The Future of College

26 thoughts on “The Future of College”

  1. We are building a world towards automation. That’s the goal. If anything you should get close to nature and grow your own food and stay out of debt. The world is in so much debt I don’t know how we are going to sustain a capitalist future. 7 billion people aren’t needed to fix robots or AI that are built to become more intelligent by themselves.

  2. creating interesting and fast paced 3 month courses where you can learn a specific skill while using the resources on campus, is something I would sign up for IMMEDIATELY. I love learning but hate the slow and outdated 4 year college programs.

  3. @ Quartz Great video! Too bad you didn't bring up whether there is any stigma with undergrad degrees online. This segment only brought up about taking masters courses online.

  4. Why is the state of our society and the way it's heading "scary?" 7:35 Why is it unfortunate that we have to keep retooling ourselves? 7:45 Education has always been a continuous pursuit. It's exciting there is a driving force behind personal/professional growth. Engage and succeed or step aside. It's an incredible time to be alive. We have the ability and opportunity to reach for our wildest dreams.

    I'm a dad and R&D engineer. I will encourage my son to learn programming, machining, design, welding, dance, music, art etc etc etc. Acquire skills that have utility and showcase them to the world creatively; in a way that adds value to those around you and the world.

  5. Most millionaires made a million before finishing college. Nearly all billionaires didn't finish college before they earned a billion. College is for the wage slave.

  6. who ever says education hasn't changed in 2,000 years? stupidest comment ever, of course it has. nobody thinks that lol 5:00 minutes

  7. Retail you it will disrupt the mainstream education, but innovation diffusion here suggest there is a need of a hybrid system I.e. 50:50 onsite:online. Eventually there will be no more visible educational institutes, we don’t need that infrastructure and environment for learning, things and though both has changed ! What didn’t is the habit or cliche…..

  8. We are not "Georgia Tech University." We are "Georgia Tech" (full stop) or "Georgia Institute of Technology."

  9. do you think that economics is a good major? I love history but it just doesn't make sense to study it in college.

  10. More college?! That's ludicrous. People can't even afford the first four years of obtaining a degree. More education might become necessary, but only an elite few could afford it, unless our country's economy no longer remains a dumpster fire.

  11. Why are there no standard, widely accepted alternatives to university education? Why does the university model have monopoly status in the United States (and probably elsewhere, especially in the Western world)? And why are instruction and certification so often inextricably linked? Why aren't there institutions that specialize in either teaching or accreditation but not both?

  12. How about this : Take interactive lecture class with AI in a smartphone , Take laboratory class in private companies , Take an examination in Starbuck on smartphone app and prevent fraud by let shop staffs and other customers be a proctor and can report if you are cheating which they will get a money and student will be on a blacklist along with screen recording , streaming front and rear camera , and shop CCTV.This way we can instruct and issue educational credential without university.

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