The Girls Get Quizzed on Their Knowledge of the Boys | Love Island 2019

rate girls it's your tongue hey what is your boys medal name Molly I believe his middle name is John sorry for me because it's like the one do g m– mana war it's actually it's on the right line it squad Joe what would your Boise has worst personality street as long as he give me a bit shy around new people just just when I make new friends as their confidence but not coffee see you nail industry do not think it was freaking out they were getting the same things on them one of them was like their soulmate survive another always shield and pencil skirt smashed it like you can't be walking and walking on I / naked thin just my neck baby neck you thing what is your boys favorite sex possession Molly on the side it's correct that's good you're lazy you like some of the names of his sex positions he's got his own little Kama Sutra hidden away somewhere how many girls as your boy slept with well the fact that he's only 20 makes us a little bit more believable but I still think as triple this 40 that is correct a lot Molly may guys bill yeah that's probably one of the first questions I asked and you said between 60 to 70 yes our perp about sex there justice being the course of safety law safe somewhere above 100 over I feel like I'm in I just don't know how you managed to fit that many people in the only 24 like you're in a two-year relationship it's time to find out which couple have come out on top the winning couple who matched every single question as more intimately winner winner chicken dinner

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