The Full Art Class Story – How I Went From An “A” Student to Almost Failing

Soooooooooo one of the first videos I made for this channel
was “Why I Hated Art Class” – in which I discussed my initial bad experience
with art class in college and turned it into a happy message about experimenting and not expecting people to read your mind
when you have a problem. However that was just the first year of college. Despite ending on a high everything went downhill in the second year. Here’s why. ♫ Awesome intro music made by Lovprod – check him out in the description! ♫ I’ve enjoyed drawing for as long as I can
remember. My Mum also loved to draw so I assume she just threw some pencils at
me when I was a baby and that’s how I got into drawing idunno. So, when you don’t know what to do with
your life and it comes to picking which subject you
wanna do at school everyone just says “pick what you enjoy and slash or are good
at” and i was like mmkay, art it is. I talked about this part of the story in the
first video but I don’t expect everyone to watch it
or HAVE watched it (actually pls dont) Also I’m gonna go over some details that
were missing in that video but are important to this one. Anyway one of the first projects I was tasked with
in high school art class was to do with nature and stuff and during this project I discovered I was pretty good at drawing from photographs. I know it sounds kinda dumb to say I just
“discovered” it like I leveled up and learned a new attack or something but that’s kinda what it felt like? I was decent at drawing from photos but one day I tried adding tone with circular scribbly motions instead of back and forth in the same direction and found it made my tones look much more
natural. Sometimes little things make a big difference,
ya know? Sooo for the rest of the project I decided
I wanted to make a sculpture. I decided to base it on the concept of making
something unnatural in my case a stool look like it would occur in nature. One of the materials available to us was this
stuff called Modroc it becomes mouldable with water and it’s
SUPER fun to mess around with hence why I wanted to use it for this project. As we were finishing up with that project my teacher pulled me aside and explained basically “the next project is gonna be about identity but you can choose “still life” instead which would give you a better opportunity
to focus on your drawing which would give you a better grade.” Obviously hearing only “better grade” i was like oaskopjsf yea sure. And the project was… incredibly boring. Watching everyone else make these cool boxes filled with little trinkets that represent
them as a person while I was sat there drawing flowers over and over again… not fun. Not fun at all. But i got through i I guess. Eventually the school year was coming to a
close and I was getting ready to take an extremely
long break from drawing. When my teacher.. pulled me aside. “So uh..great work this year Chip! You’re on the right path to a really good
grade. However.. there’s just one thing holding you back. Yno this..this nature project right…? You may have to… REDO THE WHOLE THING.” That ‘lil stool project? Yep, apparently it wasn’t good enough. This whole time. So I re-did everything on a ridiculously tight
deadline. No more sculptures no more painting. Only drawing. I finished high school with an A in Art. Would I have gotten that A if I hadn’t switched
my sculpture project into a drawing one at the last minute? Who knows. I think about it a lot could I have gotten a better grade if my nature
project wasn’t rushed and also basically the exact same as my still
life project? How bad would my grade have really been if
I stuck with the sculptures? Unfortunately anxiety decided that I wouldn’t
go back to that school after it was over to pick up my sketchbook and the rest of my
artwork sooooo they probably burned it for warmth by now. But that whole situation basically planted
the idea of drawing being the only thing I’m good at and will ever be good at in my head. So I then moved onto College and took Art
class again. To my initial joy the first year was heavily based on experimentation with lots of different mediums – painting Sewing collaging we did all the things. And I was naturally very salty, because there was barely any drawing and I
got extremely stressed that I sucked at everything (of course, it was the first time I’d ever
tried most of it) and as a result I’d get a bad grade because everything I made looked terrible. However during a class on colour theory I ended up making a pretty nice painting and realised I did not suck at all the things only some of them. This basically flicked a switch in my head that made me realise that the point of all
this experimentation was to try new things discover new skills and step out of your comfort zone. From then on I did the rest of the work without
complaining and actually had fun with it. Due to all the work at the beginning of the
year that I didn’t do cuz i thought it was stupid I finished the first year with a B grade which
was honestly not bad college grades are obviously higher than the
ones you get in high school and there was still another year to get my
grade up to that A that I was aiming for. However, the second year was very different
to the first. The first year was very much teacher says
“do this” you do it rinse and repeat until the end of the year when you’re left to do your own project
based on the stuff you’ve learned. But the second year was almost entirely up
to us to do our own projects there was very little “do this, do that”
from the teacher and when there was it was just him trying
to push us in the right direction. So, I was like “Nice. I hated being told what to do all the time
last year now I get to do basically whatever I want? Time to SHOVE DRAWING INTO EVERYTHING I DO.” I did experiment, sure.. but I made sure that every single project
I worked on ended with some kind of realistic drawing. Basically the way each project worked was that you kind of had to tell a story? Like, you started with an idea looked at some artists for inspiration experimented with different ways of executing
your idea including versions based on the artists you
studied and eventually create a final piece detailing basically how you got from each
stage and why. Along with a bunch of critical thinking and
improvement stuff but that was the basic structure I guess. But in my case it was like: get an idea>look for artists>create several experimental pieces using a
variety of mediums and artist inspirations>final piece is a drawing “because it looked
the best” One of the projects was to study an art movement
of our choosing and ironically I chose Impressionism because I thought it would give me more opportunities
to draw realistically. Basically Impressionism emerged at a time in which any paintings which weren’t realistic
and painted in a very specific way were looked down on and not considered “real
art”. So Impressionism was all about breaking away
from the standard of art, breaking the rules and doing something original. Exploring the idea that art is more than just
pretty pictures. I was literally doing extensive research on
this concept and it never clicked. I could never get past this mindset that art
is “something someone made that looks nice”. I remember going on a trip to an art museum my teacher and I were looking at this huge
piece of artwork. It looked like a bunch of shapes of paper
stuck onto another piece of paper. My teacher said “It’s wonderful isn’t it?” and I just kind of nervous laughed like “haha yeaaaaah” but in my head I was thinking “its just a bunch of pieces of paper??” In a way it’s kind of understandable that
I would have this mindset. I mean I’d just gotten out of high school in which the whole point was making stuff
that looked good in order to get a good grade and all of the stress I went through to do that meant that seeing
work that in my opinion didn’t look as good or take as much effort
as mine felt kind of insulting. I wasn’t the only person there to have this
opinion either, many of my classmates also scoffed at the
simplistic works on display at art museums and I couldn’t blame them. You spend 5 years in high school learning
that nice looking equals good art equals good grades then are immediately expected to completely
alter your personal definition of “Art” to be practically the opposite of what you
thought it was Suddenly art is not just about looks, it’s about thoughts and feelings, experiences, messages, who made it? Why did they make it? What is the story behind it? What does it represent? In that sense the whole concept of Art being
a school subject is brought into question – how do you teach someone to be an artist when
anyone can be one? How do you teach someone how to create art if anything can be art? After being top of the class and constantly praised in high school I thought i was hot potatoes. I actually thought that I knew better than
my teacher. He tried to tell me; “yo this progression doesn’t make sense, how did you get from here to here? And why does everything turn into an illustration?” He told me countless times that experimentation
and working with different mediums is what the examiners wanted to see but I dunno I guess I just thought my first
couple pieces of experimentation were enough and the final pieces could just be whatever
i want as long as they looked good So I ended up getting a C on the first project and a D on the second. Coupled with the B from my first year that averaged it out to a C. Which, you know, is fine. I passed the class but as an artist seeing little to no improvement
over 2 years was incredibly embarrassing and depressing. I was so embarrassed that I never went back to pick up my sketchbook and the rest of my project work. Also I was anxious. After college I STILL didn’t know what I
wanted to do with my life so I decided to go to a different college
for a year and do an Art Foundation course which is kind of like a course that prepares
you for university and that was kind of where I realised what
I did wrong the previous year. The Foundation course was VERY clear about
what you needed to do to reach each grade – you literally had a checklist to fill out whereas the art class in my previous college
was much more vague. I remember having classes where the teacher
would try to simplify what the examiners were asking for. Unfortunately I didn’t get a great grade
in that college either but for different reasons – that’s for a different video. Art class is super confusing. It’s not just like “learn this thing then do a test on it” like other subjects. So it can be really difficult to figure out
what exactly they want from you. I see a lot of videos on YouTube about terrible art teachers who never let you draw anime or express yourself
or whatever and I don’t doubt that there are bad teachers
out there – in my case I feel like my first year teacher
could’ve given us a rundown of what we would be doing and why, and my second year teacher could’ve better
conveyed what I was doing wrong but it was also on me for not asking when I wasn’t sure of something and often outright ignoring the advice my
teachers gave me. It’s tricky because to most of us art is very important to us and is often our main outlet for expressing
ourselves so being told that you have to mould it in
a certain way for a good grade is difficult. And it’s difficult to accept that you can’t
just get those grades by making a nice drawing. So just… don’t be afraid to ask for help don’t be afraid to tell your teacher that
you have no idea what’s going on or a piece you made got a lower grade than
you expected. It’s their job to teach you and in most cases they want their class to
have good grades so it’s in their best interest to help you
out. I just wish I wasn’t so egotistical when
it came to art class in college.. it was so dumb. But, you know it’s in the past now and I’ve learned a lot. And if I’m able to give at least one person
a better art class experience because of it I’ll be happy. Also… go get your work after you leave school. If you’re anxious take a friend or ask your
parents just don’t leave it because if you do in 5 years when you wanna look back at the
progress you’ve made you’ll regret it. So, if you enjoyed this video please consider
leaving a Like – it’s more helpful than you think! And as always, thank you for watching and I hope you have
a great day.

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  1. Hey all I hope you enjoy the video! I know it's been a while so hopefully it's worth the wait :'D By the way if you didn't notice..I was sick while recording this..honestly, I thought it sounded fine so I left it, but while editing I realised it sounds really gross at some uh yeah sorry about that 👀
    ALSO by the way I left college 2 years ago so any parts where I'm talking about the education system are based on old info (for example I know that most high schools now use a number/level system rather than letter grades now), please remember that if you're considering taking art in high school or college too!

  2. I was pretty decent as artist but just like my interest in music that was killed by mandatory flue bs, the teachers wanted me to do some abstract style of bs art which I hated.
    I wanted to get good at drawing art that looks like something, not draw garbage that I completely hated.
    I even remember one kid at my school who got scolted for actually drawing something progressive.

    And yes, I still am one of those people who absolutely loathes shitty classes that think they teach art but in the end they spend more time on trying to make me appreciate garbage which is literally garbage.

    I love art, but when it literally looks like garbage, it is garbage. I don't give a shit about the artist's mood or whatever. Hell, I'm open to even poorly drawn images made by children but modern day bs…?

  3. You had art class in high school?? I'm jealous. When I was in high school art class, music and home economics all got cut out to make more room for gym class and math courses.

  4. I'm an art student at sheridan college. I didn't get super great grades in frist year. Right off the bat art history A+ XD

  5. In 6th grade i somehow somewhat screwed art class cuz i try to be original but the teacher said to recreate the drawing on the book

  6. my art class expirience was just (demonetist) i mean, don´t get me wrong but i mean fricking 9 grades of painting in the same style with the same materials the same stuff and then in 10th grade they changed from painting just with 4 colors 3 brushes allwas the same photo (a "town" but just with 3 houses) to sketchhing anatomy on epic pose with materials we never heart of with 50 colors for 8 differant materials

  7. Sorry, its a pretty bad question. Are u a girl or a boy, cuz your voice sounds like a girls voice but your youtube name is like a boys name. I'm confuzed….

  8. Darn, I wish our art was like that.
    Our art is just history (moslty Asian) and there's no action going on.
    And it is so boring, In fact, we aren't even being taught some art techniques or essentials.
    They just give us a task and make us do whatever we want with it (Considering the fact that only 22% of the classroom knows how to draw properly).
    For Me, I'm might say I am decent at Art…?
    I am more on Math, and Science. OwO

  9. I know from own experience of being in film Class Back at high school I regret not taking any of my Videos with me on hard drive or something. Or with my graphic design class and all the drawings I made. I wish I still had that

  10. The "stop drawing anime" or "stop drawing cartoons" suggestions from teachers are basically just bad faith "suggestions" because they do not teach style in school, only fundamentals. Like the obnoxious thing that killed my interest in drawing for a few years was teachers, not the ART teacher mind you, (we were required to make title pages for every subject and it just got very annoying.) So here I am in (I think it was 8th grade?) asked to hand in a title page for a subject and told the cartoony-dead cow (we were reading something that had the protagonist kill a cow or ox at some point) couldn't have the cartoony "x_x" look.

    Like… why?

    Oh, and let me tell you about the college art teacher. We did nothing but photocopy things. I completely blew off this course in the end and withdrew from the program because it was wasting my time.

  11. My comic art was very famous in my school. I titled it Komic Pokémon: Eevee Go. Its about Blitz the eevee with his brothers and sisters. As for me in the comic, first generation I was Ryuji Kenji as a Flareon. On the second generation( now ) I hold as Kenji the Red Sylveon. Ight ima continue with the comic although its already school holiday

  12. Art is like the LGBTQ community, a lot of it is a horrible joke that is just a mashup of garbage… but there’s a small part of it that actually looks good.

  13. my art teacher sucked. i got a F on a whine bottle i was opposed to draw, at the bottom we had to also put 5I and 7G and i got a F because the G wasent n the right font

  14. This sounds so much like my current attitude towards art and going to university for art, I'm seriously considering to not even try to get into an art university and instead try my best to get into a media design course in a technical college.
    Because right now art for me is just creating something that looks good and I can't even get that right atm so when I talked with one of the people from the art university and he told me all about conveying meaning through art and sending a message I was just like: I don't care, I just wanna create stuff that looks good and it was incredibly disheartening when he was looking at some of my photographs (cause that's what he was studying and could therefore judge the best) and basically told me: this is something everybody can do and has no meaning, when showing him some of my best looking pictures

    The thing is, even though I tell myself that as like a concept artist or a freelance arist I don't really have to have meaning in my drawings, cause everything is basically a commission anyways, this is really what art is about: conveying meaning, whether that meaning is sadness in a videogame character who's friend just died that needs to be animated, happiness in that drawing of a loved one I'm supposed to make or hopelessnes in that sketch I made when I wasn't feeling so well and decided to vent through my art, if I can't capture that meaning, then where would all my skill (not that there is much of it right now anyways) really get me, when my art doesn't really connect to people

    I don't really know what I'm even trying to say here, I guess I'm just a bit frustrated with art overall right now because nothing really seems to work the way I want it to and university might even end up not being an option at all cause money is stupid (well at least for like 3 years, after that there would be options)

  15. I failed an art portforlio because it was about the point of view or something i just wanna draw mystical creatures and animals and i want to improve on that =.= and i ever have to draw a human instant fail :p

  16. The same problem. I always try to draw something original and I never ask my teacher to help me because she will ruin my whole idea and make it as she likes

  17. once I drew a painting of a cardinal (we had to draw stuff from pictures) and I thought I sucked sooo bad because I added to much water (it was watercolor paint) but in the end, it looked so realistic.

    edit: but then I lost it and it's supposedly burning in a giant island of trash.

  18. "Art": hi I'm a dot or just a bunch of scribbles
    real art: I actually look like something
    art teachers: this drawing that is actually good gets an F and this dot gets an A+
    real art: am I a joke to you?

    wait why am I even drawing in the first place scribbles and a literal poop smear on a canvas will always be better than real art to some people

  19. I got an add before this video and it was Oscar the grouch from Sesame Street becoming a famous artist because of his trash. He sold his trash to an art gallery. I think maybe that every art gallery or museum has Oscars trash all over the place.

  20. What if all your artwork ends up into a art museum??

    If it was mine, I would be so happy

    Edit: cats are awesome

  21. It annoys me when people use a ruler to DRAW.
    Like, what?
    And…When the art doesn't seem like art…? You know, extremely messy and retarded.

  22. i agree with you on the "what is the story behind this drawing? What made the person draw this? etc"
    it gets really annoying

  23. My teacher used to tell me that although my drawings of dogs were good, that isn't what I asked you for, even though she said we had to express ourselves how we wsnted

  24. Art means something, modern art doesn’t mean anything at it is almost always a money laundering scheme. Take the banana taped to a wall, a rich person did that so that another rich person could get money easily from the museum. People who practice modern art deserve to be shunned, Goblinslayer and SAO’s respective art styles have more thought and meaning behind them than any piece of majorly famous modern art.

  25. Me: I hate this stoopid ring sculpture
    Also me: wait a second this looks like a bowl not a vase crap
    I added more rings its OK now

  26. thats messed up, they want you to experiment with new styles, mediums, and try things you have never done before and yet they give you a bad grade because it "wasnt very good." thats one of the main reasons i stopped caring about college, because they hold your grades hostage if you dont conform to their ideals and classes, books, and the amount of time you put in at school and home are simply too valuable for you to "screw the rules."

  27. You know, art is by nature a very subjective medium.

    You know, what is "art"? Yes, perhaps you could scribbible some squiggly lines on a piece of paper and call it "art"… there is an "art of the absurd" kind…

    But, at least for me, personally, what makes something "art"?…

    Well, was there some meaning visualized or behind it? Like, did the artist have some thoughts or feelings behind it that they desired to convey?

    That to me, is what makes something "art".

  28. Jesus Christ this comment sections is terrifying.

    Also as someone who loves art on fundamental and technical level I feel it's important to point out that art is not about how the final project looks. The physical picture is literally surface layer when it comes to professional art. The reason we have several developmental eras after realism is because literally anyone and everyone can draw realistivlc people. The Renaissance was full of people who could realistically capture someone. Those who were exceptional did harder projects. Sculpting was a way to stand out, depicting more muscles, distorting the subject. That is why we focus on people like Michelangelo and Raphael. From then on though art pulled away. Depicting items in more and more stylized ways. Interesting thing to note is Japan did realism along side their more famous block art style. They enjoyed the block art style more and it was more popular, and easier to reproduce. The modern art joke comes from one of the more recent eras of art. Ready made art such as "The Fountain" is made specifically to question if art is the work the artist puts in, the context it's in, or the sum of it's parts. More so is it art just because an artist says it's art. The most memed art is the one color paintings or the paint splatter types. It asks a similar question but moreso it displays technical skills while showing nothing for an average watcher. You can see the confidence in brush, the layout of the colors, literally the ability of the artist, without judging it's physical beauty. Also many say that an artist has no skill when they draw something on a minimalistic side or even abstract. All artists who are credited as parts of those movements have realism down. All real artists have some realism in their portfolio. It's a proof that they themselves have done and mastered the fundimentals. Realism is a fundimental, a style yes, but something everyone in art learns.

  29. I am your biggest fan and you make great videos When I grow up I’m going to be just like you because you’re my favorite and I have a character name is zigzag he’s really cute and he has a bowtie you’re my favorite you’re the best YouTuber I could ever watch😁

  30. The opposite of art is not ugliness but indifference.

    -somewhere Youtube algorithm-
    (Roughly, admiring my strange paintings.)

    (Roughly saying, Chipflake is cute.)

  31. I kinda don't like the words "art" and "artist" when used alone. You can be an artist in a specific craft but someone that simply calls himself an "artist" is the kind of people that brings his smashed up toilet to the museum and calls it "art".

  32. Bro I'll literally draw anything if it's cool or just beautiful to me lol, so flowers and nature are definitely up my alley

  33. well i have trypophobia.
    here's from the wiki Trypophobia is an aversion to the sight of irregular patterns or clusters of small holes or bumps. It is not officially recognized as a mental disorder, but may be diagnosed as a specific phobia if excessive fear and distress occur.

  34. As someone who is bad at art but aspires to be better who is taking art classes in college right now I can firmly say, don't do it, the feeling I've been getting from the classes i have taken nearly drained the fun and passion out of art for me. Doesn't help when one class, despite being only 2ish weeks into the semester, is somehow 4+ projects behind so we have to do those on short deadlines AND spend 2 hours of our 3 hour class time listening to a lecture about various art movements.

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