40 thoughts on “The Future of Machine Learning | Nathan Crock | KONCRETE Podcast 11”

  1. By far thee best in depth discussion. I'm in real estate, but this is refreshing to hear. Some very brilliant minds and wisdom.

  2. First of all the dude is wrong.

    You can have experiences without actually going to the full extent

    Like “ near death experience “

    For example
    Seriously think about it.


    say you were a psycho — you have the same mind set as another psycho and just say you were a killer .. you could go out and try to kill someone but it does work. You have the same emotion , same rush , same negative garbage as the other loser would have. So what do you mean sir. That you would have to actually go along with the entire process to fill the same. I disagree.

    I think that if you have experience and understand of something with it an experience of your own OR Somethign that you can relate too .. then you would be able to put yourself in the other person shoes

    .. 🤦‍♂️

  3. This whole podcast was generally really good for me, I would appreciate knowing someone like Nathan in real life, as he is a "well informed person about many things in the world AND respects anime(just like me almost), but one part was legit and hilarious at the same time. You were talking about Elon Musk, and what makes people successful and others not and as an example Nathan just metions, that being born in Africa is something that makes you unable to be that great person, but Elon was actually born in Africa… maybe Nathan really is underrating Elon then!

  4. Glad you guys can identify and bring in credible speakers! Keep bringing him on!
    Ben is not narrow minded. He's just predictable. Usually does the "right" thing with regard to himself and his family and the people around him. You see him chasing paper but really it's the action that he loves. The subtleties of a deal. It's like finishing a book and then experiencing the sense of achievement as you add it to the bookshelf.

  5. Probably one of the most insightful interviews on neuro-science and A.I! Keep up the the great work Danny!

  6. Very interesting, thanks for putting this dude on. He is obviously government connected, all I gotta say. I also deducted from this that you guys will be the next vice, or that is the plan. Nice play, got that big investment from the fat Jew man. You guys are like Florida cocaine money kids of the next generation. Right on. Long live the coca.

  7. this was a great episode for sure. very interesting i like that you know him from highschool. hes a real individual.

  8. Hey Danny, don't let that kiddies crying for Ben put you out of the flow. You've got a good thing going here and hit the nerve of time with this conversation it is a very interesting guest. Don't get me wrong, when Ben is on I drop everything to gobble his jewish wisdom so please don't allow that old fat tycoon exclude you from his life ever. I have big respect for your skills in this medium you're a great documenter. The podcast is not able to show your sick abilities in movie making.

  9. Your video going to Weston w/ Ben to look at the Mansion did a million views in like a week. Doesn't that give you some indication that you should be doing content like that more often? (Like once a week maybe?)

  10. 56:26 Our self-appointed authority on knowledge has declared that there is "no knowledge" in a YT comments section whilst commenting on various subjects for over 1 1/2 hours……..

    Comment sections are a very good thing. It is like a globally connected & anonymous collective consciousness. While people in public will never tell you what they really think out of fear of social consequence, in the YT comments sections, people will not be so concerned about your worthless feelings…and neither would AI.

  11. Ben was right. You don't listen to good feedback. You discovered a gold mine in Ben Mallah, yet you refuse to devote yourself entirely to extracting the value.

  12. this gues was amazing side note, you are creating a brand here, do you acknowledge your dead head friend who seems to idolize getting turnt up is not able to contribute into conversations and he makes the platform look bad i understand its probably a childhood friend but think about this because he is part of your branding

  13. What has this guy actually done? He sounds like a total pseudo intellectual. Where's his TED talk?

  14. Shane how many loads did this guy shoot into you while you were blowing him throughout this entire podcast?

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