30 thoughts on “The Hardest Writing System! – an animated rant about learning Japanese”

  1. Interestingly enough is that Japanese people are forced to learn 1,000+ kanji characters during their pre-school and Elementary school life.

    And I thought learning Japanese will be easy.😑

  2. Oh yeah, Kanji! The entire reason I gave up on learning Japanese!
    How did I ever forget about it?

    How can I forget again? Please?

  3. Madarin chinese is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO easy easy grammer, one writing system with tones. 普通话是太好了。

  4. 笑笑笑笑笑笑笑笑笑笑笑
    You're simply exaggerated it hard for a longer and more attractive video 🙂

  5. As a beginner japanese learner, I hate kanji. I had no problems with hiragana, and the katakana made me mostly laugh since they use them for writing non-japanese words "phonetically" and it is fun figuring out what it is, but kanji are the devil. Whenever I try to read some text my thought processes are like this: "oh, I know what this one means, but not the pronounciation…. this one I can pronounce, but what did it mean again?…. this one has the root for the rice paddy, and the heart, oh wait no, in this case the rice paddy is actually the brain so what does the brain+heart make? oh yeah, it was 'think'…. this one looks familiar, but I remember learning about 5 similar ones, so which is it?….. I've seen this one. I've definitely seen this one before!"

  6. 4:01 sentence looks like this for me
    Foxes…human habitat…near…in the mountains…always…see, Japan…old…intimate…wild animals…

  7. I'm currently learning Japanese in school and our taecher had us practice writing and memorizing hiragana first then numbers and body parts

  8. My chinese friends in new Zealand took Japanese in high school, partly because they could since it's not their first language. And I totally dissed them when I realized they spent most of the time in the lesson "learning" Kenji lololol

  9. Ehh, 2 weeks for hiragana and katakana, then a year or two for kanji. Japanese isn't hard at all, kanji just takes some time.

  10. Lolololol as someone literally getting their master's degree in Chinese, this was great. Characters aren't that hard though. You have to shut off your western brain and go about it from a different angle before you see that. And in a way I appreciate them so much because they are just chock full of meaning and history… Whenever I study other languages I actually miss learning with characters. And whenever I study other east Asian languages like Korean and Japanese, I'm glad that I can use characters to help me learn.

  11. “It’s Japan! When they go in, they go all in!”
    What instantly came into my mind was Oceania.

  12. 漢字を全部覚えようと思ったら、日本人でも相当時間かかる。高校生でも2500しか分からない

  13. I heard Korea originally learned writing from China too, but eventually ditched the original Chinese characters entirely. I wish Japan did the same. I mean, hiragana and katakana work fine, so it makes no sense to me that they kept the Chinese characters. If only Kanji was my only issue with getting the language down. Sigh.

  14. Yeah, I'm learning japanese, and hiragana and katakana aren't really that hard, but kanji is fecking stupid.

  15. How these nations became so successful with language systems as needlessly difficult as these, I'll never understand.

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