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  1. Hi, I am a high school student and I aspire to study one of the finest art, literature…Many literary figures came and went from Germany as per my information… Could any German here honestly tell me if part time jobs are openly available for students and can grade 10 passed students get admission in one of the universities/colleges(if they get good grades)? I know it's a hilariously antic question to ask but I am from a developing country so, will that hamper my selection process in any way?Your honest opinion and answer would be very much appreciated…

  2. hi,how much will students to show money includes the cost of living & course fees for the post graduate diploma.?

  3. hey plz tell me how many colleges are there after m.com. 2 …if i want to do phd in commerce…or after m.com in which subject i can do phd..3 ..how many subject or branch is there in phd after m.com 4..and is for phd gre or gmat compulsry?for phd in commerce …

  4. Low costs for Foreigners, but not for Germans. Studying in Germany isn't that cheap, if you living in Germany for years. Well this fact, is not true. Think about, that 50% of the money you earn from your job you need to give back to the state. 😓

  5. Thank you for an informative video.
    Just wanted to know about an MBA programs in Germany. What are the best colleges and how is the post mba scenario for the same.
    Kindly shed some light on specifically MBA program.

  6. Really I love this video so much , I have an eduaction channel and some times need few seconds from other channel to explain something related to it.. Can I use few seconds from your videos? if you don't mind

  7. Hi , i want to study master degree in GERMANY .But i dont have any hint of what to do to study there. most importantly, i need full scholarship?. any information provided is appreciated. thanks

  8. I really want to study in Germany full time and get a degree from there, but am only a beginner in the German language. Currently, I'm going for a bachelors degree in Modern language and culture with concentration to German teacher education (become a German teacher). I've looked a couple of times but never found any luck. Definitely still looking though!

  9. am coming to study and Move Back To Germany in September i moved to the uk when i was 9 yrs old but want to move back since am now 22 still young to study in Germany.

  10. hello i am from pakistan and i want to do my bachlors degree from germany plz guide me and tell me the estimates expence

  11. is universities of applied sciences good i mean wgen i get my bachelor degree from it is it the same as the one from research university

  12. hi , I'm from Israel and i want to study in Germany and i want to know what i need to be accepted for the Universities i mean what degrees of my School certificate want?
    and thanks for helping me

  13. hello (sorry of bad english) ; what's the first step a foreign student must do if he wants to study in one of german universities?????

    should he contact the university first or what????….

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