The Graduate Program in Educational Theatre

Program and educational theatre at the City college of New York is unique because we ground our candidates in three strong pillars which are pedagogy? Artistry and Advocacy, we’re striving all of our courses to really help them flourish in each of those three areas We also are really committed to practical application of the work ninety-five percent of our courses are enacting hands-on experience with students That’s either through Fields work observations direct facilitation with students in their classrooms or we’re bringing New York City public school students into our building working directly with our candidates during their Classes, we think it’s important that you understand the theory and you do the readings, and you have that under your belt But the real work isn’t done until you a group of third graders in front of you And you’re trying to work out how to activate a lesson? I’m going to ask the three of you to sit down. We give them around Our program is growing we offer Master classes we bring in guest artists to come in and work with our candidates we also bring in people Who are working in the field arts administrators teaching artists do we teachers to come in and work in our classes to give our candidates? Not experience We also had a really big event called family arts day where we had about 200 people from the community come down to City College and participate in activities like storytelling [theatre] game mask making sing-Alongs face painting Physical Theatre it was all run by our ground mechanics We really instill in our candidates to have ensemble in their classrooms with their students And so that’s something that we really model here as well

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