Hi, I'm Bobby crispy this guitar lesson is about how to play the heavy metal scale Okay, so what is the heavy metal scale? It's just my nickname for the harmonic minor scale Which is used in classical music? And it can make your heavy metal solo sound more classically influenced It's just a minor scale with a sharp 7 Okay, so here's the heavy metal scale in D E minor fifth string five and seven eighths and fourth string five seven eight Third string six Okay there are some Different ways you can play it on the guitar. It's like Some small riffs that have come up, so you can practice it. Okay? Here's the first one? Okay, so that's fourth string eight seven five Fifth string eight seven five Fourth string seven five three Fifth string seven five four Five there, okay, here's next riff Okay all on the second string hammer on 2 & 3 3 & 5 5 & 7 7 & 8 8 and 10 10 to 12 12 and 13 13 15 15 17 17 18 Okay next one the same as the first rip. Let's plate up here So third string 15 14 and 12 Fourth string 15 14 and 12 Third string 14 12 and 10 Fourth string 1412 Okay, here's next riff It's all on the fifth string and your plane no take play two notes that are open so Okay so fifth string five open open For Five Seven Eight Seven Five For Five Okay the next one is this It's all our first string so hammer-ons and pull-offs so 9 and 10 10 and 12 12 and 13 13 and 15 15 and 17 17 18 18 And 21 21 and 22 Or the straight 222 Okay, here's the next one Okay, so play a note an open note Can you just pull off Okay, it's all on the fifth string So 12 Open Ten Seven eight I eat Five 7:4 fuck Okay the next one is slower if I can't Okay, it's a triad that changes okay first string Okay 1713 and second string 215 Next time you play it, it's 1813 and second string 15 Then its first string 15 and 12 and second string 14 Then alternate between the first string 15 and 17 Okay the last riff is this Once again triads and Same as before first string 1713 second string 15 Okay next triad a first string 15 and 12 second string 14 Next first string 15 and 10 second string leather And then First string 12:9 and second string 10 And then with that first string 10th Okay, that's a lesson. I hope it's been helpful and thanks for watching

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  2. omg – that 80's metal tone we all love… whats the rig and set up???? alot is that guitar and pick ups…are they active???

  3. Great lesson! Funny both of my past guitar teachers taught me the pentatonic scales but never taught me this one.

  4. I dont get why you said to hammer on but then you pick every note? I thought the purpose of hammering was to play a quick note without picking it? Good video nonetheless

  5. Winner of a video, I been tryin to find out about "rock guitar solo tricks" for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried – Ganyatty Guitar Gainify – (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my work buddy got great results with it.

  6. I click this video because I wanted to learn how to metal solos and then you pull out some crazy shit that I cannot even attempt. thank you for the scale though I'll practice

  7. Hello Bobby i am from Basque Country you are my inspiration player.
    I love your tutos. 👍❤🎼🎵🎶🎸my english is funny😂

  8. i can learn all the scales i want i still dont have the skill or speed to make them sound good even after years of practice

  9. ive been playing for a long time there is absolutely nothing wrong with rewatching a tutorial the best musicians are the most humble when it comes to practice and tutorial's.
    great work Bobby and Thank you!!!!!!

  10. ive been playing for a long time there is absolutely nothing wrong with rewatching a tutorial the best musicians are the most humble when it comes to practice and tutorial's.
    great work Bobby and Thank you!!!!!!

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