks tell you what that tell you what that is that we get to the news with Jonglei this is the headline news dug it was a rough outing in the Open Championship for Tiger Woods he looked to be in pain he finished six over which is gonna be about five shots off the projected cut line here was Tiger after his round this morning I just want some time off just to get away from it had a long trip to to Thailand then try to get ready for this event play this event it it's been a lot of travel a lot of time in the air a lot of moving around and different hotels and everything I just want to go home bad I just want to go home you ever been one of those trips you've been on a trip like that you're like yeah I'm I'm good and ready to go I've definitely been on the golf course before where you get like halfway through the round in your life golf a DD you get to like the 14th hole you like you're just going through the motions you just want to get to the 19th hole and have won you know actually sometimes it gets so bad where you don't even want you're like I don't want to have a beer and reminisce about this round I just want to go home just want I just want to go home how disappointed that Tiger will not be part of the weekend and the final major of the year oh it's awful it's bad for the sport but more than anything like I feel for the I feel for the I look this is professional sports like professional sports at the highest level I mean I think I think Tony Bennett said this right when they were beaten by even collegiate sports oh they're beaten by Maryland Baltimore County all right UMBC Hey look everybody only thinks of this except when you step into the arena everybody only thinks of the success like you can get humiliated really fast John Smoltz might be the best pitcher I've ever seen John Smoltz was a Hall of Famer as a starter and a closer he was great and he's an unbelievable analyst and apparently a great golfer too but if you remember Smoltz eat guinea in his career as a Boston Red Sox and and not go well no because like there are just times in which the next generation steps up where you're gonna be to look like you don't belong out there and I mean Jason Kidd at the end of his run and I'm not saying this the end for Tiger Woods but Jason Kidd's last playoffs there's he could make a layup it just goes on you really quickly and you want to be anywhere other than on that professional playing surface and that's where Tiger Woods is that's how bad this weekend was it does it doesn't sound good either when he's talking about he just needs time off and we all kind of feel like we haven't really watched him since the Masters you know he hasn't really been in the majors he hasn't made it towards the end and he's taken so many weeks off I feel like he has been off so I feel like we're getting robbed of more Tiger Celtics GM Danny Ainge has been doing some damage control this week in regards to NBA free agency he said a couple days ago that plan a was bringing in Kemba Walker and enes kanter which no one's really buying Kanter friend of the show I love when we've had him on but I don't think he was the preferred big over keeping Al Horford he is now saying that he knew this season Kyrie would be leaving to go home take a listen between March this to me seems more like I don't know that anyone blames the Celtics for losing Kyrie but it kind of doesn't look good when he's going back and saying oh no no we knew all along he was gonna leave yeah I mean I don't know I mean you know Danny ain't saying that Kemba Walker was plan a maybe they did a great job of keeping it secret it obviously wasn't a secret to many people because we felt like he was emotionally disconnected and out by about March or April but I look I I do think this is this is some spinning there's some spin doctoring from Danny Ainge well I think they did a great job I really do considering they lost Kemba and they didn't want those last two years or fir'd in year three and year four in the 25 million dollar variety I think they did a very good job you know Kemba is not as good but maybe maybe a better fit and they're gonna do the they're just gonna throw a bunch of numbers they got top rebounder in France to be a big bulk inside you know they they they draft a under size 5 for 5 men as well out of Tennessee like they did some nice things to replace them but your spin doctoring and if you're telling us they expected all these things to happen and that's the news done well that's the news Gottlieb in for Colin this is in fact the heard coming up next we're forgetting how some NFL star quarterbacks actually finished last season even if they finished last season in the playoffs we'll discuss that next but first go further than ever with the discover it miles card they automatically match the miles you earn at the end of your first year so your 35,000 miles could become 70,000 it discovered it miles limitations apply discover match for new card members only learn more at discover dot-com slash travel be sure to catch live editions of the heard weekdays at noon Eastern 9 a.m. Pacific hi this is Mark Murphy and I'm the host of a new podcast from iHeartRadio called food 360 some of you may know me as a chef and a New York restaurateur maybe you recognize my voice is one of the judges on Food Network's chopped I've been cooking for over 30 years but I'm not done learning about food yet and you shouldn't be either join me as we take a 360 degree look at history science culture and more all through the lens of food it's about sugar rate and understanding mylar effect it's chemistry it is protein and fat and heat I was a American chef opening a restaurant in New York City which was highly unusual her new I was at the new animal of the zoo you know let's go see that new animal Z striped when you're writing the recipe itself don't be flowery don't be purple get that information across really what's riding on your recipe is someone else's dinner be sure to subscribe to food 360 on the iHeartRadio app Apple podcast or wherever you listen to your favorite shows Doug Callaghan for Colin this is the herd Fox Sports Radio Fox Sports one thanks to Eric wood radio analysts for the Buffalo Bills longtime Buffalo Bill and of course College Wireless for the ACC network for joining us you know what we're gonna do we're gonna do this and radio shows do this locally all the time they do that the mic Francesa the old mic in the mad dog when the schedules that come out well that's that's a win that's a lost dog that's it that's a loss right that's that's what people do is they look at schedules and they assume win and loss and we assume that players will always perform up to their reputation or resume injury notwithstanding and I do think it's kind of interesting how how we look at how how we look at these older quarterbacks in the National Football League what what has happened what has allowed Tom Brady Phillip Rivers drew Brees maybe more so than Ben Roethlisberger because been wrought Spurs coming off a 5,000 yard season which he didn't play in the playoffs but Ben if you know about Ben he he's had arm issues late dead arm issues late in the season in the past and I believe the past two off seasons he's told people like I don't even throw football won't pick it up but but the others like one of the reasons that Phillip Rivers and Drew Brees and Tom Brady have been so good is in pre-season they are workaholics every year the Saints and the Chargers scrimmage and Brees gets to bring his family up from San Diego and they they always film these these crazy like trick shot videos between Brees and rivers and they have a lot of fun but if you talk to people inside those organizations they actually don't like it because they would prefer if breeze and rivers don't throw a football like these guys are such perfectionist they're so good at their craft that it doesn't hurt him in aux August it makes him sharper in September and into October but once you get to December I do we not remember Tom Brady's struggles late in the year against the Buffalo Bills and I know he lit up the Jets but the Jets were trying to be bad and had accomplished that task by the end of the year lame-duck head coach who was going to be fired and he had four touchdowns and no interceptions but just before that against Buffalo he to her 126 yards he was great against the Chargers as they're playing with the lead he had two interceptions against the Chiefs and probably had a third you know if not for the offside call and even in the Super Bowl while on the last Drive he was great he didn't have a touchdown pass he threw an interception and he looked human Tom Brady is in fact 41 years old true Brees is in fact 40 years old look at Drew Brees late in the season like what we're going to do is we're going to walk into the season do to do to do and expect 5,000 yards or 4,000 yards from all three of them and the truth is that that that Rivers has the best supporting Melvin Gordon shows up to work he got the best supporting cast he's got three good running backs he's got four good wide receivers he's got a hundred Hillary back healthy he's got it all kind of all going for him but look at his production lay in the air and don't give me the the Patriot game they were down 28 to 7 before you could even could get up and go for popcorn rivers Brees Brady all struggled late in the year because they're in their late 30s and into their 40s and at some point you've thrown too many footballs it's the it's the what happened would its Clayton Kershaw who wasn't you know once you get to the seventh inning with Kershaw especially because in the regular season Kershaw carries you at two hundred and thirty some-odd innings and we can because there are no heir apparents you know there's no really no heir apparent and with the Chargers there isn't truly an heir apparent although I mean like look if I'm the Saints I don't think it's crazy to throw if you want to throw a teddy bridgewater instead of throwing Teddy Bridgewater out there week seventeen of the season why don't you throw Teddy Bridgewater out middle of the season let him play a game let him play a couple of games give Brees the weekend off it would give you a better chance of having a fresh Drew Brees late in the season these guys have made their way to being Hall of Famers because they're workaholics they love to prepare they have to know the timing and execution with their wide receivers of where they're going to be and how they're going to be and how they want to throw a football based upon the reads and based upon the throws and based upon the different angles but at some point father time does catch up but it doesn't sound like an all of a sudden you can't play football it's later in the year even if you don't get a hit you start to get that dead arm and maybe you have week 17 off and maybe you have a bye in the playoffs and that helps you kind of regenerate some momentum but if anything the Chargers I mean the the Saints are in the best position they could throw Teddy Bridgewater out there in the middle of the season for a game or two games and I think they would get a much better Drew Brees late in the year it is very it is the least discussed most discussed in front office issues with these teams because with the Patriots all anybody's talking about is their wide receiving core and how do you replace Rob Gronkowski with the Saints it's what our offense gets stagnant and can we continue to build on our defense with the Chargers is can we please stay healthy can we continue to find ways to protect Phillip Rivers because when he has a clean pocket he's tremendous can we not get down so early cannot have a bad start to the season and can Joey Bosa stay healthy but inside those front offices hi man we got some old pieces it's like it's like on a Sunday Drive right Sunday Drive you can break out the old Cadillac on a Sunday Drive you can go get the convertible and dust it off and cruise it around in the summer but if you start driving around that Sunday car Monday through Friday driving through traffic to work there's gonna be a day in which it breaks down older cars just break down more they do older players just break down more they do and the more reps you have though it will refine your offense though it will sharpen the execution between your wide receivers and the quarterback it's the it's the beauty and the genius to to to Peyton Manning was he was such a workaholic that even with a bad arm he'd have a good arm especially outdoors in Denver he knew exactly where he could throw it because they worked so hard together but man once you got that dead arm you got a dead arm and it's it's hard to overcome a lack of arm strength in the NFL the NFL today chose to not suspend Tyreke Hill for even a moment for the latest domestic violence accusation against him why I think they got it right next in the hurt one more heard the heard streams 24 hours a day 7 days a week within the iHeartRadio app search her to listen live or on-demand whenever you'd like what up welcome in this where ever you may be and however you may be making this part of your day thanks so much I'm Doug Gottlieb filling in for Colin Cowherd so much to get to today we'll talk some college football upcoming also I'll give you my thoughts on dak Prescott who to this point has not been signed to a long-term contract detention and in truth the Cowboys don't have to give a long-term contract extension and today marks the 15th anniversary of a famous show which will make you feel old will make you feel old look a lot of people are reacting to Tiger Woods having you just he's just do we have the SEC we get that sound again this is Tiger Woods this is what this is what it sounds like there's there's a little bit of this have you ever been on a long trip never been a long trip a long business trip or whatever and you know things aren't going great and you just you miss home and you had a bad meeting you had a bad interaction you had a bad meal so that it's a bad place is just like I'm ready to get this is what the end of every vacation seems to sound like here's tiger woods earlier today I just want some time off just get away from it had a long trip to to Thailand then try to get ready for this event play this event it it's been a lot of travel a lot of time in the air a lot of moving around and different hotels and everything I just want to go home I just want to go home I just I would just like to go home I mean imagine if he like the rest of us had expenses and expense reports like man I gotta find my receipts and I got to return the rental car and I got to remember wait tonight tell them I wanted the gas option or no gas option he don't even have to do any of that as I'm out in Thailand and then I feel here and then I'm there my back stiff of my neck stiff and I can't hit the ball straight and I I've been awful on the golf course I just want to go home everything I just want to go home just want to go home just ready to go ready to go got it noted but we we have this in sports where we affect older athletes to either never perform or always perform I got a new back-and-forth with Jason McIntyre Jason McIntyre usually Friday's right here usually Fridays he appears on on Colin Cowherd show he has his own show on weekends here on FOX portray the form of the founder of the big lead and he was tweeting on Serena Williams's I don't know what is 2:00 and 7:00 or last nine like major finals and my polish like she's 38 years old when you're 38 years old you don't always have it it doesn't mean you never have it it means you don't always you're not as consistently great as you used to be and as the competition that the the challenges the level rises you can go back to the well as much as you want just sometimes there's nothing in that well it reminds me there's a Toby Keith song that's right on Cowen Colin Cowherd show I'm gonna bring up Toby Keith Toby Keith has this great song for ladies dudes who you're a little bit past whatever Sports prime life prime or whatever it goes a little something like this I ain't as good as I once was but I'm as good once as I ever was I think that's perfect like Tiger Woods isn't as good as he once was he used to lap the field in majors and he was as good ones the Masters as he ever was right and it's it's how often can you be consistently competitive and to this point he can't it doesn't mean he won't compete in majors in the future but the challenges of getting ready for the Masters the majors are much are it's much more compact they're not as spread out as they used to be because they moved the PGA now inside the Open Championship right they've changed the order of things dramatically and he's older and this course was challenging because then play they hadn't played it and they open champion since 1951 so it's not like Augusta where he blindfolded you know he could shoot par on that course he's older he's different his back isn't perfect and he puts so much into the Masters that he's as good once as he ever was but he as good as he used to be all right then the other big story of the day which is gonna be the story of the weekend and the next week is the NFL has chosen at least at this point to not punish Tyreke he'll now most of us heard the audio and it was a secretly recorded conversation between his fiancee and him where-where-where she got him to say like yeah he should be he should be frightened of me you should as well it felt it felt a little like entrapment in it it just did felt like she was leading it leading the witness and getting to say things and there were moments in and again this is only the leat part of the recording where it felt like he was admitting to something he was giving something up in the conversation but ur said that he laid a hand basically said this is a you know where I'm not only to blame you're to blame as well so the NFL comes out today and it's like look we just we don't have any evidence she wouldn't talk to us he did for eight and a half hours we didn't have any evidence and in spite of the fact that Twitter has already convicted him and roasts him at the stake and so of we I mean like look and I'm just as guilty as anybody in sports I I heard it and I'm like dude Tyree kill Tyree kill who played for my alma mater and like at Oklahoma State you don't even want to see the highlight of him running back the punt to win the game against Oklahoma because the very next week this exact same woman he was accused and pled guilty to domestic violence with but but I almost credit the NFL here because everyone seemed to be pushing them towards some sort of conviction he had to do it of course he did it's Tyreke he'll of course of course he did it and even if he didn't this is to any of the potential domestic violet ention lay a hand on a woman we're gonna send you even if you're accused of doing it that's not actually the way it works it's not actually the way it works one of the things that the Ohio State thing which is a year ago right about now and the Tyreke Hill thing which is right now is look women that are harmed mentally emotionally and beaten physically anyone should stand up for them anyone should want that guy locked up and that coupled to stay apart and this one's really hard between the two because they they have a child and they've chosen to stay together and no matter what the level of toxicity of the relationship much like the Zack Smith thing last week the last year excuse me who's the Ohio's former Ohio State coach they got a remind of roped into it like the reality of life is that people do try and work it out for the kids and because there probably was an emotional connection maybe love before this all went down is some of its Stockholm Syndrome probably but is some of it the fact that they just want to work it out for the kids sake because you're better when you have two parents in the home especially you can work through it then simply hating each other and not dealing with each other and maybe the truth is just that you're you're probably better off apart anyway but it's hard for people to see that they feel as if it's some sort of failure if the relationship is failed but maybe the bigger point is hey now sometimes the guy not do it but sometimes sometimes the women not often not always not mostly but there are occasions in which the woman will either the woman will try and make the guy look worse than he actually is and she can be a part of the problem not the whole problem not most of the problem but a part of the problem like the reality is whatever this woman did you're gonna record a conversation with a guy you have a kid with with a guy you said yes to marrying and then it leaks out to a TV station like that is if that's not an unhealthy relationship I don't know what is if you don't want to be with him anymore don't be with him anymore that's it really is it it feels too simple and I understand there are other third parts to it but the idea that you would record a conversation so look I actually support the NFL in this in that it feels like they thoroughly investigated and even though everyone told them hey you got enough you can suspend them for four games the policy is six games suspended for six games kick about it's the Chiefs get rid of him get him off the Chiefs the Chiefs have all these other issues I even said like how can you assign Frank Clark when you got this going on and you just got rid of Spencer we're like how can you do that and the answer appears to be there isn't anything there I know we all have confirmation bias and we want there to be something there to prove the Tyriq Hill is a horrible human being and he may be a bad guy he may be a booming but you have to have some sort of proof and the NFL has failed to uncover any sort of evidence so they chose not to suspend him and that's kind of the way it's supposed to work not conviction by social media not conviction by mob mentality conviction by actual evidence isn't it great news there's a quick and easy way you could save money switch to Geico it only takes 15 minutes to see if you could save 15% or more on car insurance go to and see how much you could save well turn to college football next could this be the least interesting most exciting season much like Warriors Cavs three years ago we discussed next in the herd be sure to catch live editions of the herd weekdays at noon Eastern 9 a.m. Pacific on Fox Sports Radio fs1 and the iHeartRadio I dug olivine for Colin this is the herd you won't believe what TV show began 15 years ago today and it is it is fascinating on how things change you know like honestly Goulet I've been doing national sports trade and effort this is my sick this will be my 16th year right 16 yea 16th year so and if you guy can kind of go back to when I was in college you know the big 12 was relatively new when I when I got to the big 12 in 1997 so I've kind of seen the evolution in devil the evolution of conferences and of programs and it's been fascinating and we've lived through the decade of dominance by the SEC come out the other side and now it's now now it's it's Clemson who is the is the Challenger to Alabama of course with all of these with all of these media days you know every team of course had the best recruiting class ever unbelievable offseason strength coaches got these guys kind of locked in you can't wait to get after it Barrett solely joins us of course he worked for CBS and covering college football for what feels like my entire professional life span as well have we helped me out with this have we entered a season like this before where we feel like it's a foregone conclusion who the two teams are going to be standing at the end yeah I think 2004 when everybody expected Oklahoma which obviously had lost the national championship game to LSU the previous year to play USC which earned a share of the national championship the year before and I think those two teams were one in two the entire season with the exception of Auburn might have jumped Oklahoma for one week late in the season but that was the year Albarn went undefeated but didn't win the title but the only one offhand that I can think of is that when when Oklahoma and and USC were were head and shoulders above everybody else going in based on what they had done the year before and and really did just let up and and other than that know we sort of had seasons where you expected Florida and Alabama and the late you know late 2000 to meet up in Atlanta but not really it hasn't been like this in a long time it does feel like we're yes so much of it is what is the the bias I'm thinking of what things something that happened most recently bias in that because Alabama lost the Clemson we forget that Alabama probably should have lost to Georgia right Georgia choked that thing away they miss a field goal and all of a sudden they get tight and Alabama makes a change at quarterback and the rest as they say is history when you know look Georgia returns their quarterback they return a ton of talent they've been recruiting at a similar similar level to Alabama are we just do we dismiss mentally in our mind how good Georgia was how close those two programs are because of the recency bias of what the final score that game was and they didn't play and lose to Clemson sure without a doubt I mean you put a title next to George's name and they're in that fraternity and I'd say they're much closer to being in that fraternity than they are the you know Oklahoma Ohio State return be below them you know I think they've proved the recruiting the secret about Georgia is that it almost cost Alabama the national title game last year because of Kirby smart did to nick saban the previous year and his desire to sort of match up from a recruiting perspective what curry was doing so what he did nick saban he he hired a younger more energetic more recruiting centric staff prior to last season and and that's essentially is what he cost him the national title because those guys were not very good actors in those coaches Georgia is certainly in Alabama's head I don't think there's any question about it I think the mistake last year Nick Saban made by going younger from his coaching staff is a direct reaction to what Kirby was doing on the recruiting trail Nick obviously tried to fix that but it doesn't change the fact that Georgia's roster is is almost if not as good as Alabama and Clemson and I think the one thing standing in the way of Georgia is that they still have a relatively new head coach I mean a new in the sense that Kirby smart entering his fourth season ever as a head coach and you know when you're when you're new at this sometimes you make dumb mistakes and Kirby certainly did in the SEC championship game with that ridiculous fake client but you still got there he still took Alabama to the brink and you know had had one ball bounced one way or the other you know over the last few meetings you might have had a title so you know that that's the one thing standing in a way in the way and it's not necessarily a knock against Kirby smart it's just a statement of fact that he's you know still sort of finding his way I think he'll do it he might do it as early as this season because the lessons of the last two years definitely stick out in his mind you know he might not say it publicly and he might not say it in front of cameras but he's been thinking about that loss in Atlanta 24/7 365 sin no question bears silly join us you're in the herd I'm Doug Gottlieb filling in for Colin you can follow him on Twitter Barrett is be AR re to T's and slays s a ll to ease a lot a lot of double letters there but it's interesting though because Georgia not being able to get to finally beat to vanquish Alabama is a lot like Michigan not being able to and they haven't missed nearly as competitive last year of course couple years ago they they're you know one play away really from beating Ohio State the difference obviously is Sabin still at Alabama and Urban Meyer is gonna be sitting on our Fox desk on Saturdays let me play for you what everybody's talking about in college football this is Jim Harbaugh talking about Urban Meyer Urban Meyer's had a winning record really phenomenal record everywhere he's been but also controversy follows over where he's been so I take it as I don't think it's full Steve Spurrier right well hey controversy follows me everywhere he's been you know they go ahead and die so but I I don't I don't actually think I don't actually think he said anything that wasn't well it was wrong or wasn't true but obviously it's gonna rattle some and Urban's gonna be covering him this year what wait what's your take when you hear Harbaugh say that well he's 100% right about Urban Meyer I mean I don't think there's any question about that I mean that's not an opinion that I think a statement of fact or a scandal does and has followed Urban Meyer throughout his major college coaching career with that said I think it's a little lame that Jim Harbaugh would take that shot right now because Doug I mean you know as well as I do coaches don't answer the questions that they're given they answer whatever question they want to answer in their own head right so if if Jim Harbaugh wanted to take a subtle shot at Urban Meyer and his ethics and his you know the scandals that have followed him he had plenty of chances last year and so the idea that he was asked about it so he entered on us answered honestly that's true he did but that wasn't an accident I think it's it's you know if you wanted to take that shot you know he could have and and I don't think he would have answered that way if Urban Meyer was still the head coach of the Buckeyes but you know that's Jim Harbaugh you know the bluster hasn't matched the results that that's the way he is at Michigan and that's fine for you know from our perspective you know bring it on that's why we love you know the off season and talking season because of stuff like that so yeah I have a new was a statement of fact no doubt about it but I also think that it was it was said partially anyway because Urban Meyer no longer coaches right now yeah can we get a team in the West to be relevant in the national conversation oh yeah 100% I think Oregon can be that team this year if they get over get over the hump against Auburn because I think they have one of the best offensive lines in the country obviously a great quarterback I like how Mario Cristobal has built that roster you know because you've been an offensive line coach he understands the importance of winning in the trenches and if you can do that in the pac-12 you're gonna win a whole lot of football games you know Washington's Washington we all know what to expect from the Huskies I'm not sold on Jacob Eason as the savior but you know I am sold on Chris Peterson being a really really good head coach and I I wouldn't write off USD or Utah I think Utah is going to be one of those sleeper teams come November where you're kind of looking around saying well you know what if one or two dominoes fall we could be seriously considering them for the playoff that wouldn't surprise me at all and then USC and clay Helton I think it was just a complete shame what happened to clay Helton last year and how us these administration treat treated him but he made two straight new year six bowl games and yeah five and seven is an acceptable USC I get it but he was starting a true freshman quarterback who reclassified to it earlier recruiting class he should have been a senior in high school you know so I just give him give him some more time I think JC Daniels can be a really good quarterback I I do think the roster needs some some tweaking and they've got a ton of help from transfers it's offseason to that'll help too and clay Helton I still think is a good coach so I think of those four teams you know one if not two has to at least become relevant I yeah the pac-12 has been a disaster the last couple of seasons it is what it is but that doesn't mean they're you know it's going to stay that way forever you know in college football early in college athletics in general you have so much turnover you have so many changes and they happen so quickly you know every offseason that you know you know extrapolating one trend from a to another just it it's nice in the offseason but I don't necessarily think it's responsible in the offseason I know that AM Clemson game is is a huge one but I'm not sure there's a bigger one than Texas LSU on the seventh right it's the it's LSU changing offenses choosing to spread it out and go you know the opposite of what they've what they seemingly have done and Texas the the the question that we've asked ourselves like Tiger Woods are they back Texas back yeah I would I would say that's a fair assessment I mean I'm excited about LSU Texas I would say that Notre Dame at Georgia at the end of September might be they might have an argument there but that sort of devil's advocate I was with LSU in Texas you know I love Texas the defense's turnover is a little bit of a concern I do love Ehlinger I love that he fact that he got calling Johnson back and I most trust in Tom Herman and Todd Orlando the defense coordinator to get the job done there and LSU mean look we were down to four a week and it was the st. you could you could have just you know a flashback to last year or the year before or the year before and an LSU you know contingent will be talking about how they're going to be more dynamic on offense and and you know I mean I'll believe it when I see it mode with LSU you know I do think that at times or Geron and Les Miles back in the day were way too hands-on with the offense and really didn't accept the way that modern college football was going to be played and you know in fairness and fairness to less like look I'll be I know less obviously really well because he was he was the offensive coordinator Oklahoma State and then he was a team with tight ends coach he would the Cowboys before he came back he at least he has he's former offensive lineman former offensive coordinator former offensive line coach at least he has an offensive line background right sure adores Ron is a defensive line guy a recruiter I he had no and so the idea that he was gonna go like hey give me that playbook two years ago and which was the most complex in the sport and I got this like that one was a stunner to me and it's it's why their offense was a disaster two years ago yeah and I would say last year it wasn't what people made it out to be either middle of the pack in the SDC you know Joe burrows best work came against UCS and and throughout the season maybe before the snap was made I mean that and that's great that's fine a good quarterback can do that and he's certainly a leader there's no doubt about that but you know LSU I I just I I can't buy into them they're a lot like Michigan in the sense that okay you know the office needs help it needs to be able to win outside the comfort zone but history has shown that that does not happen with that said they're still going to be a really good you know 9/10 win team at worse because that's you know what talent does for you in college football so LSU Texas yeah I mean because Texas is back as Sam Ehlinger said after the Sugar Bowl because of what it can do to the national narrative in Texas beats two SEC teams in three games granted there's a all season in between that's a big deal and LSU going on the road with this air-quote new offense if it actually exists to one of them from more hostile environments in college football I love it I can't wait to see it it it will not only define those two seasons for those two teams but I think it'll define a narrative in college football one way or the other you know specifically how good the SEC actually is last thing there are a few hires I think when when Harbaugh was hired everybody said dad I'll probably work right that of that'll work that makes sense when Scott frost was hired especially coming off what he built at Central Florida everybody's like that'll work no doubt right like I'm in now Nebraska and playing in the big ten I think that that can be hard right they were recruiting so well from Texas back when they're in the big 12 but obviously Scott has opened those borders to Florida from having recruited there before but it's still going to be hard to get at the depth of athletic talent at Nebraska playing in the big 10 but I don't think anyone saw last year coming right last year was whatever could go wrong on the field seemed to go but it hasn't wavered like Husker fans think they got the guy they found they found the Messiah does it finally does it hit this year in year two not the way people are predicting I mean you see some of these odds and they're you know have better odds that our national championship the Notre Dame and Texas A&M and you know some other teams and I just know I'm not like that I don't buy it you know I don't buy nothing abrasca being you know a national championship contender even if it's a fringe contender could they were in the Big Ten West yeah I mean Northwestern won it last year and it was a big jumbled mess and if you win the right games then then great then you can do that but and I love Adrian Martinez I think it's a really good quarterback but the thing with Nebraska is you went from you know a coach and Riley who didn't really recruit anywhere near where he needed to be to a guy and Scott frost who comes in with pretty much a brand new system so from a depth perspective a lot of the guys are counting on on being backups don't really fit what you do and if Nebraska is going to be a championship caliber team it has to have championship caliber depth and while those players might be talented they don't fit and so by the end of the season it wouldn't surprise me at all if Nebraska has one of those regressions in November even if they are you know one of the top teams in the country even if they do beat Ohio State you know at the end of September I just don't think they have staying power and I think that's the one thing standing in the way right now from Nebraska actually being a contender yeah I think it's everybody likes him and everybody sees that they have Ohio State Wisconsin and Iowa all coming to their building and they think all right you got the same quarterback who's now a year seasoned in and and this this will be the year will we'll see your twos have been great to some of the all-time great coaches we'll see how it is for Scott frost Barrett can't wait till these guys actually crack heads against each other in the meantime you do awesome work thanks so much for joining us that's Barrett's le hui' course works for CBS let's get you to John Goulet for the news Poorna loose this is the headline news Doug the Yankees hosted the Rays yesterday afternoon Yankees after striking out on a questionable call in the second inning Brett Gardner started hitting most things in the dugout with his bat and yelling at the umpire Aaron Boone said oh yeah hold my beer and I've been told not to play the sound because it's not really clean for radio but the basic gist of it is he went on an epic tirade I would say advising the umpire to maybe improve on his day a little bit and he kept reiterating that his guys were savages Savage my guys are savages that picture is pretty good and my guys are savages it's that tighten it up but add an F word every other word savages he was ejected I would say it kind of reminded me of Costanza when he wanted to cap people go that guy got fired I feel like Aaron Boone wanted to be like now that guy got ejected making things a little more awkward it was the first game of a doubleheader so all the people that got ejected and that umpire all had to be back out on the field like three hours later all together so awkward how would you rank Aaron Boone's flip out he's known as a pretty calm guy Southern California dude and he was not hostile sure yeah Villa Park High School actually my brother got into a fight with Aaron in a high school basketball game el-medina Villa Park their arch-rivals and yeah they both were kicked out for the next game they played against each other they were allowed to play it's an all-timer because we had the microphones like we always thought we knew what some people say and I always feel like there should be a major league baseball after dark because if you ever watched the 24/7 on the hockey when they play that New Year's when they play the hockey outside like the officials in hockey we talked about savages like they give it right back to the players they sometimes even encourage the fighting or and they they keep guys away like they're completely in on the sport it's just a different a different way to look at sports and baseball suddenly is not is boring anymore when you can hear the chatter instead of reading lips you actually hear the audio of a manager and what he's saying to an umpire do I think some of it was to defend his players sure do I think some of it was a show over-the-top sure but I just what's funny about those the home plate guys is they have to stand there and take it they're getting kind of spit on by the of the of your face and they have to not laugh like I feel like if I was in that situation I would laugh I don't know how they don't break right they mean there are professional actors on SNL that can't get through Jimmy Fallon couldn't get through one skit without breaking get that umpires staring at Aaron Boone screaming at them and does not even crack a smile it's kind of impressive it's really impressive it's really really so this off season the Broncos went back to their old playbook and instead of developing a young quarterback which they are really not good at they decided to just bring in a veteran former Super Bowl MVP now the last time they did that was Peyton Manning in 2012 unfortunately for the Broncos this time it's Joe Flacco in 2019 Flacco though said he's not done yet he said quote listen I think I've got a lot left in the tank I feel like I can do a lot more than I've shown in my 11-year career I'm excited about that I would say most people don't share the enthusiasm for or the optimism for Flacco with the Broncos this year I will point out last year he was four and five a two to one touchdown interception ratio and a 61 percent completion percentage there are a lot worse quarterbacks in the league than that if he's a solid quarterback again is the AFC West just by far the best division in football it depends on the Raiders right depends on the Raiders they certainly have some talent I mean they're you know as the terms of a fourth best team there are there are worse ones than them right the worst team the answer shout tefa Bay North Carolina care but Carolina mean I think a lot of that was and Carolina great running back they have good defense but a lot of it's injury base with Carolina I think they're pretty good remember this is the two the two best records in the white sea last year the Chargers and Chiefs correct correct and I do think the Raiders are dramatically improved and I think that I think that he's an upgrade over what they had we can kill Joe Flacco they want and say well they went to place his Lamar Jackson Lamar Jackson and they they did it was because of their defense because of the line and him running the football but also they played was a weak spot of their schedule and if we remember the the Bengals were the worst defense in the in league history at one point in the season I think they improved a little bit late in the year and Pittsburgh was down and Cleveland was fine whatever yeah I mean look you have two teams that tie for the best record in the AFC last year I have no problem with you saying it's the best at the top I think we don't know what Denver is and we don't know what Oakland is gonna look like but I do think that Denver can be palatable they have a very good young running back we'll see about their defense and Von Miller the defense is not nearly as good as a reputation one one one last thing the Broncos I don't know if you know this but if you're a gambler you've probably picked up on it they always win in September yes yes shape yeah they come to Denver and they can't breathe and they also they always get a couple like one or two wins they don't deserve because teams just aren't in shape yet and they get an early win so keep that that's gambling advice well that's the news we did save the best for last I think it's really good some news and anniversary today that's going to make you feel old it's good way to start your weekend it's next in her be sure to catch live editions of the heard weekdays at noon Eastern 9 a.m. Pacific Doug Gottlieb in for Colin this is in fact the heard so you have moments as you age in life to where you feel different things right moments where you feel smart like man I feels give you a crossword like I just completed a crossword I got a crossword app on my phone like right and you get the the crossword done you're like wow I'm I actually know something like I know not just movie quotes like oh we all feel like guys like the only thing I really know our sports facts and movie quotes like wait wait I read a book once and it just happened to appear in this crossword they're moments where you feel smart and there are moments where you feel empowered there's there's moments I think when you feel like maybe rich richer than you actually are like yes I can buy that I've always wanted to have a classic car and I will buy one not Cowherd rich to the I have a second home I'm posting about fly-fishing in Utah you know or some of these other people who post pictures in front of private planes or whatever I don't know I'm saying well you feel rich I like like rich can rich can be a lot of different things to a lot of different people like not having to wait till something goes on sale at Banana Republic that can feel like you're rich and there are moments in which you feel old and that moment in which you feel old is part of our best for last it's almost the end of the show but that doesn't mean we're phoning it in nope we grind to the very last segment it's time for best for last you know I think sometimes when a guy retires like or Carmelo Anthony being out of the NBA I think that could make you feel old because you remember Carmelo Anthony or like I did my first year of doing broadcasting he was a freshman at Syracuse my first kind of breakthrough a gig was doing the NBA Draft in 2003 and he was the second pick of that was the 33rd pick of that draft and my first year up at the other place was when we would debate LeBron and Carmelo and who should be the Rookie of the Year but 15 years ago this week entourage entourage first came on HBO and I don't think entourage has the staying power of The Wire Breaking Bad or maybe Thrones for some of you you know you think of your favorite show in which you binge watched I'm guessing entourage is not one of them I'm currently binge watching billion billions to come to catch up so I don't I don't think I will hi Bly prop possibly go sure sure I'll go back and watch entourage and some of it doesn't hold up a lot of it was cameos the opening scene was cool the opening car was even cooler with the suicide doors 15 years ago isn't that a moment which you feel old are you wanna feel older Zion Williamson wasn't alive during y2k how about that one alrighty member guys don't remember the y2k thing you know get the extra water have a room in your house you can go to it may be the end of time some people went to New York thinking like if I'm gonna go out I'm gonna go out with a party some people went to Vegas Saima Mohsin not wasn't alive to remember wasn't alive during y2k and now he's the newest latest and greatest budding star in the NBA I mean is that amazing I find that also in these last 15 years friends actually hasn't been on air now friends has seen kind of a rebirth and even though it's gonna go away from Netflix at the end of the year now high school kids and college kids are watching friends and catching up and understand the storylines and it's still seen as kind of a cool show even though it's retro cool but in the last 15 years there has not been a new friends episode dule what else makes you feel old now here's one I know you're a UConn fan my latest all ball podcast you can download it go to iTunes wherever you download podcasts on the heard podcast network is cryptically della mean colita all mean was the point guard for you coming they won the first national championship in 1999 which of course was 20 years ago and I got ready to tape it and my producer Ryan music so I was like I'm so fired up I'm talking with Khalid all I mean he's like I don't know who that is and then I realized he's 28 it's 20 years ago I feel old give me something makes you feel that just makes me angry as a UConn fan a little bit okay so if you're at a bar later tonight someone could be in there legally drinking who was not born yet when Jordan hit the shot to beat the Jazz in the finals that was 21 years ago and a month that way I was in a sports bar in Tulsa Oklahoma when that happened I'll give me one more one more I'm thinking like 15 years ago entourage started think of the things that make you feel I mean the one that always makes me feel old is it's not that I remember Houston in the National League I remember the Milwaukee Brewers in the American League you know I got remember they used to be divisional rivals with the Indians and the White Sox and the twins like wow when was that I remember when they added NBA teams remember when the Charlotte Hornets first came to be and Grandmamma and they had you know Joe wolf before those teams Joe wolf and Rex Chapman remember when the Miami Heat first came to be I remember when the Rays were new the Devil Rays back then they already want a new stadium their stadium has already lived the entire life they want it to live yeah that's a that was a bad that was a bad stadium before they ever played I'm not saying it was well constructed I'm just saying it makes me feel a little old I remember Tony pastelly Tony Boselli being the first pick of the expand in draft for the Houston Texans and never playing a game for the Texans I remember I remember that that's when I those are the I feel old moments I should keep you updated should keep you updated on what's what's taking place in the world of golf Rory McIlroy he may make the cut or he may not make the cut it doesn't really matter because what he's doing at a place where he shot a 61 as a kid is unbelievable unbelievable on the first seven holes of the back nine in the first seven holes of the back nine he has one bogey and one par and five birdies and five birdies Rory McIlroy could be in contention or could miss the cut all based upon what he does over the last two holes that's unbelievable Tigers going home and Colin will be back Monday I'm Doug Gottlieb and this is the hurt hey it's our Jay Bell post of the straight out of Vegas podcast join me each and every day along with the Vegas pros who know as we give you the vaguest perspective on the biggest sports stories of the day sports batters listen for the money sports fans listen to no more than their bodies we deliver the Vegas truth to you and we do it every single day that's my personal promise listen – straight out of Vegas with RJ bow on Apple podcast or on the iHeartRadio app or wherever you listen to podcast

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  1. The NFL bends over backwards to give Tyreek the benefit of the doubt while going all-out to hold Brady responsible for how the Ideal Gas Law works. And Doug can't see it?

  2. I'm sorry. The dislike has nothing to do with the coverage of the show here. The dislike is simply about Doug Dottlieb and his take on the Tyreke Hill story. I tried to hear him out, but to act like Hill's respond to his son having fear of him is not cool. Dude said "you should be scared of me too [email protected]". To try and smooth that over with " your child SHOULD have a little fear of you ", is irresponsible since that's Not the point that Hill made. Dude just turned me off. I'm missing the rest of this episode. #iHolla!!

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