21 thoughts on “The Gender Reveal Hulk – CONAN on TBS”

  1. I feel like Conan’s writers are really out of touch with the real Comic Con community. Whenever his show does a comedy skit at SDCC it’s always like a really mainstream superhero or a character from a really popular show like Game of Thrones. Not hating but it’s a little obvious. Maybe use a character from a really particular anime or reference a film that has a cult following. Something that real fans who go to SDCC would know about as opposed to the mainstream audience.

  2. Wow, I didn't know that Conan has a problem with trans people and pushing for white supremacist idea of two genders.
    Such a disappointment that Hollywood still have this kind of people.

  3. Um your wrong… He doesnt have gender u til he choses it for himself…. For those wondering im actualy, litteraly, totaly, slimy being serious here…

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